15 Bisexuals Reveal The Biggest Misconceptions About Being Bi.

Bisexuality, defined as being attracted to both male and female-identifying humans, is one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood sexual-orientations in existence. But in the end, is it really so hard to understand someone who has the ability to love someone for who they are, rather than their gender?

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1/15. People think I can't maintain a monogamous relationship because I'll always want to be with whatever sex I'm not currently with.

2/15. To some gay people I'm "fake" because I choose both guys and girls instead of one. To straight guys it's hot and they think I'm up for threesomes. To straight girls I'm a creep and can't be trusted.

3/15. That I'm easy...I'm a virgin who has never been kissed.

4/15. I'm not desperate. People think since I'm bi, I'll like anyone. Haha, no. I want the same as y'all do. A nice person with a nice personality.

5/15. People think I only kiss women so men will give me attention.

Did you know the word "bisexual" has been around since 1843?
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6/15. People assume that I like girls and guys the same. I don't.

7/15. They think that I have to assume just one gender role in all relationships. I can be the "man" or the "woman" in relationships and I can change back and forth depending on the relationship. Besides, no relationships require both gender roles to be filled, so eff that.

8/15. That I have no excuse to be lonely or unhappily single.

9/15. People think I have a switch that takes place where one moment I am straight then POOF! I'm gay. Nah, I might have a BF, but I'm still gonna admire that girl's ass.

10/15. People think just because I've dated a guy for so long I've stopped being attracted to girls. They keep assuming I'm straight now.

Did you know that all these people were/are bisexual? Kurt Cobain, James Dean, Ani DiFranco, Walt Whitman, Frida Kahlo, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alexander the Great, Tchaikovsky, Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson, Andy Dick, Herman Melville, Eve Ensler, Judy Garland, Georgia O'Keeffe, Marlon Brando, Cary Grant, Billie Holiday, Angelina Jolie, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Jack Kerouac, Madonna, Elton John, Amanda Palmer, Cole Porter, Anthony Rapp (Rent), Virginia Woolf, Patti Smith, and Mick Jagger.

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11/15. They assume that I'm gay but still in the closet, that I'm a cheater, and I'm lying to get attention.

12/15. People don't understand why I would "choose" to be in a gay relationship over a straight one, when I like both men and women. Why pick the hard route? They always ask. I'm sure they wouldn't give up the person they fell in love with even if it was "the hard route." For me, love isn't about being easy.

13/15. People think I'm in a "phase" because they think I can't choose.

14/15. People think I'm slutty or lying. Nope! I'm just interested in people's hearts, not their parts.

15. People think I'll bone anything that moves. I'm actually very selective. I'm just not selective about people's sex or gender. There are more important things to me than that.

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