12 People Reveal Behind-The-Scene Secrets From Reality Television.

Recently, a Reddit user took to the internet to ask, "People who have been on a reality TV show, what are some of the off-screen secrets we aren't supposed to know?" Lots of people wrote in answers, including those who had been on a reality TV show, people who knew people who had, and even people who worked behind the scenes themselves.

Below is a compilation of the top 12 answers.
I would like to say these are surprising because they're so ridiculous, but hey, it's reality TV.

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1. I have a friend who used to frequently see filming of Jersey Shore live because he was from Jersey. He says that they have scripts hanging above the camera and it's not really real.

2. A friend of mine tried out for American Idol and she said it always seemed like the people wait then they get their big shot in front of the TV judges. In reality it's a ton of steps, and hours of waiting, to go through loads of intermediate judges who decide if your either TV material, the insane or terrible people, or actually good enough to move on.

3. I worked for a bakery that was on, and won, CupCake Wars. The premise of the show is to surprise the bakers with a few odd ingredients and see what they're really made of. In reality, we found out the ingredients a few months before the show. Had we not known, there's no doubt we'd have lost. There are definitely people who thrive under pressure, both in performance and creativity, and they have better things to do with their time than crank out cupcakes for Food Network. Tell an unprepared contestant they have 40 minutes to make a delicious cupcake using tater tots and nine times out of ten you'll have a middle aged woman sobbing into her mixing bowl.

4. Met someone on a plane once who was on House Hunters. After she purchased her new house, the show came and taped her viewing that house. Then they took her to two other houses to make it seem like she was going to pick between the three. In reality, she had bought a house before they even taped the show.

5. I have been to Carlo's Bakery (the bakery from cake boss). While there, we learned that the "wedding" they were filming in Italy was completely faked, and they never actually got married.

6. A friend of mine was on that old MTV show Next. One guy, four girls. She was the first "date" off the bus. She's really pretty, and a super cool girl. She and the guy hit it off, and he offered her the second date. She accepted. But then, the producers asked her to get back on the bus because they didn't get a good shot of her coming out of the bus originally.

She went back on, waited for "action". When she came off the second time, the guy yelled NEXT!!

7. Haven't been on a show, but worked in TV. LIGHTING. Lighting takes forever. There are literally hours between takes. If there aren't then the lighting was setup beforehand. That means that the "stars" have to stand in a very specific location during those "impromptu" scenes. They aren't impromptu at all. I saw one episode of The Bachelor, where the couple decided to make out/have sex in the shower. It was one of those tub showers with the curtain. Well, the curtain was a translucent white with a purple tinted light behind so that the silhouettes could be seen in the act. This was the worst example of a staged scene I have ever seen in a reality show.


8. A friends dad went to a Storage Wars episode, they stage stuff in the storage lockers.

9. When I was 14 I applied to one of those home makeover shows (although in this show it was just a room). First off all the application process was crazy. You have to write in, then you have to make an individual video and then a video with your whole family. Before they finally call you to tell you, they ask if you can set up a camera or something (which totally ruins the surprise!)

Then, once chosen, you have to leave home for like a week on your own dime (luckily this coincided with my spring break so I didn't miss any school).

The entire time I was on camera, I was being told what to do. I was definitely more of an alternative kid, but they put me in this preppy little skirt and braids and told me to be super overexcited about everything. I will say though, the reveal is very authentic. I LOVED what they did.

The sad part though is that because of time and budget restraints, a lot of the amazing stuff doesn't last long. For instance, they made me this huge, beautiful custom desk, but the wood was never finished, just painted, and it started chipping off after like a year. Also my curtains (which I didn't have before) were basically stapled in place and they don't actually move.

10. My family was on the Food Network for our restaurant once. Pretty much the entire process is fake. The producers faked scenarios so that there could be more drama and suspense in the episode. Even the portrayal of one "day" was actually spaced weeks apart, having my family members come dressed in the same outfit so that it seemed it was all in the same day.

11. My Uncle played a 'Local Native American Historian' on SyFy's Ghost Mine....He didn't know shit about the Native Americans of that area and only lived around there for about 8 years. He just passed away but our family got a hoot out of seeing him bullshit through some t.v.

12. My friend was on one of those survival shows where they take contestants out to deserts and mountains. She said it was about 80% scripted. Lots of misleading editing as well. Like, they tell them what to do and when to do it. If they don't do what the producers wanted they would redo it multiple times. She said they never even dared coming close to any real danger due to the obvious reasons. I remember watching one scene and she told me it wasn't even the same day of shooting as the other parts but it was made to seem so.

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