16 People Who Struggled With Depression Share Their Most Effective Coping Tactics.

That's the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it's impossible to ever see the end.

Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation

Everyone's depression manifests itself differently, meaning that the ways people experience it and deal with it are vastly different. Sometimes, though, what works for someone else can maybe, just maybe, make a difference in your life, too. Below, 16 people share the little things they do that make a difference for them.

1/16. Oh boy, First you need to recognize that some people dealing with depression need comfort and validation and others need the verbal equivalent of a slap to the face.

Some tips if YOU are dealing with depression: - Imagine that everything you say about yourself you are saying about someone else.

When dealing with panic attacks / Crying like crazy try to imagine your emotion as your friend who needs comfort.

Smile. And its fine to fake it until you make it but be sure to really have a good laugh as many times a week that you can. Its totally fine to

not to laugh everyday.

Be kind to yourself.

Remember that you probably wont get better from one day to another, its a process and sometimes you have fall backs that can last months, but just dont lose hope.

If you are trying to help someone with depression:

I know you want to help, and i know its frustrating when the depressed person says "im fine" when you can see and feel that they are not. But please remember that you cant force it out of them and that they wont know what will help either so just dont press too much.

Hugs and Comforting words can always help, but then again so can a slap and some harsh truths.

If your friend is suicidal try to get in contact with their therapist/psychatrist depending on if they have one. In an Emergency 911 or a suicide hotline can be really good too.

Never give up on them.

Im still battling depression but its a fight you CAN win.


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2/16. Exercise, a decent diet, and being kind to yourself.

It's a hard thing to deal with, you're not magically going to snap out of it, but any day you make any effort to overcome it - no matter how small - is a good day.


3/16. I try to appreciate myself in the smallest ways

Brain: Man, you're a crap writer

Me: You know, at least I'm creative enough to write

Brain: Lol no one listens to your music, you suck

Me: At least I'm doing something I love

Brain: You're not as smart as your friends

Me: Neither are you

Brain: f*ck


4/16. Meds and therapy


5/16. I tune it out by keeping busy enough to where I have no time to think about my depression.


6/16. Anti-depressants, laughter, and guts. That's my recipe.


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7/16. I have to feel useful even if it is just doing something mundane.


8/16. I keep busy. Constantly. Work. School. Crafts. Activities.

9/16. Get out and keep yourself busy. I know that can sound next to impossible. But when you're out with other people or just busy, you think about the moment you're in instead of spiralling down that cycle of negative thoughts. You'll learn that people actually do care and can like you even if you have trouble believing how they could. Keep yourself away from places that make you feel sad or trapped and seek out new things, you might find a lot of good and beautiful things in the world you didn't know were there.


10/16. By trying to distract myself with fiction/games.

Sometimes work, sometimes doesn't. It also helps to be alone and think about shit, from my experiences.

11/16. Fix your space. Get a change of scenery, could mean moving to a new place or just changing what's in your room.

Sleep and eat better. I know that only sleeping 5 hours, or always sleeping 16 hours might "work" for you, but give the good old fashioned 9 hours, 10 pm to 7 am a try. Also, stop eating shit food. Eat an apple once a day. Have blueberries after dinner.

Therapy. Talk to someone, a friend or an online resource. Hotlines and anonymous chatrooms are

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14/16. As someone who suffers with depression alongside other disorders, therapy is key to recovery. A lot of people believe that you can get rid of depression but you have to learn to live with it, which means coping mechanisms and skills.

If untreated, depression can lead to other things which are not helpful. Treat depression like a physical illness, if your sick, you go to the doctors, the same thing for your mental health.

The lack of chemicals in your brain can only be solved by...

medication, no matter what people say, therapy can only get you so far, and medication can be a great solution.

Exercise and healthy eating is amazing, treating yourself (within reason) is good. Even 15 minutes a day treating yourself, and escaping from the world. This could include: bubble-baths, a favourite movie, doing something fun with a friend.

But therapy is definitely always available. Find a therapist who works for you, if needed

Break out the big guns. Medication. I don't care how much chakra meditation and gluten-free shit you do, that can't fix inadequate serotonin levels in your brain.


12/16. I found that exercise was really great for me. I was at my worst when I refused to get out of my bed, and I started to recover as soon as I started to go for short walks whenever it was sunny. The sun is great for improving your mood, and also gives you a great source of vitamin D.

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13/16. I see my therapist once a week, see my psychiatrist once a month, and go to electroconvulsive therapy regularly.

Most people only need a therapist and psychiatrist, but my depression is apparently more treatment-resistant than most people's. Fun.


The key (at least to my recovery and many of those I know), because it opens many doors as well as giving you a safe haven to speak to someone. If you cannot afford or able to get free therapy, then there are always helplines or online forums.


15/16. Music, sushi and helping others.

16/16. Just go at it an hour at a time.


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