Single People Share The Worst Reason Someone Gave For Why They Couldn't Date.

Dating is tough, there's no doubt about that.But sometimes the worst thing is someone not wanting to date you and they won't even tell you why.

Or... at least that's what you might think...

Here are some of the worst reasons people have offered for why they didn't want to date.

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1/34. I had a guy break up with me because I had cancer. He turned out to be a nazi freak, all "heil Hitler," and what not. I don't regret the breakup now, but at 14 being told I wasn't good enough to live because I had a disease?

That was a bummer.


2/34. I'm not "gf material" because I'm not Christian....but almost immediately after he said that he propositioned me for no-strings sex because I'm not Christian and therefore he assumed I was "easy". WTF?


3/34. We can't date because I'm in love with you.



4/34. She told me I had a little penis.

Next woman told me it was too thick.

The one after that said I was perfect.

That's around the time I realized that vaginas come in different sizes.


5/34. I was dating a girl for about a week, she said she thinks we should just be friends. I

Said that was fine.

Her response was, "What, you are not going to fight to keep me?"


6/34. A guy broke up with me because my dad was dying of cancer and I apparently wasn't "handling it very well" because I cried. Dude, you could have just said you didn't want to deal with it, or ... literally anything other than straight up blaming me.


On a lighter note, another guy, I had gotten to know, went out with a few times, suddenly pulled the plug and disappeared. It's a pretty typical dating experience, so I went about my life, went on a couple trips I had planned, didn't think much of it. I remember very distinctly walking along a beach in Mexico and totally blanking on his name.

A month or so later, he gets back in touch with me via MSN Messenger (lol, the 2000s) and starts apologizing to me in this manner that suggested I was really missing out on something with him. Apparently what had happened is he wanted a master/slave relationship and I had wanted the average kind. Because I'm a jerk like that. It was nice though, getting to respond to "I'm soooo sorry, I did that to you, I know I must have REALLY hurt you!!!" with "Last month, I thought your name was Chris."


7/34. "We have too many similar interests, I can't date someone I get along so well with"



8/34. In kindergarten, a little boy in my class asked me if I wanted to marry him when we grow up.

I said, "Sure."

Then he dumped me because I had a cut on my knee. He didn't like blood.


9/34. "God said we shouldn't be together. "

Six months later she's married.


10/34. Not me, but I had a friend who was rejected because he was born on February 29th and the girl didn't want to date a 20 year old who was actually only 5 years old.


11/34. My nose looked Jewish.



12/34. "There are girls you have relationships with, and girls you sleep with. You're ... not the former."


13/34. "You're too brainy".

In retrospect, I should probably thank her.


14/34. "You're an identical triplet, that would freak me out too much"

No love for multiples.


15/34. I was told my life isn't going anywhere and I have no ambition. All while I was sitting at the bar, that I owned.


16/34. She told me she wasn't looking for a relationship at the moment.

Less than an hour later she's in a relationship with some other guy


17/34. I didn't wear red to the university red party. Apparently I fail at basic instruction and our relationship would suffer from communication breakdowns.

She was wearing green at that party.


18/34. I really liked this girl and we were great friends. And one day she joked about dating me and I joked back "please, you want me".


She just looked up and down at me and just said "Really? Look at you.". She wasn't kidding.


19/34. 'Your dad is bald.'


20/34. "I like you now, but I might not like you a month or two from now...."

Strange. Very strange.


21/34. A European model-turned-architect recently said, and I quote "You're really sweet, and nice, and hot, but I don't think I like Canadian guys."


22/34. "I don't do asian guys"

This has been said to me on 4 separate occasions. Talking to other people, this seems to be a pretty common sentiment. I guess everyone has their preferences. Just sucks that I might have a slight handicap because of my race.


23/34. I have two that are equally terrible.

"What sign are you? Oh, I don't date taurians"

"I cant, I'm doing my nails tonight"


24/34. Her: "I'm not racist but.. I don't date terrorists.."

Me: "Oh.. But, I'm not a terrorist.."


Her: "You can't know that!!"

Me: "Well that blows.."


25/34. My girlfriend's friend broke up with me.

We were not dating.

She had some weird idea that we had a secret affair going on. My girlfriend and I were quite bewildered.


26/34. Being a ginger... Apparently gingers can only be friends.


27/34. Because I wanted sex too often... I'm the girl


28/34. Because my penis was too big. :(


29/34. "You look like a biker and I work in Public Relations"


"You look like a biker and I'm an assistant US Attorney" (and "I ran a back ground check and you're known to associate with a local motorcycle club...")

To be fair, I do look like a biker and I did used to be a biker until I suddenly found myself with stuff to live for...


30/34. Because I wore glasses and he didn't. Made me look smarter than he did...


31/34. I was hitting it off like a champ with this beautiful woman I met at a bar and after a couple of weeks we were about to date until she found out we had the same last name... She thought it was "weird" cause she thought she was sleeping with her brother.

I thought in my head "what's in a name?!"


32/34. "You're like a teddy bear."

I wish I could make this stuff up.


33/34. She was "too good for me."

Yeah, I was actually thankful as it was more of a heads-up than a rejection.


34/34. All my gf's (3), I'm 22 btw, have broken up with me because I "never argued or fought" about anything. I was always cool and calm willing to talk and that didn't fly with them I guess.



She had a really stupid reason. She didn't like that I wore my wedding ring. Well, guess what, I want to honor my wife because we are married.


One time a girl broke up with me because I was a lazy, unemployed out-of-shape alcoholic.



I've never really asked why someone said no to a date. I usually take the "no" as no, and go on with my life.



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