16 People Reveal The Craziest Thing They've Personally Done In Public. Wow.

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1/16. I shot out a streetlight while standing directly beneath it with a potato gun, naked, in front of a small town police station.


2/16. Got drunk and proceeded to pour 2 Liters of bubble bath into a fountain in the middle of the city. Came back an hour later to see the fountain was overflowing with bubbles, and proceeded to take my clothes off and skinny dip in said fountain.


3/16. Ordering Pizza from a Plane

It was 2025 years ago. I was on a plane at the gate in New Orleans, waiting to fly to New York. We were on ground delay due to storms on the east coast. They said we could deplane, but if the pilot got clearance to leave we would be left behind. After about 4 hours I couldnt stand it I was hungry. So I picked up the in-seat phone and called directory assistance and asked to be connected to the Dominos Pizza closest to the New Orleans Airport.

I ordered a large pizza.

They asked the address and I said something like American Airlines Flight 999, Gate 6C, Seat 20C (or whatever it was). At first, the guy taking the order thought it was a joke. Then he put his manager on the phone, who was reluctant to send a delivery person to the plane. (Keep in mind this was before 911 and people who werent flying were still allowed to go directly to the gate.) I explained there would be a sizable tip involved, that the pizza would be paid for even if it couldnt be delivered (everything was on a credit card), and that the delivery person would have a great story to tell.

The pizza got delivered.

At first I noticed some commotion in the front of the plane, by the door. The flight attendant was acting confused and looking back in my direction. I knew my pizza had arrived. As the pizza guy walked towards my seat (which was towards the back of the plane) everybody turned heads to watch him go down the aisle you would have thought he was the most beautiful bride who ever walked down the aisle at a wedding. As he delivered the pizza (and got a $20 tip), I immediately had people offering me money for slices.

I didnt intend to sell any, but hey profit is profit. So I sold the first couple of slices for $5 then refused to sell another. Then someone offered me $10. So I sold a couple more. The next to the last slice went for $25, but I kept the last slice for myself. I ended up making a little money on the deal.

Chuck Rogers

4/16. I ate an oreo without twisting it in half and no milk, just f*cking bit into it like there is no tomorrow.

I did 2 years of therapy after that.


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5/16. My girlfriend fainted (passed out) at a movie theatre and I told the attendants that she had (passed away) died. It wasnt intentional, Back then, I just didnt know the difference or usage between those two sets of words.

Lights were turned on and the anxious attendants rushed to see what had happened. When she regained consciousness, I told her that I had told them she had passed away. She looked at me with that funny quizzical worried look on her face and said hey, we better get out of here and we took off with the attendants asking me if she was OK. My girlfriend just kept walking fast, a few paces ahead of me, and when we got outside the theatre she said look, look, Im not dead. With her hand she grabbed mine and said, look, look..see..Im still alive and started to hysterically laugh.


Robinson Perez

6/16. This happened to me in Bangalore, India. I was traveling in a bus and I realised that a guy was staring at me constantly.

But since this has been happening to me since i was 10 (like any girl in India) I have learnt how to tune it out. But for some reason I could not this time.

A conductor had come to collect ticket money from a new passenger and blocked my stalkers view. I told him Bhaiya aap saamne se hat jao unko main theek se dikh nahi rahi (Brother, please move aside, that guy can't see me properly). And couple of seconds later entire bus was laughing including that guy.

Anamika Priyadarshini

7/16. Having a mate's grandmother deliver about $1000 worth of LSD to my school, picking it up from the f*cking principal (it was stored in a letter she gave to the principal that was addressed to said mate), and then one of my friends taking one of the tabs of acid at school.

8/16. Went skydiving after graduating from college. I have a fear of heights. But also, right before the actual jump, I went out to the car, smoked some pot, and got insanely high. I thought it would amplify the feels, but instead, made me really giggly the whole time. I was with 3 other friends, 2 of which had no idea I took my smoke break. They were terrified, but I was just laughing the whole time.

There's also a dvd and a ton of pictures from it. For people who know me, it's incredibly obvious that I'm stoned.


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9/16. Last summer, I went on a trip with my friends to Lake Tahoe. There was a vintage car exhibition going on near the Tourist Center there. My motorphilic friends started posing for pictures with the cars there. There was one major restriction though - we were not supposed to touch the cars. This restriction (like many other restrictions we come across) slightly annoyed me. To add fuel to the fire, one of my friends (lets call her X) badly wanted to sit on a particular car.

Guess what I did? I went to that car owner and said - Gentleman, my friend is suffering from a terminal illness. Her last wish is to drive a vintage car like yours. Would you let her wish come true?

Sai Vikneshwar

10/16. With a gun at point blank range aimed at my head, acted like I didn't give a shit and called him a coward, saying: "Pull the trigger, come on, do it!"


11/16. My friend and I were riding a bike, when, suddenly, another bike came from wrong side. I lost the balance and we both fell down.

As we come into our consciousness, we realized that we all were badly injured. There was no one nearby to help, so we (the other biker as well) picked ourselves up and went to the nearest auto stand. We booked the auto and went to the fortis hospital(Private hospital). Initially, the hospital resisted but after seeing the severity of the wounds they admitted us. Later we found out the cost of operation and surgery to be 2 lakhs (approx. $3000 US) for all of us.

We all were in college and short of money. We didnt want to inform anyone in our family as well. So we said we dont have money and wanted to be discharged. Doctor resisted but we had no option. People were stopping us but we still left the place.

We went to a Government hospital and removed the bandages from our injury and pretended that we just had an accident nearby. People took us to the emergency room. We were admitted and operated free of cost.

Ramakant Baunthiyal

12/16. Gosh. Remembering this makes me feel uneasy.

We had a whole-school swimming carnival on that day - so the whole school had to come to the local pool and attendance was required. If you swim a lap, you get a point for your house color (team red, blue, yellow and green) . There were two changing rooms, one for males and the other one for females. So I went in the females, got changed and came out. Since I didnt have a bag, I put all my clothes, even my underwear into a towel, wrapped it up and craddled it into my hands. So oh my, was I suprised when I heard: You dropped something behind me. I turned around and saw this old fat man with my underwear around his ankle. Without thinking, I scooped the underwear item off his foot, hula-hooped it onto my hand above my head while saying: Thanks sir and walked casually away.


Ha Tolam

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13/16. I was driving my two small children home one evening just as the sun was going down. It was a hot day in California. I was passing by the city hall property with beautiful, tailored, green lawns. I stopped the car and asked the kids if they would like to join me running through the water sprinklers. They were really surprised and giggled in glee as we ran around the lawns getting soaked. It was a spontaneous act and a memory I love.
Janet Laird

14/16. Moved to another country for a woman.

15/16. Late 70s - Brooklyn NY, in front of a club Called L amours. A young Italian kid runs by and vaults over a barricade by the club. Seconds later a cop screams up the street and jams on his brakes, jumps out of his car and starts running towards the barricade.

Drunk and stupid me - I jump into the cop car and actually take off! The cop actually commandeered a car and chased me in it.... It's alot easier to get away from another car when you don't care about hitting things with your "getaway car" - never got caught - BUT I did spend the next six months waiting for the cops to knock on my door.

16/16. On the stroke of midnight of my 19th birthday, I was at a party drinking a beer. There was a knock at the door and next thing I knew, I ran out the back upper floor deck and jumped off to the ground below to avoid getting a minor, only to find out it wasn't the cops who knocked.

I was fine. There was like 4 ft of snow below to cushion my fall.

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