10 Adults Share The Most Crucial Discoveries They Made About Adulthood That Nobody Tells You About.

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1/10. The most valuable currency in the world is time

Money is valuable. Time is even more valuable. Time is finite. Once you spend it, you cannot earn it back. Utilize money to help you find more time. Time with your friends, family and loved ones.

One of my family friends spent most of his life saving every single penny that he could so that he could finally live his dream life.

One day, he was involved in a car crash. He didn't survive.

Appreciate the time that you have now.

Nelson Wang

2/10. Your career success is heavily tied to the value you provide - I get people asking me to review their resumes pretty often. Anyway, one person asked me to take a look. So I did. And what I saw on his resume is something I see all the time.

A lot of people write out the responsibilities of their work in their job experience. Very few people write out the results. Sure, you might have created a new product line at the company, but why does that matter?

Always remember to show the value of your work. This is very often tied to the success of your career. I bet you want some specific examples, don't you? Okay, I'll give you one:

Example #1: Created a new mobile app for Company XYZ.

Example #2: Created a new mobile app that increased customer acquisition by 3X and increased customer satisfaction by 75% for Company XYZ.

Which one is more compelling to you? Thought so.

Nelson Wang

3/10. There is no such thing as a completely rational human. Nobody is capable of making decisions that are 100% logical and 0% emotional. It just comes with the territory of being a person. You'll save yourself a lot of stress and angst if you stop expecting people to behave like Homo Economicus and instead treat them like the emotionally-driven decision-makers that they are.

Patrick Mathieson

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4/10. Make it a practice to friend people in different generations. Your life will be richer for knowing younger people as well as older people. As you age, you will not lose everyone in your life but will have friends remaining. Find a way to minimize loss as you age. While you are young you can learn from great examples of elderly people who are living life well.

Jill Uchiyama

5/10. It is not selfish or self-centered to choose not to have children. Quite the opposite could be true and it could mean you are being more responsible in the end. Not having children can free you to do other things with the ability to give in your life in other ways.

Jill Uchiyama

6/10. The highest achievers are not necessarily the smartest people in the room. High achievement is a function of many factors, of which innate intelligence is only one component. A growth-oriented mindset, a willingness to take on challenges, and dogged determination are better indicators of success than an IQ score obtained as a child.

I've often theorized to myself that it's the illusion of IQ being a precursor to success that allows one to develop the mindset and confidence necessary to become successful during one's formative years, without realizing that it's really the psychological disposition, independent of innate intelligence, that is the main predictor of success.

Bari Bardhan

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7/10. A professional job isn't one long coffee break. My dad owned his own business and he was successful. What I saw growing up was him showing up at the office at ten. Taking a coffee break with a buddy an hour later. Working another hour. Taking a long lunch, etc. I also had a college professor who came from the professional world that made it sound like work was conducted around the water cooler in between fooling around. Boy was I shocked by 50+ hour weeks with no breaks and eating your lunch at your desk.

Stephen Martin

8/10. United we stand, divided we fall. Two of my early jobs had cut throat cultures. Employees would guard their knowledge with tighter security than the CIA. Job security they called it. At a later job an older engineer shared his vast wealth of knowledge with me. He became my mentor. Fast forward to the next company. This company had a large turnover of co-workers, so I achieved seniority. Now I could create the environment I wanted for my department. I implemented a share and teach policy. There would be no secrets. By teaching each other, we'd all be smarter. New hires eagerly participated and thrived. It was my favorite job.

Stephen Martin

9/10. Things don't just fall together nicely. Paying bills and taxes, applying for housing, these things aren't easy.

Ava Chua

10/10. A cynic's collection of "what nobody tells you about adult life":

You are not entitled to attention from other people.

You must stand up for yourself because no one else will.

Time is not the most valuable thing in your life, since you're not spending it wisely anyway.

Adult life is not professional life. You can be an adult without a job. And you can be very juvenile having a job.

Nobody really cares about you, except when they want you to care about them.

Good Samaritan is only good when they think no one else will be the Good Samaritan.

Growing older is not the same as growing old.

Life is extremely disappointing, don't look to it for fulfillment, look to yourself

Binge drinking doesn't make you cool anymore. It makes you into an alcoholic.

Truths and lies are the same thing.

People who believed in God today will doubt him tomorrow and those who doubted him today will believe in him tomorrow because believing in someone else doesn't work. Believe in yourself.

Your friends from yesterday are not going to be your friends for life.

Being adult means ignoring rules.

Being adult means evading responsibilities, responsibly.

Adult life has nothing to do with possessing things. It is about independence and freedom to think and act for yourself.

Vann Chow

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