Money is my favorite motivator!

Love is a powerful feeling and one of the most powerful behavioral motivators. It is the one emotion that leaves you with no rhyme or reason. You will find yourself doing incredible things that you would have never thought you were capable of, and most of those things will be stupid or embarrassing. Once we find ourselves smitten with another person, the brain stops working and the heart goes full speed ahead. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes.... well at least you can say you tried.

Redditor u/fuqmook wanted everyone to admit... What is the most cringe worthy thing you have done to get a crush's attention?

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Curiosity killed the cat! And now you!

We have all been there. Had that thought in the back of our mind. You know the passcode, so it'd be easy right? Just to confirm your suspicions or set your mind at ease. But you resist because it would violate your loved one's trust and not to mention the terms of service agreement. But that's exactly what happened to Redditor u/bruisedidmein1234.

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Is that my junk?

Redditor u/termsandconditions21 has a relationship issue. Intimacy and trust is the foundation of a romantic relationship and when those boundaries are violated by a significant other it can make the progress of love difficult. Trust is fragile enough already. Here is the situation....

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That is so not fetch!

Every once and awhile you can't help but wonder... "Whatever happend to that nasty girl in High School, who made my life miserable?" It's cool, we've all been there. We want to wish upon them blessings and good fortune but we also can't help but hope life and karma found a way to take them down a peg, Regina George style. Now not all of the popular girls were also the 'Mean Girls,' but eight times out of ten, it's a given.

Redditor u/JennyCheerCheer wanted everyone to tell us... What happened to your high school's popular girls?

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Time for some word Jeopardy...

Words are sexy. It's ok -- you can admit it. And learning about words is an under appreciated art. You don't have to gain knowledge just to maybe one day win Jeopardy. But when you think about words and how they're the basis for life... music, poetry, books, films, plays, basic communication -- how can you not want to know more? And there are people who's careers are the primary focus for word origins. The things they have to tell us. With Words!

Redditor u/ocddoc wanted to soak up some sexy knowledge by asking... Etymologists of Reddit, what is the coolest origin of a word? Entomologist of Reddit, what's your best bug fact?

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These kids be crazy! But you didn't hear that from me!

Everyone's school career -teachers and students- is filled to the brim with life's craziest moments. The things we see when we should be educating and learning are things we'll never unsee. It's seared into our mind's eye. People act nuts in those buildings. And when you don't personally witness it, you are most certainly going to hear about it, even when you beg people to just shut up! Gossip and loud talk is inevitable no matter your age or position.

Redditor u/thisis45 wanted everyone to fess up and tell some tales asking... What's the grossest thing you've seen someone do in class?

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