10 Crazy Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Modern Family.

Cam [giving Lily dating advice]: Definitely compliment his outfit, laugh at his jokes...

Lily: What if they aren't funny?

Cam: Oh honey, the cute ones rarely are. God doesn't give with both hands.

1/10. Britney Spears was reportedly offered a role in the middle of Season 3, but by the time producers heard from her people, they had the rest of the season already planned.

2/10. Nolan Gould, who plays Luke Dunphy, is known to be charmingly dumb on the show. Behind the scenes, Gould has actually been a member of Mensa, an organization whose members' IQs are in the top 2 percent of the world, since he was four years old.

3/10. If you look closely, since the third season of Modern Family there has been a detectable shift away from funny and heartfelt episodes, toward funny or heartfelt episodes. One theory posits that this is due to a major falling out between the show's two creators, Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, in 2010.

4/10. According to TMZ, Brigitte was on the books of Hollywood animal acting agency Good Dog Animals, who subleased the pup to ABC for the show before season two. But the agency decided it no longer wanted to work with the cute pooch and made no bones about it as Brigitte was dumped. They then replaced her with a new dog named Beatrice, who Modern Family decided to hire to take on the role of Stella for season four of the show.

Always keep the rhythm in your feet and a little party in your shoulders." - Phil Dunphy

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5/10. In a 2010 interview with "Out" Magazine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson said that the running joke that Jay kept "forgetting" that his son, Mitchell, is gay (and Mitchell had to come out to his father repeatedly) is drawn from Ferguson's real life - he had to come out to his real father three different times over many years before his father actually believed it. When Ferguson told the show's writers this story, they found it very funny and decided to add it to Mitchell's backstory.

6/10. While still living in her native Colombia, Sofa Vergara used to watch the Spanish-dubbed version of Married with Children (1987) featuring her co-star-to-be Ed O'Neill. After she landed the role as Ed's wife Gloria on Modern Family, she was disappointed to learn that Ed spoke no Spanish.

7/10. Originally, the show description explained why the show was shot in a mockumentary style. It stated a Swedish movie director, who formerly was a foreign exchange student in Phil's home, was shooting a documentary on the American family.

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8/10. Julie Bowen was pregnant during the pilot but gave birth before filming commenced on the rest of the season.

9/10. All the actors made a pact since season 1 to always submit themselves to the awards as Supporting actor/actress, never Leading.

10. The show's creators weren't actually trying to write Modern Family when they got together to make a show. During their brainstorming sessions, they would talk about their families during their breaks, exchanging funny stories, and they realized that that was what they should make a show about. Modern Family was born!

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