16 People Admit To The Craziest Thing They Did After A Breakup.

Thanks to all the anonymous folks at Whisper who shared their story.

1. I peed in his laundry soap after eating A LOT of asparagus. It's the revenge that lasts for over 40 loads.

2. Had sex with two of his friends and stole his cat.

3. Had a friend drive me to his house, saw him kissing another woman, picked up the biggest rock in his yard, and threw it through the window. Then I drove off.

4. I pooped on his porch in the middle of the night. No lie.

5. Refused to eat anything but shredded cheese and pre-rolled cookie dough for a month.

6. I stalked my ex and found out every lie and everything he did. Then I slashed his tires and busted his windows out in his truck.

7. Faked a pregnancy.

8. I made a huge bonfire. In my driveway. Alone. Bawling. Then burned almost everything I owned.

9. Was devastated and depressed. So I spent over $1,400 on voodoo people to try and get him back. Of course, it never worked. I now realize how stupid I was and regret it.

10. Slept with 4 different guys within the next week.

11. Broke her lover's nose.

12. Cut off most of my hair because I wanted "change". Horrible idea. I regretted it immediately.

13. I found out who she left me for, found his address, and sent him a letter detailing every one of her dirtiest secrets.

14. I bought a one way ticket to Australia, packed my bags, and left. It wasn't until after I landed there that I realized I didn't actually want to come. Most expensive and irrational decision of my life.

15. I got Tinder. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

16. I put gray hair dye in her shampoo. I also knew that she had a really important meeting that day, and wouldn't have time to fix it before having to show up in front of every single one of her bosses with a full head of grey hair.

When in doubt.... be a Karen! LOL

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