People Share The Most Incredible Act Of Kindness From A Kid They Ever Saw
People Share The Most Incredible Act Of Kindness From A Kid They Ever Saw

Kindness is inspiring. One little bit of exposure to it will make you want to go out and do something kind for somebody else. So let's get to the inspiring!

mrsparkuhlah asked Reddit:

My mother was a teacher. A student once completely made her day, and made up for years of bullying with one thoughtful move. What is an extreme act of kindness you have seen a child or teen commit?

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The Letter
The Letter

Let me explain.

My mother was an English teacher for several years. One day in one of her classes she began a discussion on bullying. This was actually well before bullying became a major topic, but my mom had experienced some bullying in her own life and didn't want to see her student's go through the same thing.

In the discussion she decided to open up and use a real life example. She told the class about how she was a little chubbier when she was in junior high and she had very little friends. Virtually the entire class picked on her.

One day she came back into class from recess and found a note on her desk. It read in bold letters "These people hate you" and around the letters every single student in the classroom signed their name.

Of course, this devastated my mom and she never got over it. She even choked up a little bit while relaying the story to her students.

Well. Apparently the students were listening and took heart to the situation.

The next morning my mom came to school and found on her desk a letter with big bold letters "These people love you" and everyone in class had signed it. I have rarely seen my mom happier. It may not have reversed the damage done by bullying her as a kid, but it was therapeutic for sure.

I thought it was incredibly thoughtful and kind for a highschooler to even think of doing that. I wasn't in that actual class but I found out who took the initiative to write up the letter and get everyone to sign it. He was a great guy and a very popular kid in the school. He later went to West Point.

Do any of you have any stories when someone of a younger age showed some extraordinary thoughtfulness and kindness?

Stories like this always make my day.

A Book By Its Cover
A Book By Its Cover

The High school I went to had a large reputation for being a bad school. There was always a running joke to be told about the school from other students from other schools in the district, about drug use and random acts of violence. There was a daycare for students who had children but still wanted to go to school on the ground level. There was one guy in particular who was known for being the baddest mofo in the area. The guy had the full rep, known dealer and gang member, assaulted many people, etc. Anyway, one day our main boys bathroom gets mysteriously set on fire. Most of the school hurries to rush out the doors and to the safe area. This guy, instead, goes into the daycare and with a few other students, helps to push out the cribs and herd the children out of the building. The best 'wow' moment I had was seeing this tattooed gangster skip down the street with two little hands in his palms, singing out at the top of his lungs "we're safe now, we're safe now!"


I work in a middle school and there is this girl that sits by herself at lunch. I was walking with an autistic kid to the cafeteria when he sees her and goes right up to her face and tells her she is fat, ugly and smelly. I was mortified and had to whisk him away. He doesn't know that sometimes what he says hurts people feelings but it was still awful what he did. For a girl in middle school, to have these things said to her, it might have terrible lasting effects on her self esteem for years so I went back to talk with her when I saw another girl (one of the more popular ones) sitting down next to her. She was telling the crying girl that she was very pretty and asking her about herself and that what the autistic kid said to her he was saying everyone that day and shouldn't take it personally.

I spent a week teaching the autistic kid how words make others feel and on the last day took him to apologize to the girl who sat alone. Today however she was not sitting alone but with the girl that consoled her and a few of her friends. She was smiling and laughing. The kid I was with apologized to her and while she just said it was okay the girl that had consoled her stared at him with a scowl. She did an awesome thing and probably changed that girls future forever.

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