Something You May Not Know About Harrison Ford. This Is Amazing.

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On July 21, 2000 20-year-old Sarah George and 22-year-old Megan Freeman were climbing Table Mountain in Wyoming. The five hour climb proved more difficult than anticipated and soon Sarah was too dehydrated to continue. The two were stranded at the summit of the mountain.

Luckily another hiker stopped by and used their cellphone to call for help. Shortly afterwards a Bell 407 helicopter appeared with no other than Harrison Ford at the helm.

The 57-year-old actor, who lives part-time on a ranch in nearby Jackson, offers his flying skills and helicopter for rescue missions in the area. The sheriff of Wyoming says his generosity saves the department the $1000 cost of hiring a private pilot every time someone is stranded.

At the request of authorities the certified helicopter pilot flew to the a meadow 2 miles away from the summit to collect Sarah and take her to the hospital. When he landed an EMT loaded Sarah into the helicopter but there wasn't room for her friend Megan. Megan had to unfortunately hike back down the mountain along, having missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

That being said it wasn't that glamorous of an opportunity. Within minutes of departing George puked into the EMT's hat. She was so dazed she wasn't aware who the pilot was and only realized when they landed that she had been rescued by Indiana Jones. So embarresed she remarked, "I can't believe I barfed in Harrison Ford's helicopter."

To say thank you Sarah has offered to watch any film Harrison makes from now on. As for Ford, he carried on back to his ranch (half of which has been donated to the state as a nature reserve) to await the next call.


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