Something Amazing Most People Don’t Know About Gerard Butler. Wow.

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Gerard Butler is the hero of the movie 300, portraying King Leonidas as he fights for Sparta against the army of King Xerxes. But he is also a hero in real life.

In 1997 Butler filmed a British film, Mrs. Brown, in Kenmore, Scotland, that was set to premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival that fall. During the summer Butler was lonely for the countryside where they filmed the movie and decided to take his mother for a picnic near Taymouth Castle in Kenmore to enjoy the riverside with her.

Shortly after arriving for lunch Gerard and his mother heard the screams of a young boy down at the river bank. He was screaming that his friend was in trouble. 15-year-old Vincent Copeland was actually indicating that his younger cousin was drowning in the River Tay.

Butler immediately raced down to the riverside to see a young boy bobbing in the water who suddenly went under and didn't appear again. Without thinking he jumped into the river and pulled 14-year-old Daniel Smith to the riverside. He used CPR to remove water from the boy's lungs and sat with him on the riverbank until emergency personnel came.

The police said, "This man had courage and presence of mind to act quickly. If it hadn't been for him I doubt the boy would have survived." Butler was adamant that he wasn't a hero saying, "I wouldn't call myself a hero. I just acted instinctively. When I brought him out he was lifeless... I was initially gripped by fear and an empty feeling, thinking that the boy was dead."

Young Daniel Smith was taken to the Perth Royal Infirmary but was later released. He didn't have a chance to thank the actor for his heroism but did send him a card.Despite his humility Gerard received a Certificate of Bravery by the Royal Humane Society of Scotland.



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