Sneaky People Reveal The Secret They Know Their Significant Other Is Hiding From Them.

From pretending to hate cuddling, to paying for game tickets but telling their partner they won it at work, these sneaky people reveal the secret they know their significant other is hiding from them. 

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She says she doesn't want children.

I know that she actually does want children, but she has been lying all these years.

I know that she's not capable of having them, due to stumbling upon some medical records.


We were long distance when we first started dating. One time she came up to where I lived for 4 days, but I had to work during one of the days. When I was gone she had to take a dump and clogged the toilet. She couldn't get it to plunge and was freaking out, so she went to the kitchen and got a fork and a plastic bag and dug the turds out of the bowl and threw everything in the dumpster out back. 

She called her friend panicking and the friend thought it was hilarious. Friend told me about it one night when the girl had left the room after we moved in together. I find it funny but don't want to embarrass her!


Back when I was first starting to make my artwork public, I had a kickstarter campaign to fund a tour. I had just started dating my SO, but he gave a relatively significant amount of money anonymously. 

He tripped up in selecting his "backer's reward"- an original piece mailed to his house. When I saw the address, I definitely didn't suspect his roommates were just super supportive of my art.


My wife dropped my iPhone in a Port-A-Potty toilet. Luckily it has been so used there was a large pile of crap which gently held the phone above the liquid. She cleaned it off and gave it back to me. A year later I upgraded and gave her my old phone.

She insisted on purchasing a new cover even though I had a high-end OtterBox. I never understood why until one of the kids told on her.


Her lupus is getting much worse, much more quickly than she had expected and she has maybe ten, fifteen years left before her kidneys or lungs or heart fail. Apparently there's a ton of scar tissue forming already even though she was diagnosed two weeks ago. She's gained about twenty pounds from water retention (for a slim, petite little thing it's almost a fifth of her weight) and her legs have swollen so much that she can't bend her knees or walk without intense pain.

The worst part is that she always smiles when I come visit her and asks if I want to go hiking or play tennis (my favorite things). All I tell her is that I'm tired and I'd like to read comic books with her or put on Netflix (her favorites) and lay in bed.


At night, once I go to bed, he binge watches Gossip girl.


He had always said he hates to cuddle at night because it gets hot/ it's uncomfortable/I hog the blankets. However, when he thinks I'm asleep he'll scoot over and wrap his body around me. If I even make a move like I'm awake, he'll run back to his side and pretend it never happened. I think its freaking adorable.


This is a past-tense secret, but my girlfriend at the time decided to surprise me by buying a holiday to Brussels for us over my 30th Birthday. I accidentally intercepted the hotel conformation email, so decided it was a good time to propose, as I'd been considering it for about 6 months.

Act all surprised when she tells me, then when we're having dinner in the restaurant on the 1st night, I get down on one knee and propose.

Celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary at the end of next month.


When we were in the hospital for some weird pain that I had, uninsured, and the doctors thought it might be cancer, I lost it a bit. She was so brave for me.

But her mother called, she went into the bathroom to talk but she didn't know that the sound echoed pretty loudly into the room. I heard her break down, sobbing, telling her mom she didn't know how we were going to pay for treatment and that it looked really bad. I'll never tell her I heard her, but god it was heartbreaking.

When she came out you wouldn't even know she was even upset, she hid it so well. She sat right down and told me everything was going to be fine with such determination and such certainty. Literally took out her computer then and there and started making a spreadsheet of our finances to fit in cancer. I knew how much she loved me in that moment and how important it was for her that she was brave for me. I don't know why but I got so calm after that, I haven't broken down like that since, even with worse news. I guess she makes me strong... gosh, I love her.


He spent a ton of money on Bruins tickets this year. Whenever he got tickets to a match he claimed he got them for free through work but I know he paid for them. I don't really mind since he can spend his money how he wants, but it's funny to me that he thinks I wouldn't realize he's spending a few hundred bucks every time he goes to a game.


Ok, so I found out my fianc was wanting to ask me to marry him but wanted to get a super expensive ring for me so it was taking time to save up. I don't give a crap about that type of thing. I'd marry him without a ring. That's not what's important to me. 

So I went to his mom and told her what I knew and she told me we should go look at rings together so maybe I could pick something less expensive so she could tell him we had been shopping and I had fallen in love with a ring that he could afford. I know, I'm sneaky. 

Anyway, I found an incredible ring that was normally $500 but on sale for $100. I bought the ring and she called him and told him what she did. He was so happy!!! He asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve and it was by far one of the best days of my life. He has no clue that I was involved in the purchase. So, he's keeping the secret that he doesn't know that I know.


She waits until I sleep to steal my pillows.


A girl I dated a few years back had just graduated with her bachelors so I took her out for a night on the town. Her and our friends got absolutely demolished and since this was before Uber, I volunteered to be DD. I get her home, get her into her bed and she immediately passes out. I am sitting next to her watching some TV when I smell something. 

I notice that she has just pooped herself. She is one of those people who would be so ashamed of herself if anyone found out so I just... left. I called her the next day and told her I dropped her off, got her some water and headed home. Never mentioned her crapping herself or anything so to this day she thinks she did it in her sleep after I left. I could have stayed and helped her clean it up and I probably should have, but she would have cried over that and avoided me sporadically for weeks.


Her ex is in town and she is secretly meeting him behind my back. I know this because her location is always shared with me due to her habit of forgetting where her phone is.

She is being extra affectionate. She's putting more effort into her appearance. She's more interested in my schedule than ever before but never expressing I should come home soon.

The app we have is find my friends on iPhone. Instead of asking of her whereabouts, we share our location with each other. Also so in case the phone is missing somewhere, we know where it is.

I know where the ex is living and I can see that she's there very regularly.

I am going to give her some time to come clean. For the sake of our child and our 8 year marriage.

I'm seeing a lawyer on Friday to plan my next steps. I'm depressed and miserable and it is not a very great shape to be in.


She is hiding baseball tickets for when my favorite team comes into town. She is waiting to give them to me on my birthday.


I found out she had a credit card she had charged $2200 to. I confronted her for hiding it, and she admitted it and we paid it off...that's the stupid part, we had the money in the bank. Her brother is in prison and he manipulates her into sending him money. She agreed not to do that anymore. The other day, I drove her car and there was an invoice stuck down between the console and parking brake lever. She has another credit card. I opened it and discovered she owes $1800 on that one. She doesn't know I know...yet.


Even though we had been married for 25 years, my wife and I always invented stupid private jokes between each other. I was lamenting the fact that we had fostered a Siamese cat from an adoption group, that eventually got adopted, and I really missed her. At one point, we were looking through the website of the local pound, and a Siamese came up named "Montague."

The photo that they took of Montague was epic. A classic Applehead Siamese, he was neutered, about five years old, and had horribly crossed eyes. Whoever took the photograph of him made him look both proud, distinguished, and adorable. We started making up all the stories about Montague in a spoof of "The world's most interesting man." Week after week, we checked to see if he had been adopted, but nobody wanted a cross eyed Siamese cat. Everyone at the pound said he was affectionate, and had been there for quite some time.

Sadly, this would be our last private joke together. My wife, who had a terminal illness, suddenly got much worse and passed away rather rapidly. We thought we had more time together, but she had sarcoidosis, and her lungs had already been weakened by repeated pneumonia, when she got the flu. Because she was on immunosuppressants for her condition, this is what did her in, she went into a coma, and died a week later.

My sister helped me with the funeral and taking care of a lot of things, including contacting everyone in her phone contacts on her cell phone. She asked me about why the Alexandria pound would be trying to contact my late wife via voicemail. Apparently, my wife had applied to adopt Montague as a surprise gift. She paid the adoption fee and had scheduled a visit to adopt him. But she died before the appointment date.

Sadly, my wife put it in her name only, and the people at the pound were pretty rude about it. Like to adopt Montague I'd have to pay ANOTHER adoption fee, and they were mad that she didn't show up, and at the time it was chaos I couldn't deal with. My sister gave them an earful and they told her to go to hell.

That ended that.

I hope Montague eventually found a loving family.


She smokes when I'm not home, I know this because I always move the router to the window where the signals best, when I come home the router is in a different position away from the window, I put it back without her knowing and call her out for smoking, she has no idea how I keep finding out!


She's been studying abroad for a year and is planning on coming home 5 days earlier to surprise me!


He has been hiding he's autistic from me for ten years. He suffered abusive therapy and because of it thinks hiding his autism is the most important thing. Except that's like trying to hide an elephant in a bathroom, and he's not always super high functioning. So it's always a weird charade of me pretending he's not autistic while busting my butt to gently handle that.

I have no idea how to talk to him about it. I know he has a formal diagnosis. He was so traumatized from institutional medical abuse in the name of therapy that even mentioning it or acknowledging it can cause him to have a meltdown. He thinks if I knew, I wouldn't love him anymore, but I've known for YEARS and I still love him. I like him just how he is, I just want things to be easier and less scary for him, and I don't know how to help most of the time because he won't admit the problem.


My ex made up a person and spoke to me as them. We met when we were quite young and were both pretty weird... I put it down to insecurity and wanting to look like she had cool friends (I was a little older). I never let on that I knew because it would have been super embarrassing for her and this was literally the start of the relationship.

She made up quite a few stories about this guy and I got a few emails from "him". She didn't realize that changing the name of the account didn't actually change the address, which was fully visible.


When he's about to fall asleep he's completely honest. It was about 7 months in when he grabbed me and whispered into my ear "You're gonna be the mother of my children."

I told him and he was thoroughly embarrassed and he apologized. However I neglected to tell him that pretty much every night he would tell me that he loved me starting a month in.

I don't mind and I'm not trying to rush things and neither of us have any plans to jump into that sort of stuff right away but it's nice to know.


I'm his first girlfriend. He's 42.

It's not something to be ashamed of, it's just something he doesn't know I know. I wish he'd been up front about it in the beginning, but it doesn't change how much I adore him in the least.


Sometimes I'll forget to text her when I get home late at night, and maybe my phone is dead in the morning, or I forgot to respond to her "good morning" text. Anyways, the next day she'll surprise me by showing up to my door and bringing me food, or wanting some "spontaneous sexy time". She really just worried that I died in a car accident or got kidnapped on the way home. But I'll never tell her I see through it because it's cute, and I really enjoy the surprise Philly cheesesteaks at noon on Sunday.


Ex-girl. She had a fairly large scar on her back and was incredibly self-conscious about it. She wouldn't even take her shirt off the first time we had sex. When I asked her about it, she said she had fallen from her horse when she was young.

Fast forward a little and I'm out finding her a birthday present and have enlisted the help of her friend. I pick out a sexy singlet and her friend just looks out me like I'm stupid. Apparently the scar on her back, which the singlet clearly revealed, wasn't from a fall, but an abusive ex-boyfriend who had pushed her onto his motorbike's exhaust pipe and burnt her.

We ended on good terms, and I never told her I knew. I hope she is doing well.


He settled for me pretty hard. I'm the objectively less pretty friend and he crushed on her first. He denied it to the moon and back but a little while ago I accidentally found some messages between him and his friend about how I was "catching on and pretty insecure about" the fact that he liked my friend first. Which isn't true! People like a lot of people. But he would never let me feel like a second choice.

And even if I was, the joke is on him because I'm a treasure. We're happy and I don't doubt that he loves me now, I've really ugly duckling'd in the past couple of years and I make him happy so who's the real winner eh?


She says she loves me, but really she's just using me to not feel lonely.


That she started dating me because my parents had a lot of money and I was following down the path to also have a lot of money.

I saw her group chat with her mom, sisters and aunt about what a good situation she's in and how she'll never have to work, and that even if things go south she just has to stick around until my parents aren't around anymore.

I'm only with her until I finish school because I don't want to be alone in this time of my life.



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