Student-Athletes With A History Of Sexual Violence Can No Longer Play For This 'Big Ten' University.

About one in ten students on university campuses will experience some form of sexual violence during their studies. Undoubtedly, universities have struggled to meet their responsibilities to create secure campuses for their students. But, in recent years, students, faculty members, administrators, and activists have been working hard to create dialogue and policy that will shift the environment of higher education to one that will be safer and more inclusive.

In that vein, Indiana University has committed to launching inquiries on all incoming freshman recruited to participate in the school's athletic programs.

According to the report approved by the Indiana University Bloomington Faculty Athletics Committee, this policy will lead to the "mandatory disqualification of prospective student-athletes with records of sexual violence" and is "designed to help protect all members of the Indiana University community."

The prospective student-athlete (PSA) inquiries take a multifaceted approach: a criminal records check; an internet search of the PSA's "digital footprint"; conversations with the PSA's teachers, parents, and coaches; as well as an interview process with the PSA themselves.

The Indiana Hoosiers are a member of the "Big Ten" conference (formerly known as the Western Conference), which is the oldest Division I collegiate conference in the United States. Hopefully this new policy will set an example for other institutions, universities or otherwise, to commit themselves to creating safe spaces for their patrons.

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