Uncover deal risks.

Improve transaction outcomes.

Harness the power of contract data.

Modern business runs on data. A source of power that has long been out of reach for the legal department.
Not anymore, with online contracts intelligence through the Knowable™ online platform.

Fast and accurate
We deliver impeccable accuracy with ML and other tech-assisted processes that are purpose built for precision answers, delivered on-time.
Big breakthroughs.
A single, golden source of structured data sets that can be mined for valuable reporting and analytics across the entire portfolio of agreements.
Game changer.
Data is accessible by cross-functional deal and integration teams with actionable insights to inform key integration decisions and synergy opportunities.
Say goodbye to the traditional diligence memo.

The Knowable™ Contracts Intelligence Platform enables clients to harness the strategic value of contract data by providing direct access to a customized, online solution, turning contractual language into valuable reporting and analytics that empowers cross-functional stakeholders to more effectively identify and capture integration and synergy opportunities.   

The question:

 “Can we push for supplier discounts now that we’re doing more business?”

The data:
Supplier 1
Supplier 2
Supplier with long name 3
Supplier 4
Supplier 5
Supplier 6
Acquirer Volume
Target Volume
The question:

“How quickly can we exit a subset of our newly acquired contracts?” 

The data:

CP Termination Rights - EMEA Procurement MSAs

Not Allowed
Change in Control