15 Things Women Won't Ever Tell A Man. According To Women.

Thanks to the awesome women of Quora who decided to share the one thing they feel uncomfortable sharing with the opposite sex. It's about time!

1/15. How much we fart, poop, burp, sweat, shave, menstruate, masturbate and all those other types of bodily functions.

And how much we just love talking about all that stuff with other women.

Katie Birtles

2/15. If your friend is a creep. Or a misogynist.

Guys are often completely unaware of some of their coworkers/friends being a creep or indulging in sexual harassment. That's because many of these guys don't exhibit such behaviour around their guy friends. They might be totally good buddies or colleagues and that makes it difficult for their friends to accept this aspect of their behaviour.

Girls often discuss and update each others' 'creep databases', but it is not easy to tell guys. They are usually met with disbelief ("Are you sure? He's such a great guy") or ("You must be imagining things, he seems like a nice enough guy") and not taken seriously enough. Even if they do believe you, nobody understands or acknowledges how difficult it is to share that person's company at social gatherings or office functions.

So guys, if a girl tells you somebody is making her uncomfortable don't just dismiss it. At the very least be observant and draw your own conclusions. Be sensitive if she looks like she is uncomfortable in a situation.

Kamya Chandrasekhar

3/15. Girls are equally sexually active (sometimes even more) than guys. No, I will never admit that.

Charu Pathni

4/15. And the biggest secret of all? How much I weigh. Male doctors are the only men who know.
Gigi J Wolf

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5/15. We have to be so f*cking careful all the time - not to get your trousers stained while on your period/ not to display cleavage while bending to pick a pencil in front of your boss/ not to accidentally display your bra strap/ to buy 5 different kind of underwear to go with different kind of clothes/ to not forget your waxing appointment/ to carry a sanitary napkin on you/ to lunge around a box of cosmetics to look presentable/ to ensure that you will get toilets if you are going to be on the road/to manage everything and not look like you are burdened with managing all this.

Ayushi Mona

6/15. This might be a shock for some people, but women don't enjoy being underestimated.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are.

One of the nicest, most underrated things to do for a girl is: if she tells you she loves video games, sports considered masculine like football or hockey, or if she dresses however she wants, encourage her.

I'm 100% serious. Do not criticize, give her an odd look, or any of the sorts. What we don't tell you is that it's a complete turn off when we're criticized. Shocking, right?

Also, if we offer to pay, let us. I know it's not traditional, but we honestly want to be generous.

Elizabeth Chenoweth

7/15. I masturbate a lot more than you might think. I fantasize about sex with other men, a lot. I think about other men when I am having sex with my boyfriend, a lot. I don't like to talk about it (not even with my girl friends), but I do it a lot.

Dawn Rutherford Marchant


I would never tell men some of the things we do when I'm alone.

Like plucking my eyebrows, shaving my legs, waxing my lady parts, coloring my hair, wearing green goop for 'my pores.' Flossing, squeezing my faces, looking at parts of my body I know men can see, but I can't. What does he see? Does it look alright? Does it jiggle? Is

it pretty, or is it scary?

Chloe Givens

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9/15. I got a lovely haircut today. At least that is what the guy who gave me the haircut told me. But wait, my guy friend never recognized that! Then let me not tell him that. He will troll me.

Sreevani Vasudevan

10/15. No, you really can't tell if we are faking or not.

11/15. Many women need emotional or mental intimacy to get us in the mood. Tell us how much you care about us, how beautiful you find us, a favorite memory of us. Then build up the physical affection. Don't just go pawing for our genitals and expect us to be in the right frame of mind.

12/15. Whenever I have some serious stuff going on with a boy, I send a screenshot of our text conversations to my girl best friend if I want any advice from her. I may reply with whatever she told me to say.

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13/15. I'm tired of pretending I don't have body hair. I'm a mammal, I have hair on my skin.

Kanaga Anbazhagan

14/15. I would never tell a guy about my past abortion. My girl friends all know, but I just don't feel close enough to any guy to tell them.

15/15. Sometimes, in relationships, I want to be the masculine one. I want to play the traditionally "male" role. But I feel like I could never tell you, so I keep pretending...


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