Something Incredible Most People Don’t Know About Tom Cruise. This Is Amazing.

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When you think Tom Cruise these days you may picture him jumping on Oprah's couch, preaching about Scientology, or starring in that random sci-fi movie you forgot to see in theatres. But once upon a time Cruise had a relatively squeaky clean reputation and was even renowned for his selflessness.

In 1996, 34-year-old American actor Tom Cruise made a big splash in the media with three separate incidents where he showed off his heroism and generosity. It's hard to believe that one man can make such a big difference to so many lives in such a short period of time.

The first situation presented itself one evening March when Cruise was driving through Los Angeles. He witnessed a 23-year-old Brazilian-American actress cross the street to head to her bus stop and get struck by an oncoming vehicle. The driver fled the scene so Cruise ran over to the girl and called for someone to call 911. He accompanied her to the hospital where she was treated for bruised ribs and a broken leg, a visit totalling $7000. When he realized that she didn't have insurance he offered to pay the bill for her. She was later quoted say, "If he's not Superman, he can be Batman - Batman doesn't have super powers."

A few months later in July, Cruise and his then-wife Nicole Kidman were attending the premiere of his newest film Mission: Impossible in London, UK. Rather than being dropped off at the entrance of the theatre, Tom and Nicole opted to walk through the sea of 10,000 fans to sign autographs. This didn't really go as planned. The busy crowd surged towards the actors, trapping two boys: Laurence, age 7, and Christ, age 13, against the police barricades. Cruise stopped signing to pull both boys to safety and brought a policeman over to ensure safety. Laurence told People Magazine, "Every night I say good-night to him when I pass his poster in my room."

The final story takes place off the coast of Capri Island in the Mediterranean where Cruise, Kidman, their two children, and some family friends were sailing their yacht named Talitha G. In the early August heat the group came across another sailboat floating on fire with five people in a raft nearby. Cruise immediately sent his skiff, a shallow open boat, over to save them. The family and crew members were brought to Talitha G just in time before their own ship sank. Though Cruise did not personally sail over to rescue them he did videotape the incident with his camcorder and sheltered the family until they could be returned to safety.

At a moment's notice you can be faced with a serious life-threatening situation and be forced to make decision to act or not act. From Cruise's stories we can learn that acting can make a world of a difference.


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