18 Customers Reveal The Rudest Thing A Salesperson Has Ever Said To Them.

Customer service is a tough industry, from both sides of the counter. But no matter what way you look at it, these salespeople were way out of line. Sale? Not complete.

Thank you to the wonderful folks over at Whisper for anonymously sharing their sales person nightmares with us. We hope this never happens to you again!

1/18. I don't think you're the type that can afford to wear these items.

2/18. Shopping for makeup..."damn girl. You need the whole store to fix your face." I was shopping for my sister.

3/18. "You could have shaved your legs before dress shopping." I did... I just have freckles. And even if it was hair, who cares.

4/18. Ew! You don't need that lipstick you look like a pasty snowman.

5/18. The men's section is over there. I'm a girl with short hair.

6/18. While shopping for a bra (which is something I'm really self conscious about)... "Wow! You're really small!"

Did you know... 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine.

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7/18. Don't worry...I've got massive thighs too.

8/18. "What do you mean you don't want to spend that kind of money? What are you, a Dutch person?"

9/18. *Takes dress from me* "I don't want you to rip it."

10/18. Oh, I didn't know you people could afford that.

11/18. I walked into a makeup store and asked for help and she said, "you don't belong here."

12/18. That's not going to fit you. Not now. Not ever. Not in a million years.

Did you know... 75% of customers say they use social media as part of the buying process.

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13/18. "God knows you need a makeover." ...I was voted most fashionable by my class. I never went there again.

14/18. "You could try Sears..."

15/18. At GNC, one of the employees laughed in my face after I asked for weight loss supplements.

16/18. That actually looks pretty on you.

17/18. I'm sure we could cover up your moles with (says make up brand name). I like my moles, thank you very much.

18. This store is one size fits all, and unfortunately you're not...all.

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