15 Hairdressers Reveal Their Biggest Secret From The Workplace.

Your hair dresser has a lot of power. They hold sharp objects closer to your head than (hopefully) anyone else ever will. Once you sit down in that chair and put on your super cool cape, your life and looks are in their hands. They also get to hear the latest gossip from their customers. It's amazing what people will tell to a practical stranger. These hair dressers have anonymously shared their biggest on the job secrets, so read on, my friend, read on.

A big thank you to these hair dressers, who shared their stories on Whisper, a secret-sharing website for anonymous contributors worldwide.

1. I steal my clients' cut hair to make weaves for myself.

2. Every time someone closes their eyes while I'm washing their hair, I make ugly faces at them.

3. One of my clients was bragging about how she cheated on her husband, so I cut one side of her hair a little bit shorter.

4. As a hairstylist it creeps me out when you leave your eyes open while I wash your hair.

5. When someone has soft hair, I take longer just so I can feel it more.

6. Everyday I work as a hair stylist, I put on the performance of a lifetime. If I have to hear about your dry splits ends you won't cut off one more time I'm going to scream.

7. It drives me nuts when clients mess with their hair after I just finished doing it for them.

8. I hardly ever wash my hair. And I'm a hairdresser.

9. I get high anxiety when I feel like my clients aren't happy with my work.

10. I absolutely hate long hair. I always cut my clients' hair shorter than they want it.

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11. I love doing hair for a living but I don't love people. I'm emotionally exhausted at the end of the day and don't want to talk to anyone.

12. Whenever a client is on their phone I always find myself hard core creeping on whatever they're doing.

13. I wish people had more respect. I'm so sick of people talking down to me like I'm stupid because I didn't go to a university.

14. Sometimes after an entire weekend off and multiple showers, I still find other people's hairs in my belly button.

15. I absolutely hate when people ask me if they tipped me enough. What do you want me to say? "No give me more!" Your money, your hair, your choice.

16. Seriously parents, do you honestly think standing right behind me while I cut their hair is gonna make a difference? Sincerely, I want to spray you with my water bottle. Go sit down.

17. While I appreciate the business, it baffles me that people will spend $200 every 8 weeks to get their hair done.

18. If a girl is prettier than me, I'll give her a slightly subpar haircut.

19. Some days, I think I could have achieved so much more in life if I studied at school.

20. I'm a hairdresser. I like to make up stories that never happened to tell each of my clients. I always agree with whatever they say for a better tip.

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