Stories Of People Who Realized Somebody Very Close To Them Committed A Major Crime.

The truth is, you never really know some people. It can turn out that that creep co-worker was a burglar, or your neighbor was a murderer. Then there are the people you might suspect, and are not all that surprised when it turns out they've committed a major crime. It's jarring either way.

Here are some of people's craziest stories of people they've known who have committed major crimes.

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1/20. My family used to rent out half of our house when I was a child. My dad always thought the couple he rented to were creepy, but they paid rent on time so they stayed. Apparently I even used to think I was related to him (child logic said he was in our house so he was family) and go up and hug him, which bothered my dad a lot.

Eventually my dad's fears were confirmed, the man kidnapped a little girl the same age as me. Then he came over to our part of the house and tried to come in (luckily me and my sister pretended we were not home). He is in jail now.

It freaks me out thinking about it sometimes. Did you ever feel like you were being watched as a kid? Because in retrospect I probably was.


2/20. My dad used to rent the bottom half of his house out to random dudes so that he could afford his mortgage. One of them was really nice to me and my brother, and he ended up hanging himself downstairs while the rest of us were all in the living room.

The guy after that was also really cool and funny, but he used to invite his girlfriend over and beat her up. One day my dad was sick of him, and fought him. The cops were called, and his roommate ended up going to jail. While he was in there they matched his finger print to a cold case from years before. He is currently in prison for murder in the first degree.


3/20. Donald Traub. Willow Grove, PA. He used to babysit my little sister and I'd go over to his apartment and borrow movies and such. He was randomly shooting people at this point.

He finally murdered some lady in a supermarket parking lot. I'll never forget, my mom was scared about the shootings cause she rode the bus to work and people at bus stops were shot at and she was talking to Donald about this and he goes "oh Kathy, I don't think you have anything to worry about". CRAZY. I'm just glad he liked me and my family, I guess.


4/20. A whole bunch of us who hiked the Appalachian Trail over the last ten years knew and liked "Bismark", one of the coolest and nicest guys anyone met along the trail.


He'd been hiking for years and practically lived on the trail. Turns out he was on the run from the FBI for having embezzled millions.


5/20. Had a client at the animal hospital where I worked who would bring in her sweetheart of a pitbull every couple of weeks for boarding. She always said she wanted to board for 3-4 days and the poor dog always wound up staying close to two weeks. She spend half her life in our kennel but we loved her and tried to keep her happy.

One day the lady comes in to pick up the dog, as usual more than 7-10 days later than she said she would, and that's the last time we saw her or the dog. About a week later, a couple of policemen come into the clinic asking when we last saw the woman, and the receptionists followed up by searching her name in Google.

Turns out she had murdered her boyfriend and gone on the run.

The police found her hiding under a bed at a relative's house. We never found out what happened to her dog, Sunshine.


6/20. A good friend of mines dad, who was really loaded, got caught making fake paintings from famous artists and selling them at auctions for a ton of money. He went to a federal prison for 5 years and is now out and still really rich.


7/20. Me and my friends met this kinda weird guy at a party, told us he kills pedophiles for money. None of us believed him obviously, but six months later he's on TV, convicted of killing a pedophile.


8/20. Met my cousin's cousin at a wedding when I was a kid. We got along instantly and had a lot of fun despite the boring wedding. Seemed like a perfectly normal kid.

Couple years later he's in jail for kidnapping a girl he liked.


9/20. Growing up, I was never very popular or well-liked. The worst of the bullies, the guy who really made my life terrible, we'll call H. H didn't really stand out in any particular way from the others, but he always seemed to go the extra mile to piss me off.

Fast forward to just a few months ago, I ran into some old High School classmates, and it got me reminiscing. Eventually, his name popped into my head, and I thought "let's see how things turned out for him".

I google H's name, and our town, and am immediately greeted with a headline detailing a guilty verdict for causing a fatal accident. From a bit more digging, it turns out that he both used and cooked Meth, and had been busted for it multiple times.

As for the accident itself, H apparently was "spun" on Meth, crossed into the oncoming lane and knocked both vehicles off the road. While disabled in the ditch, he contacted his parents to pick him up.

They arrived and helped gather up his drugs which were scattered all over the interior, and drove him away from the scene, leaving the other driver to die. Thankfully the police tracked him down and brought him to justice in the end.

This county is just chock full of shining examples of humanity.


10/20. High school classmate ended up murdering his mom 10 years after we graduated.


11/20. When I was in high school, there was some real weird, disturbed kid who posted online that he was planning on bombing our school at 11 AM on whatever certain date. Fortunately he was caught before he was able to go through with anything. Guy is still in jail.


12/20. I've worked with a number of people who were pretty rough.

Two different guys who robbed banks. One guy who later did 8 years for having sex with a minor. Watched him arrested by US Marshalls in full gear in front of my office door. At least one murderer. One guy who was a serial Domestic Abuser.


13/20. There were two kids in my grade in high school that had been dating for a few months. They kind of flew under the radar, but seemed nice enough. Pretty "goth"/emo-type, but didn't cause any trouble.

One day I heard that they'd both been missing from school for a few days, which was weird.

Turns out, they had been plotting to kill the girl's father over the phone when he overheard and called the cops. They admitted to it and were in jail waiting for trial.


14/20. I dated a girl whose sister was one of Ted Bundy's victims at the U of Florida.


15/20. Met a friend of a friend in college. Right off the bat this was a person I didn't want to associate with. He said he wanted to be a cop.

Years ago he went drinking with his friends. The 5 of them all got into his car. The crazy thing is they all knew he had been drinking and was drunk at the time. But they let him drive.

He got into a head on collision with a young HS couple. The driver, a 16 yr old boyfriend was killed at the scene and his gf had minor injuries. The drunk driver's 4 passengers were fine, shook up and didn't suffer any serious injuries.


16/20. The first weekend of November when I was back home visiting mum, one of my older brother's friends from highschool popped around (unexpected) twice to say goodbye before he was to move interstate.


This would be completely unnoteworthly if not for the following weekend when he went into a blind rage and killed his own father. He currently being held until psych evaluations can be taken, so until April (when his murder trial begins) he'll either spend his time in prison or in a psych institution.

It's unfortunate, he was a really lovely guy in highschool but turned to alcohol and later much harder drugs to repress the fact his father used to abuse the three boys (possibly also his two sisters) when he was a kid. The drugs then exacerbated the schizophrenia he had inherited from his father.

We're not sure what made him snap or how he killed him as they've released very few details in the week and a half since it happened, I imagine they won't release anything until the trial.


17/20. My best friend's father worked with Jeffrey Dahmer.


18/20. A good friend had a co-worker friend (who she was also interested in at the time) that she had tag along to dinner and a couple of hangouts. Never liked the guy, and she eventually stopped bringing him around. A few weeks later, he was arrested and eventually found guilty of shooting and killing a cab driver after getting a ride home from a party. Still freaks us out.


19/20. I had a friend who seemed a bit off to me when I met him, from a mutual friend. We used to smoke and drink together. I don't know what happened, but he wound up 2 states over in a stand off with cops.

He had a backpack, a gun, ammo. In the backpack he had a list of cops he wanted to kill. No idea how he even got their names. In the end he was found uh... incompetent I guess is the word. Spent some time in an institution. Got released. He's doing ok now.


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20/20. The shift supervisor I was closest with at a grocery store I worked at briefly at 18 ended up getting federally charged, or arrested idk, for being a domestic terrorist. After working with me he moved down state to NYC and was going to put pipe bombs in certain individuals cars.

He was caught before he did that though.


Bonus #1

My neighbor's dog got loose from the backyard, ran into the nearest deli, and playfully trashed the place. Don't know if this counts but it did happen.


Bonus #2

Not me myself, but a woman I used to work with (I work in education) was the person you would always see the naughty people with in school. She told me about all the other schools she had worked in and in one, there was a boy who went by the name Jon Venables. She recalled how she went to work one day to find out that he told his little brother to lie about being sick and not coming in. She thought nothing of this, the little brother normally always told the truth.

Then she told me how she went home and saw on the news a little boy being taken from 'The Strand', which is a shopping centre. She saw the CCTV images and was debating on whether to call the police as she couldn't be to sure. In the end, she did and it turned out to be him


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