17 Fun and Unique Date Night Ideas For Couples in Toronto.

Winter got your love life down? Try spicing things up with one of these 17 fun, flirty and fresh date night ideas in the 6ix.

Try making a giant vat of sauerkraut!

Nothing says "I'll love you forever" like jars upon jars of fermented cabbage.

Look how happy this woman is. Don't you want to bring that same joy to your relationship?

Uhhh.... pretty sure this is getting sexual

Needless to say, even celebrities are getting into it.

And by the time you're done, the sauerkraut in the jar will represent your love for one another.

So you can start buying cute tokens of your love. Like mugs...

And T-shirts...

And bumper stickers

And maybe even matching aprons, for your next sauerkraut date night :')

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