Stories Of People That Had A Fit Of Uncontrollable Laughter

Have you ever laughed so hard, to the point that you couldn't breathe properly? And can you recall what caused that laughter? In this article, people share stories of the time they laughed until they cried. 

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My dad was nuts about supplements and alternative medicines and other pseudoscientific things like that. Every couple of months he'd come home with some random new miracle substance (multivitamins, castor oil, you name it) that he'd force us all to take for a couple of weeks until he forgot about it.

One night, a few hours after he had given me the first pill of his newest fad medication, I suddenly started giggling for no apparent reason. It lasted a few seconds and then stopped. Weird, I thought.

The following day, during History class, I started giggling again. I managed to stifle it for the two minutes before the bell rang, but then it just came out like a flood. I laughed and laughed and laughed and had no idea why. The laughing was entirely physical - it wasn't accompanied by euphoric emotion or anything like that. On the contrary, I was genuinely scared about what the hell was happening to me.

The laughing lasted over a full hour, during which I was forced to skip my next two classes. Then it subsided. The first thing I did when I could breathe again was call my father, telling him in no uncertain terms that I was never taking any of his weird nutritional supplements again. And I never did.


I was working with a particularly awful spreadsheet. Excel kept crashing etc. I had to save a copy to work on later. I gave it a file name of FU and emailed it to myself.

Later I download it and start working on it but make a mistake. Whatever, I'll just download it again from my email and redo this part. Computer automatically names the file FU(2). I lost it.


At the end of our bartending/ waiting shifts we had to roll silverware. This was at like 3 a.m. and everyone was mentally and physically drained. We would have laughing contests. You just laugh as hard as you can. We would be in fits of laughter, watching people laugh.


I was working a job with completely random hours that had massively messed up my sleep schedule. I had just come off shift and had been awake for almost 40 hours straight, but couldn't fall asleep. I watched an episode of Top Gear (can't remember which) and laughed uncontrollably the entire time.

When I watched that episode again without being incredibly sleep deprived, it wasn't nearly as funny.


When we were in college, we had a good friend who was Asian-Canadian and very proud of his heritage.

One day, he popped out to the toilet and we ended up on the topic of psychic abilities (don't remember how. Think we were talking about psychics or something). My best friend then put his fingers up to his head and squinted his eyes and made a noise pretending he was struggling to read someone's mind. At this moment, our friend walks in and my best friend spins around. Only then did it occur to us that my best friend's fingers were pulling his eyes back. Coupled with the noise, it looked like my best friend was making a very racist joke.

The guy just stopped and my best friend, immediately, just went "WAIT, SEAN, NO, I'M PSYCHIC, I SWEAR!"

I literally fell out of my seat with laughter. My face and sides were in agony afterwards. The professor genuinely asked me to leave because I was still laughing when she began the lecture.


I was stretching in a cool down phase after a weekend martial arts seminar when a fellow student, an older guy in his early 60's said in a deadpan Northern voice, "I can't stretch that way, I've got a body like a dropped lasagna."

I lost it in a big way. Tears running down my face, couldn't breathe. It took me 10 minutes to recover.


Today at work one of my coworkers was walking in and out and grabbing different craft supplies as she was redoing the bulletin board in the hallway. I'm filing things when she comes in and stops at the desk to ask our other coworker a question.

"Do we have a ruler?"

"No, we've been a democracy for years."

Between that response and the 'WHAT?' look on her face I was laughing so hard I couldn't remember whether our filing was alphabetical or by date.


My girlfriend and I were laying in bed just talking before going to sleep. The conversation was getting sort of deep and intimate when all of a sudden I feel this rumble in my stomach. I knew that a large wet fart was begging to come out.

As soon as I realized the gravity of the oncoming storm she grabs my butt (I was laying on my stomach). Well my butt may as well been a land mine, because as soon as she squeezed all hell broke loose.

Her face is blank with words struggling to come out until suddenly she blurts out "awwww you farted on my hand gross!"

We both had a solid laugh.


A local candidate for town board got arrested over an altercation with a neighbor. I interviewed the neighbor (I was a journalist at the time), and he said, "Oh, this guy, he's a real piece of work." Apparently this guy would back his truck up to his neighbor's house and just let it run. When I asked him why, he said, "Oh, I think he's trying to gas me." I laughed so hard I couldn't finish the interview.


I was coming off my anti-depressants so my emotions were all over the place (good and bad) and there was this online forum post of someone who found this little orange kitten and was asking for name ideas. Someone, not even the top comment, suggested Cheeto and for some reason the name mixed with his derpy little face was the funniest thing Id ever read. I laughed so hard it was physically painful, but I couldnt stop. Good times. I still giggle when I think about that lil Cheeto.


My wife, cousin, and I sitting in the theater watching Batman vs Superman. SPOILER ALERT (Do not read if you have not seen the movie and still want to). Towards the end of the movie, right after Superman dies, the whole theater was silent. There is the funeral scene and the theater is just sitting in silence... when a man's voice from the other side of the theater goes: "Oh, that's some bull-crap!"

My cousin and I lost it. Tears, running down our face laughing as we watch images of Superman's casket being buried. It was one of those laughs that you try to contain silently but just end up laughing harder.


My dad has a VHS copy of the "who's on first" bit by Abbott and Costello.

It's the only thing I've ever seen that makes him laugh so hard that he cries. The first time I'd ever seen my father curled up in his arm chair wiping tears away with the couch fabric set off a chain reaction in me and I don't think I've ever laughed harder.

Nothing about that scene was remarkably funny and I've certainly heard funnier punchlines, but I think seeing my dad so happy and unrestrained like that made me think it was that much better.


I was going through the Taco Bell drive-thru with my parents and there was an item called the Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito. We pull up to order and my dad asks for a cheesy beany ricey. I immediately start laughing, and my dad looks at me and starts laughing uncontrollably as well. The guy taking our order keeps saying, "Hello, hello, do you need anything else?" which just fueled the laughter. All the while my mom is sitting in the back seat getting all frustrated because she didn't find it funny. We were probably stuck there for a good 5-10 minutes unable to order because we were both laughing so hard.


My husband told me this story and I cry from laughter every time I think about it.

So he has a friend who was having some stomach pains during class - friend realizes he needs to fart but that it's probably going to be a loud one. He's in a big lecture hall so he's trying to figure out what to do. Genius decides to drop his books and time it with the exact moment he let his fart loose, so that the bang from the books would cover the sound of his fart. Well, his timing was off - he dropped the books on the floor, 200 students turned toward the direction of the noise, and he lets out a long slow fart that builds in volume.

I'm cracking up just typing this and picturing it all.


One night my husband and I were laying in bed, both super exhausted but wired at the same time. We were saying random phrases back and fourth and all of a sudden he said, "Tater Tot Toes" and I LOST it. I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself and my stomach hurt.


A couple weeks ago, my friends and I were playing a game of Food Chain Magnate and it had been going on for a really long time so we were losing interest in the game.

For some reason, the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs comes up and I mentioned how it was weird that there were no meatballs in the movie when it's right in the title. My friend then says, "Well there was just a chance." I lost it! Laughed for probably a solid minute followed by residual giggles.


On my 18th birthday, my best friend gave me this horrible knock off Mickey Mouse card. All the colours were wrong, his face was creepy and it was just all round such a hilarious rip off, I remember sitting on the lounge just crying with laughter. Then I opened it and my friend had signed the card with someone else's name, which would normally not be so funny but I was already hysterical so it just made it 10x worse. To top it off, I flipped the card over and saw "designed by Jason." I swear I thought I was going to die from so much laughter. Like, who is Jason, who lets him design these rip off cards. It was amazing. I still have that card.


My first job was at an arcade in a waterpark. In front of the arcade was a walkway dotted with tiny puddles and on a very slow day, my coworker and I were staring out into the abyss and chatting mindlessly when we spotted two other employees walking past the arcade. One of the employees jumped into one of the tiny puddles, trying to splash the other employee. Suddenly, the guy's feet were above his shoulders and he crashed to the earth, making a sound like a horse carcass thrown from a plane.

My knees gave out and I almost passed out from laughing so hard.


My brother and I took my children to subway for lunch. It was really busy. We ordered our food and sat down. I can't remember what the exact topic was but my 9-year-old son says to my brother, "and the sadistics say...." He meant statistics. I had a mouthful of salad and I snorted/laughed so hard that lettuce flew up my nose from the inside, which made me choke. The four of us found it hilarious. The kids had tears streaming down their faces. My brother was silent laughing. I was laughing but coughing and had a strange burning up my nose. We just started calming down and I sneezed unexpectedly and the lettuce flew out my nose thankfully into my hand, which started us all off again. Gross I know. But oh so funny.


I was hanging out with a friend who could burp. I mean really burp. He could talk while burping.

Anyway, the window was open and this semi truck blasted his horn for a couple seconds, probably at some college kid not paying attention while crossing the street.

Then my friend stands up, cocks his head and lets out a belch that was the same tone as the truck and lasted about as long.

We called it his "semi truck mating call," and laughed for several minutes.


I had to go to a hearing because the town was trying to fire my football coach. He benched the starters for the big Thanksgiving game so they could rest for the playoffs.

Anyway, were in a large hall and for some reason the audience seats face each other. I was sitting alone and bored out of my mind when my best friend and I spot each other and he looks at me like Mac looking at Charlie across the restaurant.

I laughed but managed to control it but then I heard him laugh across the room. Thats when I giggled. For some reason knowing I shouldnt be laughing made me laugh harder, and louder, and then people started turning to look towards me and my face was showing full panic mode but for some reason the laughs kept coming. I managed to get up and run out of the room and just died laughing in the hallway for practically no reason.


My beagle got into the trash once and somehow managed to find the empty peanut butter jar. There was still some peanut butter left in it so he stuck his nose all the way in and somehow managed to get it stuck. While my wife and I were in bed, he ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed with the peanut butter jar still stuck around his long beagle snout. Despite our attempts to get the dog to stay out of the trash, we still laughed about the jar stuck around his nose because he was clearly as happy as could be. His tongue was still doing circles around the bottom edges and his tail was wagging at 100 mph.

Just as I tried to help him get the jar off his nose, he turned around to avoid me (he hadnt gotten all the peanut butter yet?) ... while trying to walk away, he let out the loudest belch! It was so loud because the peanut butter jar amplified the sound! We both fell on the floor laughing until we got stomach cramps.


My first born was about 8 months old and learned to walk really early. She had her cute little Osh Kosh overalls on and came shambling over to me with orange wedges in hand and an orange juiced grin before sitting on my belly with her pudgy diaper butt while I laid on the floor playing Halo. She was so tickled with her new found mobility that she giggled at me and I laughed a bit in response. Then she laughed, and I chuckled back when she snorted a bit and we both started laughing at each other. It got so ridiculous that we were both belly laughing so hard that my wife came in and asked me what was so funny. I caught my breath long enough to say, "I don't know!?!?" and we both started cackling again for another ten minutes! I've never laughed so hard, so fully at anything sense! It was one of the most beautiful moments I've ever experienced. And I'll happily take it to my grave knowing I've lived a full life having loved, and laughed more than I ever hoped or deserved!


We had bunk beds as children and the top bunk had a U-shaped railing to stop you from rolling off.

I was on the bottom bunk playing Nintendo and my brother was trying to distract me on the top bunk.

He puts his legs through the railing and starts to pretend it's a roller coaster. He's cheering and swinging his head around like he is experiencing G-forces.

He sees that's distracting to me and gets encouraged. He starts to pretend the roller coaster is climbing the lift hill. He's leaning right back, making 'clunk-clunk' sounds and as he goes over the apex he starts to go 'woooo!'

Unfortunately for him, when he leaned back the railing disconnected. So instead of leaning into the railing for the downward descent he just dived off the bunk face first in the seated position. The 'wooo!' went from being pretend to genuine real fast. Heavy landing on the ground too.


I was laying in bed with my wife and the cat came up to sit with us. A noise from outside must have startled the cat, because she jumped off the bed quickly, pooping directly into my wife's face.

I had the tears-streaming, losing my breath, scream-cry laughing that I haven't experienced since.



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