Knowable - An Oh Myyy Property

Knowable is dedicated to publishing interesting fact-based content and true stories of human kindness, compassion and achievement, and all things worth knowing. We highlight personal confessions, professional secrets, and a wide variety of human interest stories. Our content serves the audience of George Takei and beyond--and may feature contributions from his audience, as well. 

Here at Knowable, we know what you like! Our editorial team aims to humor, surprise and delight you with our daily content. They scour the internet for the hidden gems, keeping a keen eye on what’s trending, and serve you only the best of the best. So, keep calm and scroll on!

Knowable is an Oh Myyy property. Oh Myyy LLC is co-owned by George and Brad Takei (through Hosato Enterprises, Inc., a California corporation) and The Social Edge Network, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, whose principal stakeholders and officers are Lorenzo Thione (CEO) and Jay Kuo (CCO).