Small Towners Share The Craziest Thing That Has Happened In Their Hometown

Living in a small town can surely be boring. The lack of a big city, and the lack of fun things to do can really be a damper.

But, sometimes small towns have some crazy things happen in them that city folk never really get to experience on such a close level. Here, Reddit users share the craziest thing thats happened in their hometown. 

It's so hard to choose. There are so many crazy things that happened there.

When Home Depot opened, two men got into a "sword fight" using broken pieces of 2x4 and one was ultimately stabbed with a jagged piece of 2x4.

Our Denny's has steak knives with the roundest, thickest, and most blunt points I've ever seen. Why? Because for a year straight there was a stabbing at Denny's once a week.

Our Mayor once set a guy's truck on fire because the guy was in a relationship with one of the Mayor's mistresses. Cops kept it under wraps, nearly no one found out.

Our mascot (a rooster) got into a fight with our rival towns mascot (a horse). The rooster won. 


Discovered there was a toxic waste dump across from the middle school, where we used to play during recess. The cancer rate for residents in that area was very high.

And there were so many teacher/student sex scandals (I can think of 5 off the top of my head that occurred while I was in school) that ultimately led to a teacher suicide.

Small town politics was also crazy. You'd think they were running Chicago, not a suburb of a suburb that was only 1 mile square.


When I was a kid some idiot had a pet cobra and it got loose. For a week the whole town was on lockdown. It made the TV news. Lot's of 'sightings' and practical jokes using cut up garden hose. They never found it and eventually everyone just forgot about it.


A poop-flinging chimpanzee ("Tio the Monkey") got 400,000 votes in a mayoral election, the equivalent of a third place.

Beloved by kids and adults alike, he got a statue at the city zoo, and figures on Guinness World Records as the most-voted monkey ever. The city of Rio de Janeiro declared official mourning of three days after his death.


Police found a big stash of drugs and a drug lab in an apartment, guarded by two crocodiles. Note: crocodiles don't live here.


I live in Singapore. Its tiny, so I guess the entire island is my "hometown".

In the 80s, there was a serial killer named Adrian Lim that raped and killed several women/children with the help of other his wife and mistress. The only reason he got caught was because of a single drop of blood that they missed while cleaning up.


Key West, Florida. The superintendent of schools and his wife were embezzling money from the Department of Education and using it to buy all manner of luxury items for themselves - appliances, vacations, clothes, jewelry, professional-grade camera equipment for their son attending film school, and they both wore $600 pairs of sunglasses. 

The wife was discovered hiding expensive diving equipment in a storage closet on the high school, and soon, other items were traced back to them being purchased on the county credit card. She served a year in jail. He was fired and now works two at Sears and K-Mart.


Not too crazy but cops busting our parties, taking our booze, then bringing it back to us when they're off duty. Really makes you trust the police on your city.


Someone kept trimming shrubs in our waterfront parks into penises. It ended up making national news.


A US army helicopter was brought in from the local american military base to lift the cross on top of a newly constructed church bell tower back in the 50's or 60's. 

There was a problem with the winch getting stuck and the helicopter was pulled down and crashed right into the church, killing all but one of the men on board. The bent cross is still sitting on top of the church in memory of the accident.


People couldn't stop running over a stop sign at our local Walmart. They even named the stop sign and now put it back up with a blinking light on top and a concrete barrier around it.


The school burnt to the ground before the fire Dept even showed up. The school was across the street from the fire house.

It was a volunteer fire department and the fire wasn't reported because everyone assumed someone else had called.


A guy mowed his lawn during a tornado. He was keeping an eye on it though..

Yeah, I'm from Three Hills. Home of that epic dude.


One of our police officers got sent to prison for manufacturing obscene images of children.

He was on the force for 22 years and got caught less than a year after he retired.

He lost his pension, his wife divorced him, and given his age, he will most likely spend his last days in prison.


The football coach (who was a bit of a legend for winning state titles) was caught in a relationship with a student. And then another girl came forward. And then another, and another, and another. By the time it was all said and done, dozens of women stretching back 30 years spoke up about their relationships with him.

Worst part was that his wife was also in the school system. She was my fourth grade teacher and about the sweetest woman you could ever meet. I felt terrible for her.


This is back a few decades, but the naval shipyard built and launched a new nuclear submarine, then sank it by accident while they were readying it for sea; the lunch hour horn went off, and they all left without closing a crucial valve that'd been opened for a test. That yard never, ever got another ship to build.


Few weeks ago there was a shooting less than a mile from my house at a babies gender reveal party.

Like 6 shot. 1 dead. 2 of the injured were kids.

Oh and it turns out the girl wasn't even pregnant. And it is possible she hired them so she could 'Lose' that fake baby.


Mayor and police bombed a crazy group's house in a dense neighborhood and then the fire department watched while a whole city block burned down.


This took place in the 1990's but the guy basically infected a bunch of rats with the bubonic plague, then wanted to test what the best cure would be in case of a biological terrorist attack.

The guy got busted by the FBI, and earned the nickname "plague man". He got the plague by pretending he was a microbiology doctor, which is what he got arrested for, although terrorism charges were considered.


When I was 7, an old man having trouble with his electricity power so he decided to climb up the power pole (not in US but IDK what's it called) by him self, and was electrocuted to death. My friend who life right in front of the pole told me he can still remember the smell.


Real estate agents having an affair (both married to other people) and hooking up in the homes they were supposed to be selling.


An unmanned boat filled with weed washed up on a nude beach in Santa Cruz, CA in 2013.


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