Survivors of Attempted Murder Share What Happened.

Warning: This article might be a bit disturbing for some people. 

From an ex-boyfriend who breaks into the apartment with an axe, to an angry driver whose reaction to honks is to shoot at their vehicle, people share the most terrifying ways someone tried to murder them.

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I had been dating a woman for about a year and we thought we would try living together. She started having dreams of me talking to other women. I laughed and thought she was just having some weird dreams. One night a few weeks later I wake up to what I recognize as thin aluminum falling onto wood and then the tile floor, but I ignore it just the cat. The next day my brother tells me that my girlfriend confessed to him that she had almost beat me with a baseball bat that night. A thin aluminum baseball bat. Later I talked about splitting up and she would get aggressive. After a year of this constant fear and physical as well as mental abuse I managed to convince her to leave me (it was ok since it was her idea). It wasn't simple, she married a few months later and came by to introduce him to MY family (he realized how weird it was). I haven't heard from her in over a year. 


My ex was extremely violent and controlling. He was trying to make me pregnant so I would be dependent on him and never leave him. Basically, he found out I'd been taking birth control pills. He poured boiling water over me as I slept and stabbed me. Thankfully a neighbour heard my screams and called the police. 

I am now engaged to the love of my life and we have a beautiful son together. My ex is in prison and will not be seeing the light of day for many more years.


A woman stopped at an intersection waited until I started crossing, then turned right (no signal) and floored it, aiming at me. It had to run for it. Still have no idea why, I've always assumed she mistook me for someone else.


Someone cut me off in traffic (I'm talking like my bumper scraped theirs as they forced their way in front of me), so naturally I honked at them.

And their perfectly sound and reasonable reaction was to shoot at my car through their back windshield multiple times before speeding off, hitting 2 other cars in the process.


I was drunk (like really really drunk) and fell on someone's beautiful car. I broke his side mirror.

He saw me, took a knife of his jacket, he was really mad and tried to stab me. A friend saved me by pulling me away so the guy hit the wind and my friend told the guy that I'll pay for the mirror.

I paid and I'm still alive.


My father was in the Navy in Vietnam when I was born. He decided he did not want a child after all and declined to provide support until his CO was notified and forced him to send money home. While he was home on leave he tried to kill me, but my grandfather confronted him with a .30-06 hunting rifle and backed him out of the house.


My mother was abusive. When she couldn't hit me anymore because of her arthritis she would encourage my younger sister to hit me, usually while our mom watched. As I got older it escalated. There was this time in high school where I had decided to really fight back, I didn't care anymore about being punished for hitting back, but my sister was bigger than me so she kicked my butt. Then when she was done kicking me she got on top of me and started to choke me. I really thought she would kill me.

I woke up on the floor of the living room with my sister crying next to me. She told me she thought I was dead, and that she was sorry, she had never apologized to me before for anything, so I just kind of sat there confused for a minute. She couldn't stop sobbing, so I ended up comforting her and telling her that it was going to be okay.


I was engaged to an abusive man. I got pregnant. He did the usual threatening to kill me if I left him. One day he came home (he was a Navy corpsman) and beat me really badly until I had a miscarriage. I think his goal was to kill me as well. He kept me in the apartment and would not let me go to a doctor or hospital. Losing that baby is what gave me the courage to escape when I could.


One night my two step brothers and were walking down a dimly lit road beside a railroad switchyard at about 10:00 at night. As we were walking, a white truck drove by. We didnt notice that it turned around and drove toward us again. As it got closer, someone in the truck started shooting at us. Scared, we took off running for the switchyard and the cover of the rail cars. We ran through the switchyard while someone in the truck screamed squeal piggies (we were all three pretty large). Eventually we reached the highway and saw a cop was taking his break. Ive never been more frightened in my life. I could hear the bullets hitting the rail cars.


Mom's ex tried to strangle her in front of my sister and me. Went to call the cops, he let her go to stop us or he'd kill us also. He hit my sister on a few other occasions, along with my mom. Threw a few death threats here and there. I think I was quieter than my sister so he didn't come after me. Dad's friend's brother beat the crap out of him a few years later just for calling my mom bad names. Thanks for that guy.

My Ex Aunt-in-law didn't like that my uncle let us stay in their old house (that she hadn't been in in years) while we were homeless. Broke in with some random dude, held a gun to all of us and told us to get out. Cried my 5 year old eyes out for awhile there. We got a restraining order for that one.


I'm not sure if she actually intended to kill me, but when I was 11 and my sister was 12 we were home alone after school and got into a fight. Not uncommon, she has bullied me my whole life. This time she goes into the kitchen and grabs a giant chopping knife and starts to chase me. I manage to run out of the back door, circle around to the front yard and come in the front door, and run down the hallway and lock myself in the bathroom. But it's in the first floor, so she goes outside around the back of the house and starts banging on the bathroom window, which promptly shatters. This calms her down a little bit, and she tries to get me to come out and she says she's sorry, but I stayed locked in there for 3 hours waiting for my Dad to come home. We told him the broken window was an accident from trying to shut the window too hard. Oh and she almost drowned me in a pool once and played it off like she was just dunking me as a game.... But I knew better.


In August of 2014, my mom's boyfriend snapped while he was drunk and threatened to kill us. He left, we put a chair against the door and begged the 911 operator to help us as quickly as possible, and all I can really remember after that is hiding in my bathroom, screaming that I didn't want to die yet, while he banged on the door and tried punching it in. Thankfully, before he managed to break back into the apartment, the cops came and chased him down.

Thinking about what could have happened makes me cry.


When I was a kid, my older brother and I were playing, and then he pulled out his Swiss Army knife, and stabbed me. He had this weird look in his eyes, and told me he didn't want a younger brother anymore, because (in his perception) our parents "love[d] me more." He was 13 at the time, and I was 10. I fought back and got him into a choke hold and held him there until he dropped his knife and begged me to let him go. Afterwards he brought out super glue and some rubbing alcohol. He poured it on where he stabbed me, and super glued it shut. Then apologized. He started going to therapy for extreme anger tendencies after that.


Walking to a nearby convenience store in the middle of the day when I was about 12. Some teenagers saw me and proceeded to actively try running me over with their car in the parking lot while laughing at me and calling me names. I didn't know the teenagers or even recognize them from somewhere, they just randomly decided to try and run over some kid because they thought it would be funny. Someone in the store must have called the police because as they drove off they were pulled over by two cop cars down the road and everyone in the car was put in the back of the squad cars.


When I was thirteen, my stepdad (who hated me) was prepping the blender for a smoothie. I asked if he would make enough so that I could have one as well. He was surprisingly happy to do so. When it was ready, he had this creepy smile on his face. I noticed he only made enough for me, but didn't think too terribly much of it. As I poured from the blender to a cup, I saw my stepsister in the background motioning not to drink it. When my stepdad left the room, she said she saw him reach under the sink (into the chemical cabinet) and pour something in before he blended it. I opened the chemical cabinet, the nearest thing was a gallon of bleach. My stepsister confirmed this is what he poured into my drink. I told my mom, but she didn't believe me. I ended up moving in with my grandparents a few months later.


A roommate of mine nearly strangled me to death because he demanded I do the dishes the second I walked in from work and I told him I'd do it later. He slapped me when I said that and I was confused for a second then he grabbed me by my neck and slammed me on to the floor and started squeezing my throat with both hands. As he was strangling me he started screaming everything he hated about me. I truly thought that was the end. Luckily his girlfriend was there and managed to pull him off me as I started to go unconscious.


I honestly don't know if he was serious, but I had a guy in high school stalk me and constantly threaten to kill me. He was in LD classes due to severe anger and behavioral issues.

Anyway, he perceived me to be hitting on some girl he liked. (I wasn't, and wouldn't have had any way of knowing he wanted her, anyway.)

He started following me in the halls, got my phone number from someone and started threatening me via text, or calling me and just breathing. He'd talk to people about how he was planning to kill me, and they'd tell me he seemed totally serious.

I started walking with a pen downturned in my fist between classes in case he came at me, which he never did.

Eventually, it all sort of went away, he got bored of it, I guess, but for a few months, I was convinced that this kid was waiting to kill me around every corner.


Homeless guy in DC tried to stab me because I offered him a burger still in it's wrapper that I wasn't going to eat. He was drunk so I just walked away while he stumbled around.


I was at a point where two highways merge, and it's terrible of people when they gun it to cut others off because the far right and far left lanes both end suddenly.

I guess I accidentally cut some guy in a white work van off because he was driving in my blind spot and in the chaos of merging in heavy traffic I forgot to turn my head to check. So what? I get cut off about 5x a day during my commute and I move on. This guy took it to another level though.

I notice the van to my right pacing me and looked over to see some pathetic little balding man almost foaming at the mouth screaming words I cant hear because my window is up and gesturing wildly. Then he points at the space in front of me insinuating hes going to get me back and violently swerves his car at me and I had to move onto the shoulder to avoid him. So he forced me into the shoulder and I had to accelerate and cut back in narrowing causing another accident.

Called 911 to report it and spoke to the most disinterested operator ever and the guy quickly exited to make his escape.


First, I need to tell you about my wife. I met her when she was a Marine. She was Military Police and then Special Reaction Team. She taught Krav Maga. And when she got out of the Corp she actually had a job teaching it to a police academy for awhile (before we had kids).

She had an ex, also a marine, that she dumped. Funny thing, he was a Food Service Specialist but told everyone he met that he was a Scout Sniper. Well, he was really mad she dumped him. And when she started dating me (another interesting story) he figured I was the guy he needed to make go away. He tried the intimidation stuff, told me hed killed people while on deployment as a sniper, and that he could shoot me and Id never see him nor hear the shot. 

We were heading out of a date and I forgot something and ran into my house to get it. He was hiding there and jumped me and started coming at me with an extension cord. I was about to black out when my wife showed up (well, she was my girlfriend then, not my wife yet). She broke his arm and sat on him until the local cops showed up. She showed them her badge, gave them the report and I never heard about it or from him again.

And even though we have 3 kids, my wife can still out fight me and out shoot me and is tougher and braver than I am. Except for spiders. I have to kill those. Thats my job.


When I was 17, I was home one night sitting in the dining room of my parents house while on the phone. Since the conversation went on for a couple hours (talking to some girl), I got up from my seat to lay down on the floor and stretch out. It had just gotten dark and as I bent over to lay down, I heard a "bang", saw a flash and noticed the curtain over the window behind my chair floating down from the ceiling. It took me a couple seconds, then I realized someone had shot a gun in to the house where I was just sitting. So, I ran over to check on my mother (her room had windows leading to where the shooter was) and make sure she was alright (she was). Then, with all the lights off and no weapon, I head out the back door in hopes of coming around the side of the house to catch whoever the hell had just tried to shoot me. In retrospect, this was not a good plan. Fortunately, the shooter had gone and I was left waiting for the police.

Based on the investigation, the police determined that someone had been in our front yard, waited for my mother's bedroom light to turn off (it illuminated the front area, house was on a hill) then shot in to our dining room window from the porch. The bullet went through the front window, in to our kitchen and lodged in our refrigerator. The trajectory passed right through where my head would have been had I not laid down.

The shooter was never found and the police chalked it up to gang violence since I was a young latino.


Two occasions by an ex-boyfriend when I was 19. I should have gotten away from him long before I did. Both times he was very drunk. We lived in ground level apartment, I had kicked him out but he showed up one night drunk knocking on the window. I wouldn't let him in so he punched the glass out and climbed in. He took one of the shards of glass and came after me while swinging it wildly and screaming he was going to kill me. Fortunately, neighbors heard the screams and were pounding on my door which scared him off and cops were called.

Second time was a few weeks later when I was moving out of the apartment. He showed up drunk. My sister and her husband and husbands cousin were there. My sister lived 3 floors up from me in the same building. They wouldn't let him come into the building so he went back to his car. I guess they thought he had left so they went up to her apt... no, he went and got an axe out of his trunk. By stroke of luck I happened to glance out the window and saw him coming up the steps to the building. I immediately kicked off my flip flops and I took off bounding up the steps to my sisters apartment. He gained on me fast and was swinging the ax at me from behind. I could hear it hitting the walls behind me. I made it to her door which was unlocked, got it, slammed the door and locked it. He had so much adrenaline going he just ran right through the door like the hulk where he was met by brother-in-law and cousin. They quickly subdued him and held him until cops arrived. He was arrested and the last time I saw him was in court.


I was on the highway, in the passing lane. My lane was merging into the next lane. I signal, and everything is clear for me to move over when a large pickup truck speeds up and prevents me from moving over. I brake hard, honk my horn and move over behind the truck. I'm in a 69 Volkswagon beetle. He didn't like me honking at him. He's in front of me but starts shadowing my every move, changing lanes when I change them etc. He motions for me to pull over. I just want to get away from this guy at this point, so I start to pull over to the side of the road, and then quickly pass him when he starts to do the same. This was a bad move on my part since we were in traffic and I couldn't really get away from him. He eventually pulls along side of me and says "I'm going to run you off the road," and rams the side of my car with his truck. I brake hard, and he brakes with me, again ramming my car with his truck. He pulls in front of me and motions for me to pull over again. We're approaching an exit that I want to use to get away from him, so at the right moment I fake a turn into the next lane to the left, and at the last moment cut across to the exit where I was able to get away from him.

I contacted the police and provided them with a license plate number, description of the vehicle and driver. The guy lived several towns over, and it took about 2 weeks before the police were able to contact him. There was no damage to his truck, and he denied having any confrontation with me. I had arranged several meetings with the police to talk with them more about the incident, but the police officer didn't show up to any of them. They also suggested that I may have hit a wall on the highway and decided to blame this random person. I guess the large tire marks on the side of my car wasn't enough to convince them.

I still remember his license plate number.



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