15 Couples Share The Most Ridiculous Reason They've Ever Fought.

Harry Potter, Paul Walker, and baseball... sometimes the reason for a couple fight is so ridiculous there's nothing to do but stop and laugh. Or, you know, keep fighting. We've all been there.

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1/15. He said he hated Harry Potter. It escalated very quickly.

2/15. She had too many pictures on her phone of absolutely nothing.

3/15. Whether or not birds fart, because they don't have butt cheeks.

4/15. Their there or they're. We didn't talk for the next day.

5/15. A fight about whether or not we're having a fight.

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6/15. If Paul Walker was hot or not.

7/15. He ate all my crackers but not the cheese that came with the crackers.

8/15. He made me cry by saying he'd raise our kids as Mets fans. Don't mess with my Yankees.

9/15. The nutritional value of iceberg lettuce. I finally won...three years later.

10/15. How to fold socks correctly after doing laundry.

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11/15. We fought over the toilet paper roll. Does it go over or under? We all know it goes under.

12/15. Who was a better Jedi: Qui Gon Jinn or Obi Wan Kenobi. It got really heated.

13/15. Whether or not butter is healthier than margarine.

14/15. How Achilles was defeated. Arrow or sword to the ankle.

15. My ex-wife called the police and demanded that they force me to allow her access into my Myspace account.

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