14 Sneaky People Share The Greatest Prank They've Ever Witnessed.

Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire, and the best way to avenge a prank is with another prank.

Here are fourteen of the best pranks people have seen.

Many thanks to Reddit user LifeofaLorax for posing this question. You can check out ore answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/14. My flatmates cut out pics from porno magazines and taped them all over the passenger side of my car. The way my car was parked, I could not see any of it when I drove off to work. I was wondering why everyone was honking at me on the freeway and giving me weird looks. Finally, my manager at work calls me outside to explain why there are blowjobs on my hubcaps.


2/14. I had a friend that spent his summers on research trips in Antarctica every year for 10 or so years. One year, on a hike with colleagues, he was deep in a rocky valley having lunch when someone gasped and pointed, speechless, high above them. As they all turned and squinted up towards the peak on one side of the valley, the silhouette of a tall, but lanky looking tree became clear.

The group (8 men) went absolutely silent as they all stared. The tree was evidently alive and well, the hue around the tree indicated that it was still green. All of the men digested the sight before leaping up, dropping lunch, coffee - everything - to the ground. Of course this is the biggest breakthrough EVER. There are NO trees on Antarctica, in fact, chances are the last tree to grow on Antarctica was 240-300 million years ago. Every last one of the men (including my friend) agreed to abandon the task at hand and make it a priority to climb the peak, identify the tree, name the likely new species after one of them - or a fancy acronym of all of their names and make goddam history.

It took 4 hours to climb about 1/3 of the way up. At this point the crumbly face of the peak made it difficult and only four men proceeded with what picks and ropes they had for safe ascent. Luckily, Antarctica in the summer means constant daylight. It took near 13 hours to reach the tree. My friend was one of the four to make the final climb - he described it as one of the hardest of his life (he was a hiker but not much of a climber). He said that on the way up, two others argued (when breath allowed), the guy who spotted the tree had decided that its discovery should be attributed to him - he was passionate about his cause and pretty much turned into an angry man that the other guys didn't even recognise...

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Once they reached the tree, they realised that they had in fact made history. My friend laughed so hard he swore he wet himself a little, as he plonked down at the top of this peak, he wondered, what kind of motherf*cker brings an 8 foot plastic tree to Antarctica and what kind of motherf*cker climbs 13 hours with an 8 foot plastic tree just to plant it, a good day or twos hike from the nearest hint of civilisation. Whoever it was, he swears it was the funniest damn prank he'd ever fallen for and to this day calls respect on that pranksters dedication.


3/14. My friend and his girlfriend recently got engaged. As an engagement gift a bunch of us got together to buy a portrait for them. We bought the portrait from this guy, named Pricasso, who is famous for drawing portraits with his dick. The portrait even came with a video of him drawing it with his penis. Neither one of them has ever seen this video.

When we gave the painting to them, they were really excited, we told them that the paints had a taste to them, and that they should give it a lick, and smell it. They must have tried licking that portrait for at least five minutes before giving up.

They currently have their portrait hanging in their living room, above the fireplace.

We do not plan to give them the DVD of him painting their faces with his wang for at least a few years. So every time one of us comes over, we get a nice chuckle at the dick painting they have so proudly hung on their wall.


4/14. During my junior year in high school, the seniors decided to flip every seat in the auditorium. All the chairs were bolted into the ground by the way.

The night before a morning school meeting, the class snuck in, unscrewed every chair, turned them backwards, and screwed them back in.

When the meeting began on Tuesday morning, the entire school had to face backwards for the whole meeting.

I enjoyed that one.


5/14. I was once at a small, sit down ice cream shop in Ohio with about 15 guys. We were laughing, making a ton of noise, and generally being annoying to the waitress. To make things worse, only one person out of all 15 of us actually bought something - a single milkshake.

We naturally decided it was time to prank our slightly exasperated waitress. Someone suggested we give her the biggest tip of her life. After a bunch of laughing, everyone put in a couple bucks. Then one guy put in a $20, and it was game on. All the dudes started trying to one-up one another by putting in more money for this lady's laughably large tip...

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We ended up giving her about $170 for a $5 milkshake. When she saw it she started crying and shaking and couldn't understand what was happening.

We thanked her for her excellent service and went on our way.


6/14. When my parents first got married (this is, maybe, 1948 or so), my mother took the morning newspaper on April Fool's Day, hid it away, and gave it to my father on April Fool's Day morning the following year.

He says that's when he realized it was all over for him, he would never be safe again...

While they were still dating, during WWII, they went to a costume party and my Dad made a hat with a relay station on it. He wired the lights to a switch in his pocket and flashed out dirty jokes with the lights to his fighter pilot buddies in morse code throughout the night.

So the party would be going on, and then all the guys would burst out laughing for no apparent reason.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw in a few from the old school...


7/14. One of my friends worked at Six Flags when we were about 16/17. He operated one of the scarier rides that shoots you out of the loading bay at like 70 mph. He would always tell people "Don't forget to buckle your seat belts!" right before hitting the button and shooting them out. There were no seat belts on that ride.


8/14. This is the best prank I've participated in.

In my college dorms, rooms were organized into suites of 4 rooms (8 people) that had a private bathroom, living room, balcony, and hallway. Each suite was permanently locked from the main hallway so you needed a key or needed to knock to get it.

My and my roommate had a bunch of friends in another suite (we lived with them the previous year, but left them for a tenth floor amazing view) and one night we went to their suite to return a borrowed xbox controller. Upon leaving, we duct taped thin cardboard over the hole that the doorknob latch goes into, thus making the door closed, but unlocked.

We came back at like three in the morning when we were sure they were all asleep, and we placed on the toilet in the bathroom stall a dummy that we made. He was made of jeans, shoes, and a hoodie all bought from value village, stuffed with crumpled newspaper. His "head" was a plastic bag stuffed with newspaper. Then we locked the stall door from the inside.

The next morning, the girl that had spent the night there awkwardly waited over half an hour for the "guy" in the stall to leave, but ended up just walking down to the lobby to use the restroom.

A guy sat in the stall next to the "occupied" one and attempted to make small talk, then feeling really awkward when the "guy" wouldn't respond...

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A number of suitemates tried to figure out who's been in the bathroom so long, and when they talked about it together they realized that it had been hours. One of them finally took the risk of peering in the crack, and they had a good laugh about it and called us to talk (they knew it must have been my roommate and I).

Part two: That last prank was then used as a set up this next prank. I snuck into their suite again with the help of my roommate, this time at a normal time like five o' clock in the evening. However, I was dressed in the same shoes, jeans, and hoodie as our dummy, stuffed with some extra newspaper to make me crumply. I even had the plastic bag with newspaper over my head (with room to breath, don't worry).

I sat on a toilet for maybe 20 minutes, this time with the door unlocked, then someone noticed my shoes and looked in the stall gap. He went to get some other guys to show them that "Gabe and Ryan did it again!" When he came back with the other guys they opened the stall door and one of them reached forward to grab what they thought was the dummy. So I grabbed him back, stood up, and screamed.

And they screamed.

It was hilarious.


9/14. Put a mattress in the school pool. Soaks up so much water, it usually takes a crane to get it out.


10/14. I had a TA that told me this one.

Him and some friends had a college buddy that would get super duper drunk and pass out on top of his bunk in his dorm. His dorm was on the 6th floor.

One night after he passed out they moved ALL of his furniture into an empty, identical room on the 1st floor. They set up everything in the new room exactly the same and placed him on his bunk. They gave his body some time to sleep/sober up, so that he could appreciate what they were about to do to him.

One of his buddies woke him up in a panic yelling nonsense, getting him out of bed and getting him ready to leave. He was able to grab a shirt out of the closet and start putting his shows on. All of his belongings were exactly where he thought they were so he didn't notice the change in rooms.

Seconds later, three others barged through the door, grabbed the drunkard, and threw him out the window. He screamed for his life thinking he would fall 60 feet, only to land after 2 feet in some shrubs.

He got equally drunk the next night.


11/14. When I was deployed to Kuwait, one of my platoon mates thought it would be funny to put a rubber snake on my cot, so I had to one-up him...

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We were living in large tents made of thick, double-layered canvas, and step one of my prank involved slicing a 4 inch slit in the first layer, directly above his cot. I waited two weeks before moving forward with step 2, so he could grow accustomed to the slit.

During the two weeks, I constructed a large spider out of some rolled up socks, black duct tape and pipe cleaners. This things was huge and hideous.

One day, while my friend was out, I put the spider in the slit above his cot. It was placed above the slit, with fishing line attached to it's abdomen. I ran the line over the slit, out the side of the tent, down the length of the tent, and back in to where my cot was.

That night after lights out, my friend was watching his portable DVD player, and I decided to put the prank into motion. I pulled the line slightly, which allowed the spider to fall through the slit. Next, I lowered the spider slowly down. He lined up perfectly in the space between my friend's face, and the screen of the DVD player.

There was much screaming and jumping, and shelves falling over.


12/14. At mess-up day at school, it's generally accepted the kids trash the place (UK thing). Well our headmaster had a really crappy Mini that he always drove around (thrifty man).

A bunch of us carried the Mini from its normal parking spot and hid it further down the car park. Then someone parked in a crappy Mini he'd bought for like 500 from the car dealers literally good only for scrap (we all chipped in). We then went to town and destroyed it, so that when the headmaster walked towards his car he saw 30 rugby lads destroying it. Words cannot document his face.


13/14. When I was 16, my next door neighbour wanted me to be part of a prank on his friend from school who was always talking shit about being hard core and knowing drug dealers etc. The kid was about 14 or 15 at most.

So we set it up that I would meet this kid with his friends on a rarely used dirt track in the park. Overgrown, out of the way etc. This kid was the only one not in on it. I turned up wearing a backpack and hoodie. I was with one of his friends who had a bb-gun stuffed in his belt line and was wearing a balaclava and army-type pants so he wouldn't be recognised. The kid turned up with his friends who had an envelope stuffed with 'money' (paper)...

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He looked warey the whole time and I could tell he was further into any of this than he wanted to be. I did the meetup, handed over the backpack. They handed me the envelope. Then we planned for another neighbour to walk down the same path, dressed a cop. Our 'cop' friend starts yelling "what's going on down there... HEY! HEYY!".

The kid legs it out of there faster than anyone could have expected. We fired off some party poppers for extra effect when he was out of sight with his friends. Priceless.


14/14. Once my roommate and I spent an afternoon sewing all the sleeves closed on our other roommate's long-sleeved shirts. The sewing was done right at the end of the sleeve, so he would stick his arm through but then not be able to get his hand out. When he first discovered them, he thought that the dryer had "melted all of his sleeves together". It was awesome.



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