20 Interesting Things Most People Don’t Know About Scrubs. RIP.

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2/20 Sarah Chalke, who played Dr. Reid, uses the same lab coat that she wears when she plays Dr. Zinman on How I Met Your Mother. She stuffs her breast pocket with pens to cover up the Dr. Reid tag when on the HIMYM set.

3/20 Almost every episode title for the first eight seasons started with the word "My" because each episode is J.D. writing in his diary. When episodes are told from another character's perspective, the title starts with "His" or "Her" instead. The ninth season shifts from J.D. to a new group of medical students so all season nine episode and season eight webisodes are titled "Our".

4/20 The show is loosely based on creator Bill Lawrence's friend Dr. Jonathan Doris, who shared his experience of a resident of internal medicine at Brown Medical School. In the season eight finale, Doris makes a cameo appearance as the doctor who says "Adios!" to J.D.

5/20 In the show, Sacred Heart Hospital is an inner-city teaching hospital located in California, but the specific location of the show is left ambiguous. Cast and crew members frequently referred to the setting as "San DiFrangeles" - a mishmash of San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

6/20 The Worthless Peons (aka Ted's Band) are an a cappella group at Sacred Heart Hospital who cover popular hits, commercial jingles, and cartoon theme songs. The band is played by The Banks, a real-lief a cappella band led by Scrubs cast member Sam Lloyd. He brought the band to the Scrubs cast Christmas party one year and creator Bill Lawrence loved them so much he wrote them into the show. The band also sings the theme song to the webseries Scrubs: Interns.

7/20 Despite receiving 15 Teen Choice Award nominations, 3 Golden Globe nominations, 17 Emmy nominations, and a People Choice's nomination, Scrubs only won 2 Emmys: Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series in 2005 and Outstanding Sound Mixing for Comedy/Drama and Animation in 2007.

8/20 Zach Braff revealed on Twitter that he never thought eleven years later, people would still yell "Eagle" at him.

9/20 Several characters like Colonel Doctor and Dr. Beardface started as extras and were referred to by these names by the cast and crew who didn't actually know their real names. Eventually they were written into episodes with speaking roles and the nicknames stuck.

10/20 Every episode of Scrubs was scripted but actors had the choice to improvise their lines if they thought of something funnier. Some of the writers joked that Neil Flynn, who played The Janitor, never actually spoke lines written in his script. One script in season four simply wrote "(Whatever Neil says)".

11/20 The network leased and refurbished a closed hospital in San Fernando Valley, California for the show. The third floor of the hospital is used as offices for the crew and producers, and dressing rooms for the cast. Since the show operates separately from other TV shows they can make their own rules about the offices and set, including allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. Donald Faison, who played Turk, found many "poop presents" at his dressing room door, most of which were left by fellow cast member Robert Maschio.

12/20 The couple who bungee jump for Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke in the second season met for the first time on set and married soon after.

13/20 Creator Bill Lawrence wanted Scrubs to be a like a live-action Simpsons in terms of humour, cast size, and numerous celebrity guests. In one episode, J.D. comments that Grey's Anatomy is so realistic, that "it's almost like someone was watching our lives and put it on television". This joke is borrowed from a Simpsons episode where the characters think Dinosaurs is based on their lives.

14/20 The cast and crew thought the series would be cancelled at the end of the first season so a huge plot twist was set to be revealed in the season/series finale: the Janitor is actually a figment of J.D.'s imagination since he never speaks to or is addressed by any other character on the show. The writers kept the idea going into the second season, thinking the show wouldn't last that season either, until Neil Flynn asked if he could interact with someone other than Braff.

15/20 Scrubs was originally set to air on ABC, but ABC turned it down in pre-production and the show was moved to NBC. When NBC cancelled the show in 2008, ABC picked it up again for the ninth and final season.

16/20 When the janitor gets married the officiator says, "Bringing these two together in a way only the creator could." He is the creator of the show.

17/20 The reason the Rowdy/Steven episode happened was because someone got fired and hid Rowdy. They later found him, and so they had two stuffed dogs, which they also worked into the show.

18/20 In "My Screwup" Cox asks Ben "So, you still doing the whole 'kooky guy who brings his camera everywhere' thing?" to which Ben replies "Til the day I die." In the scene where JD tells Cox that his patient died, Ben isn't wearing his camera.

19/20 The X-ray sign in the opening credits was backwards for almost five seasons until Kim Briggs strolled in, said "It's been bugging me for years," and flipped it over.

20/20 When they thought the show would be cancelled, writers killed off nurse Laverne Roberts in a car crash. When it was renewed, they re-hired Aloma Wright as Laverne's twin sister Shirley. Only J.D. notices the similarities between the two nurses.



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