Stories Of The Most Painfully Awkward Parties People Have Ever Witnessed.

Have you ever witnessed something totally cringe-worthy at a party? Perhaps the party itself was cringe-worthy? Here, people share the most painfully awkward party they've ever witnessed.


25. At least there were chips.

I went to a birthday party where I was the only one who came, and I didnt even know the girl very well. She had a ton of food, lots of decorations and music playing, all of which lent to the horrifically awkward atmosphere. Lively dance music while you silently eat chips on the couch is not fun.

The hostess/birthday girl posted angry Facebook statuses all night about no one coming and didnt even talk to me. I left after about twenty minutes.


24. Worst timing ever.

My birthday party when I was nine.

My beloved cat had a bladder infection, and my parents had to put her down. They decided to wait until the day of my party because they figured I would be happy and distracted. Nope. Instead, I just sat in a corner and cried while my friends hung out with my parents.


23. She could have made a chemistry joke, but all of the good ones argon.

Went to this weird kid's birthday party. I didn't want to, but our parents are friends so I had to. It was a pool party with him, one other weird dude, his parents, and his chemistry teacher that he invited for some reason.


22. Ringing in the new year with a good ol' fashioned stomping.

New Years Eve 2003. I ended up staying the night at my best friend's house.

I wasn't too popular in high school and there weren't too many people there I was eager to see, but the night started out surprisingly well. Even earned the respect of a dude who never really liked me prior. Then things went to CRAP.

I should mention we were all in my friends basement, drinking a lot more than I think his parents realized (continued).

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There was a couple who were still together after high school (we were 19, first new years after graduating) and the guy was actually a pretty nice dude. His girlfriend, however, was argumentative to say the least. They had gotten into some argument towards the end of the night and the guy just didn't want to deal with it so he went to bed. He was actually being reasonable and didn't want to fight with his drunken girlfriend. He went and lied down on the floor on the other side of the room and closed his eyes.

She stares at him with boiling blood in her eyes for a good 2 minutes, gets up and walks over to him and starts STOMPING ON HIS FACE WITH HER BOOTS.

The dude, shocked, STILL keeps it together and only pushes her off him while my buddy takes her upstairs to get separated and talked down by his mom.

The next morning, I end up having to drive the girlfriend home.

Driving her, she asks me if I'm seeing someone. "YEP! SUPER SERIOUS TOO!" Dropped her off and never saw her again.

Still feel bad for her ex-boyfriend.


21. The suspense is killing me.

Once walked into a party, nice and early, like 8pm. Everyone was asleep on the floor or propped up against the wall wearing animal fancy dress, except one guy who was laughing his butt off.

An elaborate practical joke? Drugs? Never found out.


20. Porta-party.

My friend was going to China for two months and wanted to throw a party before he left. He didn't say explicitly that we could bring alcohol, but he pointed out many times that his parents and sister would not be home.

Long story short, me and a couple friends showed up with a bunch of beer, vodka, and weed. He was shocked we even thought he would be ok with it and kicked us out. We then went to the forest nearby and had a heck of a night.


19. I don't know if she fully understands the implications of "help yourself"...

My wife's aunt and uncle invited us to the their campground for a 4th of July BBQ. We arrive and her cousin offers us beer from a cooler. Says, "Help yourself."

His uncle shows up from fishing about 45 minutes later, see us drinking a beer and makes a comment about us drinking "his" beer.

Now, we had asked what we needed to bring and were told nothing and that they had "more than enough of everything." Ten minutes later the uncle makes another comment about us drinking the beer and says he is just kidding. I get up to walk down to the creek and overhear him talking to another guy about how he couldn't believe we wouldn't show up with anything and drink his beer. At this point, I get in the car and go to the store up the road to buy some.

When I get back the aunt says, "I hope hotdogs are good enough for you because that's all I am making"

I have never felt so unwelcome at a gathering we were invited to.


18. Designated nightmare.

I remember the night well because I was the designated driver. Me and three friends hung out at one of their houses for a few hours. They all had a few beers and one of my friends decided he wanted to eat the magic mushrooms he had been saving for later.

After he was on his space adventure, another guy got word that a friend of his was having a "party" and we should all come over. I was sober so I didn't really care, and seeing new faces sounded like a good idea.

This was not the case...

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We arrived at the "party", he should have called it what it was, a domestic disturbance. The hosts girlfriend was throwing a tantrum and was throwing things around the room. The host was so drunk he barely recognized my friend. We knew almost no one at the party and they all had no idea who these 4 random guys were, one of whom was flying higher than Icarus.

One of the guys at the party recognized a friend of mine and started talking about a guy who had caused him some kind of trouble and wanted to beat up my friend because of it.

We promptly left.


17. Not even a fire can warm up a cold party.

An honor society beach bonfire party. No one was talking I repeat NO ONE, except the club president who was desperately trying to save the atmosphere. The whole time people were just sitting around the bonfire with the thousand-yard stare. It was excruciatingly awkward.


16. So much for a bridal party, am I right?

My boyfriend was going to be in a wedding, and I got invited to go to the bachelorette party (even though I didn't know the bride too well).

After being invited, making the dinner reservation became my responsibility. I ask the bride how many people (12), and booked a big table at the most popular restaurant in out town for Saturday night, even had to pull some strings with my friends that worked there for us to get the table.

Show up to the dinner, and the bride had decorated the table herself. Only me and one other person showed up. After about twenty minutes the restaurant informed us that they were going to start seating people at our table if the rest of the party didn't show up. I just sat there and started drinking.


15. That's one way to have a conversation.

I went to a friend's birthday party a couple of years ago and I didn't know anyone besides the birthday girl and her boyfriend, who happens to be a physics grad student.

Just to set the scene a little bit, on my way in to grab a drink, I passed a large group of people in the dining room drawing frantically on a white board and arguing about science-y things. Which is fine, you do you. Just for some context

Anyway, someone put out a thing of cookies and this guy was just like, "Oh cookies, I like to get mine from the internet." I barely knew anyone at this party, so I figured why not, I might as well try to talk to this guy and very earnestly I asked, "Oh where do you get your cookies? Is it like a special bakery or do you just get like chips ahoy from fresh direct?" And he just looked at me and said, "I meant like cookies you get from websites" and slinked away.

A couple of drinks and far less awkward encounters later, I wind up talking to cookies kid again. We made some small talk meaning I asked him a bunch of questions.

Eventually, I asked him how he knew the hosts of the party--he was in the juggling club with them. My follow up question was along the lines of, "How'd you get into juggling, were all your friends into it or were you like the only one who could do it and they were all astounded by your skills?"

He then proceeds to tell me that everyone loved his juggling, he'd walk into the cafeteria and people would scream his name until he juggled a little for him. I was just like, "Oh, that's awesome. That must've been so cool for you!" And he was just like, "None of that is true, I was actually home-schooled."

Keep in mind, I've been asking him questions for a good 10 minutes and doing my best to talk to someone and keep it upbeat, and when he said that I just didn't have anymore questions to ask.

And I just said, "Oh that's cool."

He takes a beat, pulls out his phone, flips it open (I can see the phone isn't even on) and says "Oh, I have to go." Slams the phone closed and ran straight out the front door.


14. A crappy situation, to say the least.

Probably the joint 17th birthday party I had with a friend and my parents had left for the evening. It was absolutely packed and filled with underage drinkers (probably the entire year turned up).

As someone who gets pretty nervous in busy social situations I drank a lot in order to calm my nerves so I was absolutely wasted pretty much before anyone even arrived. Meanwhile my dog, who had bowel cancer and so got diarrhea a lot (especially when agitated) was upstairs in a room with my younger brother and friends.

Somehow amidst the crazy that was my house, the dog got free from the room and proceeded to poop EVERYWHERE, and I mean, everywhere. My house is almost entirely covered in cream carpets, and given the sheer amount of drunk teenagers, it managed to spread everywhere, and it stank to the high heavens. All hell broke loose and it was amidst this that the police turned up, apparently prank called from my house, and I was found hysterically laughing attempting to clean the crap up with a wet wipe.

In the end we had to get a lot of the carpets replaced, and was banned from ever having a party in the house again.


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13. Hello, my name is _______.

I went to a few parties hosted by someone where the hostess gave everyone name tags, because a few people didn't know each other.

At a different party, the hostess also told everyone coming that there would be a superfluous amount of alcohol, and then got upset at the guests that nobody brought anything.

Someone went to the Facebook event on his phone and quoted her saying there would be enough. She then left to get some more, but by that point, why bother?

Also at this party, a girl full-body flashed me while I was sitting next to my girlfriend. Talk about awkward.


12. Yikes.

So I got invited to a party by some friends, didn't know the girl who was hosting. It was already awkward when I got there. They were trying to be quiet because the girls parents were home and that kinda killed the vibe immediately.

Eventually a bunch of people that she didn't know turned up, the place got packed and it got loud as you'd expect. Then her mom came in and started yelling at everyone.

Later on, some other girl lost her phone and the parents literally locked everyone in the house. Random people kept getting accused, I had to turn out my pockets to get them to leave me alone and about 45 minutes later it turned out it fell out of her pocket when she went to the toilet.

Soon as the imprisonment ended, everyone was immediately out of there.


11. "Hey guys, I got the liq...uorice!"

One of my best friends joined a sorority when she started university (I am a guy). One night I was looking for something to do and gave her a text. She told me she was having a party with her sorority girls at her place...images from movies started playing in my mind. This was going to be a WILD night.

I called up another friend of mine and we made our way to the house. When we arrived it seemed a little bit odd. There was no booze, not too many girls, and just sad faces all around. "OK." I thought. "Maybe we're here early."

So I just started to smoke hash in the corner of a room waiting for more people to show up. No one came but my friend suggested everyone goes to the corner store. I offered to watch the house as they went to get what I presumed to be booze. They all left and, although disappointed, was excited to get some drinks in me.

Upon their return they all dumped bags full of candy on a table and one roasted chicken. All of the girls just talked amongst themselves at the table while one girl ate the entire roasted chicken to herself.

I smoked the rest of my hash and walked home with my friend.


10. Nothing says "surprise" like an unexpected trip to emerge.

It was one of my friends' 16th birthday and we planned a huge surprise party that he had no idea because it was the week before his actual birthday. So we are all hiding in living room waiting, about 20-30 of his friends and family. He opens the door, and we yell "surprise!" he screams and jumps back tripping over his dog and hitting his head.

He got knocked out and had to go to the hospital to get stitches on his head. It was a really good time.


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9. Those parents are ice cold.

I went to a friend's birthday party in elementary school. I was the only person that showed up. We had a snowball fight with snowballs he saved in his freezer from the winter, hit him in the eye and he had to go to the hospital and his parents yelled at me for throwing the snowball they gave me.


8. Quit horsin' around!

My sister's ninth birthday party. I was 14 at the time. She wanted a horseback riding party so my parents got hooked up with this touristy horse farm. The owner of the farm assured us that it was safe and that they would have a guide at the front and the back of the group of horses and gently trot us down a trail for a few miles, and then head back for cake and whatnot.

The horses were wayyy too large and impatient to deal with children that young. One of the girls was holding the reigns too tightly, and about a mile down the trail, the horse finally had enough and broke off from the group and bucked her off and then proceeded to run full-speed back to the barn.

Horses instinctually follow each other, so all the other horses broke off and gave chase, which turned the slow walk into a full on frenzied gallop back to the barn. I managed to hold on, but every little girl at the party was thrown off at some point during the run. My sister got thrown off into a barbed wire fence, a girl broke her arm, another girl had a skull fracture. A lawsuit to the farm ensued shortly after.


7. I'm lovin' it.

I went to this girl's birthday party at McDonald's when I was about 8. My mom bought the gift and wrapped it for me to give to her. So all the kids gathered around for the gift unwrapping and I found out that my gift to her was a pack of girls underwear. Everyone erupted into laughter and I wanted to die on the spot.


6. At least he got the guitar back...

Tie between my first and second house parties. First one, a bunch of ruffians showed up and I was too chicken to keep them out. Nothing happened during the party, but the next morning my prized Fender Jazz bass was gone.

Second one, a girl I liked ended up coming over. I was so nervous that I smoked and drank way too much too soon and got sick and passed out an hour into the night and missed the whole darn thing. People say it was a pretty good party.

PS I ended up getting my bass guitar back.


5. Urine for a lesson.

This is more innocent but I remember in kindergarten I went to this kid's birthday party, he invited the entire class, and I was too shy to ask where the bathroom was and I just pissed my pants.

I was only five, but I remember that being a pretty huge turning point in my life.


4. Nothing says party like a tall glass of milk and Nintendo 64.

When I was about 15, I went to a New Year's Eve party at a friends house. He assured me that "everyone was coming" and that there would be lots of booze etc - we were teenagers in Britain so this was high on our agenda. I was expecting some kind of teen excess - drunk people vomiting, maybe awkwardly kissing a girl in the corner or having a toke on a joint in the garden, the sky was the limit.

When I arrived there were 2 other people there, both also guys and no booze/food at all. We sat and played N64 all evening - bear in mind that this was the early 2000s so N64 was very old and definitely hadn't achieved any kind of retro-cool status yet - and there was no Mario Kart/GoldenEye etc.

The only thing to drink was milk. I waited until 12:01 and then left and went to bed. New Year is always a bit of an anti-climax but this was ridiculous.


3. I mean...why not?

A group of friends and I once showed up to a party, walked in a single file line through the front door, into the living room, then through the kitchen and right out the back door.

There really wasn't much happening, and nothing that made the party itself awkward, but I am sure it was a little awkward to those at the party to see a group of twelve people walk into, through, and immediately out of the house, never to return.


2. Wow, he really KILLED the party.

My friend was having a murder mystery "party" one time. It sounded pretty bad, but there would be some girls there so me and a couple mates decide to go.

My friend accidently tells everyone hes the murderer. Still have to do the party because the guy hosting it went to so much effort.

Also, I drank too much and pissed the guys bed.


1. He's was definitely a mistake.

I was working at the front desk of my apartment complex and a girl that I barely talked to came up to me and tried to start a conversation. About halfway through, she mentioned a party that she was hosting later that night. She asked me if I would like to come to the party, which at first I declined. Then, she told me that the party would have free pizza and alcohol. Being a poor college student, I accepted her offer.

Later that night, my roommate and I went over to her apartment to hang around, converse with others, drink, and have a good time. Man, what a mistake that was.

When we went into the room, there were small scattered groups of people, maybe totaling ten people. The "alcohol" she mentioned was a fifth of tequila, which nobody drank, because apparently most of the people there were straight edge.

So, I sat on the couch with my roommate, trying to talk to people that seemed nice. Unfortunately, most were socially awkward and did not like to talk, so I just sat in silence, praying that the party would not get any worse.

Of course, the girl that hosted the party thought it would be hilarious to just let out huge, strained farts. Real, actual, disgusting farts. Every single person in the room was uncomfortable. My roommate and I glanced at each other and shared a look of discomfort, screaming that we both wanted to leave. Quickly, we both stood up, I told them that I had to go finish some homework (horrible excuse), said our goodbyes, exited the room, and never looked back.


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