15 Starbucks Baristas Answer The Question 'What's One On The Job Secret Your Customers Don't Know?'

Starbucks Corporation, with it's 23, 768 locations worldwide, had its humble beginnings in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Since then, they've been pumping out seasonal drinks, playing their soothing music, and spelling your name wrong for over 40 years. 40 years is a lot of time to collect some pretty scrumptious behind-the-counter secrets. These Starbucks Baristas took to Whisper, an anonymous secret-sharing app, to reveal their biggest secret from the workplace.

1/15 I can confirm more guys than girls get pumpkin spice lattes.

2/15 If people are rude, I'll sprinkle salt into their coffee.

3/15 Sometimes I really do think you're cute and I want to flirt back, but you have no idea how crazy it gets behind that counter.

4/15 I usually don't charge people for extra syrup pumps or espresso unless you're rude.

5/15 One of my favorite pastimes is watching all the couples on their awkward first dates.

6/15 I'm a barista and I secretly hate it when someone orders extra caramel. It's time consuming and it hurts my wrists.

7/15 If you have an overly complicated order, I will mess it up on purpose out of spite.

8/15 If a cute guy pays with his credit card I look him up on Facebook.

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9/15 When annoying people order a "skinny" latte, I make it with whole milk.

10/15 I spent months watching videos on how to do intricate art on people's lattes, but after nobody noticed, I stopped.

11/15 I 100% judge you on what drink you get.

12/15 I love it when people tell me how to make their drink, like I don't already know.

13/15 I spell your name wrong on purpose. It makes me laugh and helps me get through the day.

14/15 I take all the leftover baked goods and distribute them to homeless people on my walk home.

15. I absolutely hate the taste of our coffee. Yeah, it's bad. I know.

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