15 People Recall The Cringiest Things They Did In Middle School. Awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard!

Middle school ...a breeding ground for the awkward person in you.

1/15. I put my hand in a toilet at McDonalds to fish out this $20 bill and it turned out to be fake.


2/15. I randomly decided that it was cool to wear paperclips on the sides of my glasses (hooked on the arms). I wore those paperclips for months...

Christine Ricks

3/15. Everything started when I tried to impress a young woman.

I had been bragging about my ability to spit a watermelon seed with deadly accuracy, and she - perhaps in disbelief of my boasting - challenged me to hit her textbook.

Standing directly in front of me was her first mistake.

My first "shot" went wide, sailing far off to the girl's left. She said something akin to "Hah!" and took to lightheartedly berating me for over blowing the scope of my abilities. As she was speaking, I fired my second shot... and against all odds, it landed directly in her mouth.

Needless to say, we were both shocked... and in an effort to evoke some humor from the situation, I said something to the effect of "Well, hey, since we've sort of kissed already now... want to make it official?"

For the record, it's not the best idea to suggest tonsil hockey when your intended paramour is already suppressing gags.


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4/15. I had just gotten my period. Wearing the biggest, bulkiest pad there was. That thing could soak up oil spills. It was summer, I thought it would be ok to swim in Lake Michigan if I wore shorts on over my bathing suit. Hanging out with a group of classmates. Guess what came off and floated back to the group on a wave from Satan?! You guessed it. There is no nickname for this horror. People are still trying to forget it

Ellen Vrana

5/15. Working behind the bar back in the days when cigarette vending machines were a thing in the UK. Busy working away and notice this disheveled guy stumbling in, bumping off the wall and fumbling about with the machine while dropping money all over the place.

It was mid afternoon and I wasn't taking some mess staggering about, so I shouted over the bar for him to essentially f*ck off and sort his life out, and that wasn't welcome here.

Guy at the bar leaned over and whispered 'You do know he's blind right?'


6/15. When I was 13, I cut my eyebrow because it twirled funny and pointed upwards. I ended up cutting too much which resulted in a bare spot. I used a blue marker to remedy it but it just looked way too obvious. I also tried using charcoal and shoe polish.

Daniel Marco Nicanor

7/15. I straightened my hair right out of the shower every day, with a curling iron, because my good mother wouldn't buy me a real flatiron. For those who don't know, this quite literally fries your hair. Had to chop most of it off.

Juliana Ivey

8/15. During the 7th grade I was in an elective class where the students would put on a "news" show for the school. Students had to write the scripts about the school announcements, go over the weather etc.. As well as film, man the camera, work the green screen, adjust audio, etc... It was like a real news show, but for the school. It was required that everyone tried each position at least 3 times.

My favorite was the audio guy, just so I could screw around. My least favorite was being one of the actual people talking. On my turn to be on of the anchors I kept screwing up. My friends were in the room so they made me laugh and as I result I really messed up a line bad. After that I just lost it I couldn't contain the laughter, I messed up every line, eventually my teacher yelled at me to get it together. So I looked down at the table and said "for fuc*s sake hunter, get it together man." Apparently, the sensitive mic picked it up easily. Yeah, my teacher was not happy.

Hunter Gentry

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9/15. When I was 14 I qualified for the state swim meet. Swimmers don't shave their legs for months before a big meet, and then they do for sectionals. At a t-shirt making party (so many t-shirts, guys) I impulsively covered by very hairy legs in silver glitter glue and then could not remove it at all. I had chunks of hair and glitter on my legs in all of my qualifying races, and the senior I was in love with brought it up all the time as the funniest thing he had ever seen someone do before an event. Cheeks still burn.

Natalie LeRoy

10/15. While still a young teenager, I attempted to thank my future father-in-law for letting me take his daughter on a date.

What I said was "thank you for letting me have your daughter"

I almost died.

11/15. I wore t-shirts with tank tops underneath with the t-shirt tied so it sat just above my stomach and the wad of fabric tied together with a hair band was not tucked in, just left to dangle there. Sometimes I would even wear a t-shirt with a tank top OVER it. Oh god.

Alissa Be

12/15. Going to a house party aged thirteen and pretending to be sixteen, drinking water out of a vodka bottle to fit in. Getting "outted" as a thirteen year old and being told to go home.

Beth Murray

13/15. I drunkenly emailed a former professor that I saw often. I was basically asking him out. But the things I said...oh, the things I said.


14/15. My cringeworthy, what-the-hell-was-I-thinking story is that I wanted to see what it felt like to be blind...while I was riding my bike. I kept my eyes shut and rode halfway down my street before crashing into a mailbox in front of a yard full of boys playing football outside. I ended up breaking my collarbone and needing stitches.

15. When I was in the 8th Grade(1998), I was obsessed with Straight hair.

But my hair was thick and curly. The length was till my waist. There weren't many parlors in the city then. Even if there were, I would not have enough money to straighten my hair.

So I took up the task of straightening my hair, all by myself.

I would take my dad's hair gel and apply it liberally on my lengthy hair. Then I would use multiple hair clips( approx 50 of them) from the scalp to the tip of my hair.

Something like this:

What I did not realize was that, as the day progressed, my hair would start getting wavy again. People from a distance would be able to able to see my clips around my head like a halo. Even when I am playing on the ground with 50 other kids, they could identify the sparrow's nest on my head.One of my friends told this to me a month later.

Must have looked like the evil Medusa from Greek Mythology.

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