15 People Share The Boldest Thing They've Ever Done In Bed.

So you're getting frisky in the bedroom and suddenly an idea pops into your head. Should you go for it? For these people, the answer was yes.

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1/15 I wore a horse mask while we sang Christmas carols together and got it on.

2/15 We role played because we were bored. Trust me, being Fred and Daphne is weird.

3/15 My ex and I decided to try doing the deed in the woods. It was really fun, but what we didn't realize was there was a hiking trail nearby. We got caught by an unsuspecting family with two kids. We didn't stop.

4/15 I tied him up and blindfolded him for a day.

5/15 I tried to recreate my favorite porn, in a hotel room, complete with cameras (not that I gave it to anyone!). I feel sorry for whomever was in any of the neighboring rooms.

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6/15 I made a guy take my tampon out before we had sex. He did it. Wasn't even worth it.

7/15 Without even telling him I was into kittenplay, I put my tail in and clasped a collar on. He was weirded out by it at first, but now he loves it.

8/15 Myself and two of my girl friends had a foursome with my husband.

9/15 Zip ties. Really neither of us enjoyed it.

10/15 I had a threesome with my best friend and her boyfriend.

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11/15 I moved it to the back seat of the car with 2 people in one night.

12/15 We got it on with fondue and whipped cream. Yeah, it got sticky, but we tasted yummy.

13/15 I said "wait there I'll go get a condom." I didn't say I'd be back.

14/15 I watched TV during, and they didn't even seem to mind.

15/15 I asked her to list off all the things she liked about my personality in a dirty tone. We had only just met.

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