15 Hilarious “Facepalm” Moments That Show Common Sense Isn’t So Common.

Sometimes all you can do is pause, shake your head, pinch the bridge of your nose, and laugh at the things people do. But we laugh even harder when it's US acting a fool.

Here's a list of some of the best "facepalm" moments we could find online, and check out the source at the bottom of this article for more!

1/15. I asked our "science" teacher which was faster: light or sound. She said sound because according to the bible, "In the beginning was the word" therefore, sound.

2/15. I have a wonderful Geography teacher; she is respected among other teachers and students and has a lot of experience. But sometimes, it happens for her to get really tired with those noisy and arrogant students, and she accidentally teach us... well... funny wrong data. OK, to be honest, she autocorrects herself, but this time, it went awful.

3/15. It took place in chemistry class during my junior year of high school. My teacher was going over subatomic particles. I was sitting towards the back, half listening and half being distracted by another student who was basically like the class clown.

Suddenly, my teacher asked the class, "Alright, what's the charge of an electron?"

That's when this kid turned around and yelled:

"Ten bucks!"

The class:

4/15. This is from the days of Floppy Disks! We were in our electronics department lab and were copying over our assignment questions from a 3-inch floppy.

A senior professor (Great at Electronics & circuits, but challenged by computers and technology!) who was supervising the assignments came over. He asked the class about the progress to which one of my classmates remarked that the Floppy contained a virus and so he wouldn't attempt copying from it.

The professor came over, and using a piece of paper as a glove, gingerly picked up the floppy and promptly cast it out of the window...

5/15. Girl: I'm planning to buy new Phone.

Me: Cool! Which one?

Girl: iPhone 6s.

Me: Why? Why specifically iPhone?

Girl: Logo on the back looks really nice.

Me: ...

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6/15. *Office conference room*

Colleague: I needed my screen to be displayed in both the big monitors. How do you change the projector options to do that?

Me: Press F8 to get the projector options.

Colleague: *Presses F + 8*

7/15. A girl in my class came up with an app idea. She wanted to make an app using which we can transfer our battery charge using Bluetooth. We initially thought it was a joke, then she went out to defend herself saying "if we can transfer files why not charge? If you're in an emergency and your battery almost drains out, wouldn't you feel nice if your friend could quickly transfer you 30% charge?"

8/15. This is a conversation between two of my friends

Him: I saw a play yesterday.

Her: What was it about?

Him: Conclusion of the play is "No girl is straight".

Her: That's true. Girls never say anything straightforwardly. We always hide our feelings and feel bad. So, how did they show that?

Him: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahha

He bursted into laughter and she didn't understand. Later, she narrated the whole story to me. I was like, "Why God! Why?"

It was during a class about the main elements in the core of several planets.

She said:

"Helium, being the most dense element in the entire Universe, is attracted to the core of the Earth. The Sun also attracts helium, so this is why the Earth is attracted by the Sun."

9/15. After reading a newspaper headline that sounded similar to "Another leopard spotted and trapped, this time near Tumakuru," my friend says:

"What do they mean 'another leopard spotted'? Don't they all come with spots?"

10/15. The year is 2012.

I am texting back-and-forth with a friend. We are to attend a seminar at Saffron Bay.

I ask her about how we are planning on getting there. She texts:

"LGBT. Get down at Charni Road."

I'm like 'WTF?', so I ask her to elaborate.

It turns out she had seen the words LGBT and Mumbai local used together in a sentence in a newspaper headline. She had assumed LGBT was texting lingo for...

...Let's Go By Train.

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11/15. The year is 2004.

Serena Williams is going through a bad phase. She hasn't won a single Grand Slam since Wimbledon 2003. Our Chemistry teacher is telling us how important it is to not give up and keep fighting, despite failures. Just like Serena.

A hand goes up. One of my nerdy classmates, who knows nothing about sports:

"Sir, what is a Serena?"

12/15. This happened during college placements. We had to apply online for the TCS Recruitment drive.

My friend was trying to sign up, but she kept complaining that the portal wasn't accepting her password.

She hadn't noticed the "password terms and conditions" at the top corner of the web page.

13/15. I felt bored of being bored writing the same old sh*t to our client. So I opened Quora and thought of answering some questions related to Engineering (my area of expertise).

I clicked on Answer option and found some really interesting questions on engineering, management and other stuff I follow...

I kept scrolling down:

Then some genius mind comes up with this question...


14/15. Our Institute provides free Wifi Internet connection but it's not reliable all the time. My friend is using it during lunchtime, so I enquire about it.

Me: Dude, are you getting a good connection?

Friend: Yeah, it's good.

Me: So, what is the data speed, that you are getting ?

Friend: 1000 rpm.


15. Recently there were some infamous incidents at a University in Jadavpur, West Bengal.

Me: Did you hear about Jadavpur, yesterday?

Friend: Now, who the hell is he?


Wow, my face is sore after reading those...


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