Students Share Their Experience With Incompetent Teachers.

Teaching is a respectful profession. But not a lot of people are fit to be teachers. There are some that openly show they don't like being in the classroom, and then there are those that destroy their students self-confidence at every chance they get. In this article, past and present students share what their incompetent teacher did that didn't get them fired. 

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A student at my school walked in on the new teacher and his (married) colleague bent over a desk at the back of the class after school. 

In exchange for the student's silence, they had to give him 100 cash. 


A teacher told a student they were so worthless that even McDonalds would not hire her. To be fair she was the same student that faked having cancer to get attention and McDonalds did not hire her when she attempted to get a job there, but some things are better left unsaid.


When I was in culinary school, first trimester and the class was Stocks, Sauces, and Soups. The instructor was clueless. This is a pretty prestigious culinary school and he was teaching us things like using powder mix to make demi-glace to save time, making roux with flour and water so there wouldn't be added fat, and that for added flavor, when making vegetable stock, throw in bones and scrap meat from any given animal. We would say "yeah, but that's not veggie stock, that's chicken/beef stock" and he would just get angry. He was fired after that trimester and we got to take that class again.


My sophomore algebra teacher was known in the school for being the biggest jerk  but he was tenured so he knew he was safe. After one particularly brutal test he mustve gotten some complaints from the students because in the next class he handed out articles to everyone about how self-esteem doesnt exist and it doesnt matter.


When my teacher decided to spend the last month of the quarter in Iceland on vacation without telling us he was leaving. He then decided he didn't want to grade any assignments before final grades were due to the school so he gave every student a B in the class regardless of if they did any work or not.


My high school drama teacher gave my entire class a lecture on how if girls were going to dress the way we did (this was the early 00s, so flared jeans and babydoll t-shirts, basically) then we had no one to blame but ourselves when the boys got ideas and assaulted us. She gave us this lecture twice.

I'd been molested at around 10 and I know one other girl in that class who was sexually assaulted by a neighbor, so I kind of spent both of those days just sitting there wondering if she had any idea how inappropriate her words were.


Made a rule that no one could wear those sweats that had buttons all the way up the leg in class - no idea why. Then proceeded to rip them off the first student who wore them to his class. A female student, who wasn't wearing shorts under them. In front of an almost full classroom and a hallway full of students headed to their next class.


My 7th grade math teacher screamed at me and told me my passion in music was useless and said. "You are going to be the biggest failure that this school will ever produce." Continued music and found out I had quite the talent for it.


My first grade teacher would get in your face and SCREAM at you if you asked to go to the restroom during class. Several kids peed themselves.

My fifth grade teacher was fired due to his penchant for showing a lot of movies and asking the girls in the class to give him a massage at his desk. In the dark. In the back of the classroom.


Not my teacher, but my sister's from third grade. Constantly told my mom to get my sister tested for special needs because she wasn't doing well in class. Gave my sister hours upon hours of homework each night (at least five hours per night - for an eight year old) to the point my sister would be having breakdowns, because my sister would zone out for a few minutes or just couldn't understand the classwork. Basically ruined my sister's self-confidence so badly that now, ten years later, my sister still gets freaked out when she has any extra homework.

(The teacher she had the next year for fourth grade couldn't understand what the previous one was talking about - my sister was his best student).


My 9th grade biology teacher actually hated science, and was a volleyball coach. I'm not sure why they let her teach biology.

She would always say that if you use any drugs, like anything that wasn't OTC or prescription, that your brain would literally unravel, and become mushy. As she said this, she would point out the kids that smoked weed.


We were taking a final in my economics class in a huge theater-style classroom. A girl started having a seizure and an ambulance had to be called. When the first responders came in they said everyone needed to clear the area so they could get to her and the professor said "but they are taking their finals." She made each person in that aisle walk out one-by-one and come sit down at the front by her. Then she said "continue." She had always been a horrible professor.


She made me sit by myself at the corner of the classroom and said those were principal's orders (which was false), would ignore me whenever I put my hand up, pretend she didn't hear me whenever I spoke in class and would refuse to answer my questions. All because I dared to question her once. She was fired at the end of the school year, though.


Back in grade 10 I had a science teacher that knew less science than the average grade 10 student (or maybe the same). Luckily when she marked tests she had an answer key and she could mark them properly, but while teaching she would only get the problem correct 60~80% of the time. A teacher needs to know that stuff inside and out, if you're only getting 70% of questions right at a grade 10 level, you can't teach grade 10. 

So many times the class had to correct her answers, and no she was not doing it on purpose so that the class would point it out and learn, she would argue back even when most of the class knew she was wrong.


In 5th grade, right before 9/11, I had a former Marine math teacher that was deadly accurate with chalkboard erasers. He'd pitch that at kids who slept on his class like some MLB level pro. He was a great teacher despite being difficult. Plus it was always funny to see that perfect plume of chalk dust explode from the other side of a kids face. There's no way you could get away with hurling projectiles at children nowadays.


Last year my Spanish teacher sold ice cream in her class for a dollar per bar. They were a Mexican ice cream bar called paletas that she got from a local guy. The school told her that she wasn't allowed to sell them in her class but she continued to do so for a while after until they found out she was still doing it. She even told us that she had been told not to and that we needed to keep quiet about it.

Also one day she had a substitute and kids just took them without paying all day. She lost like $200 worth of ice cream.


A history class in 7th grade. Everyday he would sit outside the classroom before the bell would ring and talk to the teacher next door until it was 10 minutes into the period. Then he would turn on the news and say, "History is happening around us. Learn it as it happens." Then he would snack on Little Debbies and read the newspaper for an hour.


Sixth grade language/science teacher sent me to anger management for finally sticking up to a guy who bullied me. Also 6th grade, a substitute teacher went off on a tangent the WHOLE class period about how we were 'ungrateful' and how we should be kissing the army's feet for giving us freedom - all because someone (a new kid) took someone else's chair by accident and caused a little ruckus. She also whined about how she couldn't afford her meds. She never subbed there again.


In the 8th grade I had an IPS teacher that taught us literally nothing. I had to explain to her a few times why she was completely wrong and teaching the class wrong information. She always left the class for like 10 minute intervals for some reason, so I used that time to answer everyones questions since I read ahead in the textbook while she was blabbering on nonsense.


I had a British Lit professor who literally did not grade a SINGLE assignment until we were taking the final exam. I watched her while I was taking the test, and she was so clearly just skimming through each 10 page essay for ~30 seconds and then writing grades on them.

She also would assign us 100+ pages of reading, every single night, and then would not even discuss the reading in class. She'd use that time to show us Powerpoint presentations she made about things she found interesting, like ancient architecture and other boring things totally unrelated to the subject.

On her tests, we got 1 point for choosing the right answer on a multiple choice question, and like 9 points for writing a paragraph explaining WHY we chose that answer. I hated those tests.

I ended up transferring from that school, and like a year later I found out she was made the English department head.


My 5th grade teacher, despite knowing I had a blood sugar condition and needed to eat regularly to manage it, went on a personal campaign to ban snack from her classroom.

When that didn't work, she tried to have my food deemed a medication and force me to eat it in the school nurse's office.

When that didn't work, she didn't let me call my mom the ONE time I forgot my snack (I wasn't more than eleven years old,) openly mocked me in front of the entire class, then grabbed me by the arm when I ran out of the room crying, dragged me to the Special Ed room, and snarled, "This is where people like you belong!"

She also yelled at me when I reported being physically assaulted on school grounds, for "making a big deal over nothing." And made me use a scantron on a state standardized test, despite knowing that "no scantrons" was on my IEP, and then used my poor scores (from messing up the scantron, I was actually gifted) to argue I was "stupid" and needed to be held back a grade.

But she had tenure and my school was afraid of the teacher's union, so of course nothing happened to her even after my parents raised hell.


The evil theater teacher in high school who made sure to give roles to her favorites, gossiped about other students, and repeatedly screamed at me and told me I wasnt good enough even though I practiced for hours upon hours and even broke down on stage during practice.

Screw you, Mrs. F. I gave up my favorite thing in the world just because you wouldnt help me when I was being bullied, and you even added to the bullying.


That one math lesson where I spent it huddled under a table because people were throwing chairs and smashing windows springs to mind. She was actually a sweet teacher, but she had no authority. She was not cut out to be a teacher, at least not at the school I went to.

Also had another math teacher who did literally nothing when kids were throwing those little fire cracker packets AT HIM. I got assaulted in that lesson and he moved me to the back of the class, not the bullies.

My GCSE IT teacher once refused to teach when his football team lost. He did barely any teaching on the normal days as well.


I had an English lit teacher who introduced himself as someone who doesn't like reading "because it's boring and takes too long." He spoke broken English, kept interchanging Poe and Shakespeare, and didn't know a lot of the classics. He talked more about himself and give unsolicited life advice in class than teach. He also lectured us several times to not tell others about how crappy the school actually is so people would still enrol. Sometimes students asked him questions about the lesson and he'd usually reply with a sarcastic "didn't you listen?" or "why don't you Google it yourself?"

I was genuinely interested in the class so I was pissed at him. 


I had a middle school teacher that spoke with extremely broken English, and yet taught English Literature class. How he even got chosen to teach that class I don't know, he wasn't good at teaching anything, but that wasn't the thing, or rather, things. He would assign homework and it was 50/50 weather or not he'd actually collect it the next day, I don't mean forget, he would just dismiss it. Or when he collected quizzes, he would take them to his desk and it was abundantly clear he wasn't reading anything other than the name, and grade them all in a couple of minutes. 

Everyone either got an A or a C. If you questioned him about it he'd angrily tell you to sit down. Any kind of class reading or lecture, he would have students read out the material while he stood in the corner with his arms crossed. He made it clear that he was not happy to be there. Or sometimes we would do nothing, he would not even look up from his desk, just tell us to "Read from your text books" until the bell rang. On PTA nights he would be there, because he was required to, but he would lock his door and ignore anyone who knocked. There were so many complaints against him from parents, students and some other teachers but the school administration didn't care. I hated it. Nobody wanted to be there less that the people who worked there.


My Intro to C and Unix professor graded nothing until finals week. Like, not a single assignment. Meaning you had no idea whatsoever how you were doing in the class until it was almost over. If you asked him about grades, he'd say he'd have everything graded next week, but next week never came. Blatant violation of university policy (at the drop deadline, all past assignments must be graded). A lot of us suspected that even after finals, nothing actually was graded, he'd just assign grades at random, but without seeing our papers we can't prove it.

Also, same guy, if you'd ask him a question about the homework he'd look at it, scratch his head for a few seconds, and say "umm, I don't know, umm, how to do this. Go ask [smart kid in the class]."

Also, same guy again, his tests had almost nothing to do with the lectures. Fortunately, they were all open-laptop tests, so we'd basically just Google everything, learn it for the first time on the test, and write that.

I heard he was going to be fired, but I've got him for 2 classes this semester. Friendly guy, but staggeringly lazy and incompetent.


I had this English teacher in high school who doesn't like taking criticism or anything that involves telling her that she is wrong.

So during halfway through the semester, our teacher decided to post our marks. My friend and I checked to see what kind of mark we got with the crap we've written all semester. I got 75% while my friend got a whopping 1081%. My friend was confused while I was wondering what kind of stuff did he write to get that mark.

Obviously it was a mistake so we decided to let the teacher know about it. When we did, she started to throw a fit and yelling at us that she made no mistakes. By the time she started yelling, the whole class already noticed the 1081% that my friend got, and decided not to say anything since we all knew she wouldn't listen.

By the time class ended, the whole class decided to give my friend a pat on the back, mentioning how he is gonna get a full ride scholarship and congratulating him for getting the highest possible mark in existence. That 1081% stayed that way for the rest of the semester and my friend decided to mess around to see how low of a mark he can get before the semester ended.

By the time we got our report cards for the semester, the teacher finally corrected the mistake and due to my friends laziness, he fortunately got a passing grade of 53%. He honestly didn't care about the grade but was slightly disappointed that the teacher wasn't prideful enough to leave the 1081%.

Too bad. I bet he could've gotten a nice scholarship with that grade.



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