19 Child Protective Services Workers Reveal The Horrible Truth About America’s Child Abuse Problem.

CPS workers of Reddit were asked: "What are some horror stories that you've encountered?" These are some of the best answers.

1/19 One family was selling heroin by stuffing the kid's socks with the stuff and they would meet up with their buyers on a "bathroom break" during study hall.


2/19 I worked with a family where the mother and her two children under the age of 4 were held hostage, savagely raped (at times with loaded firearms), and brutally tortured for a few months before they were able to escape. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the images of their mangled bodies from that first night I saw them in the ER, barely recognizable as humans. I think the hardest part of that whole story is that the children are in custody and flourishing, but the plan is reunification with the mother who is back with the abuser.


3/19 One day, we had a potential new kid for our daycare program. We were showing him the facility, and he noticed a few workers who were replacing a window (another kid put a chair through it tha morning). He looks at them, and asks 'what you a**f*ckers doing?'. We were ever so slightly appalled, but then again the kid has a rough home life. After the tour, we stuck him in one of the groups to see how he got along with other children. Cue a high-pitched scream and a crying kid. What happened, you ask? The little guy had crawled between a skirt-wearing woman's legs and tried to shove his finger right in her lady bits. When questioned, he stated that he 'does it with his sister all the time'.

We later learned that the whole family often watched porn together. Helloooooo foster care. And now for the shocker: That little boy was fiv years old.


4/19 Watching a 6 year old's homemade iPhone porn he made with his 4 year old cousin. While sitting in the same room as his great grandmother.


5/19 One of the worst was a case I was jointly investigating with police and the teen girl was being constantly molested by her stepfather. The girl told me that her stepdad would always tell her they were lovers in a past life and they are celestial soul mates, and told her whenever he would have sex with his wife he couldn't keep his dick hard unless he thought of her. The mother knew for years what was going on but didn't want to leave him. We confronted the mom about the stepdad and she knew the stepdad couldn't come unless he fantasizes about her daughter. When the detective told the mom she was being arrested her only response was "but I have work in the morning" She had no remorse...that will always stay with me


6/19 The father ran his own "church" out of the home but his only followers were his wife and kids. He had them convinced he was actually a prophet and whenever they doubted him or "sinned" (by singing the national anthem in school or talking to other children in school) he made them drink from the toilet after he used it or eat their own sh*t.


7/19 I was a case manager for a private non-profit treatment foster care agency. Right out of college a worker in a group home for "emotionally troubled" adolescents.

A girl of about 12 who had a hearing loss in both ears. It seems her father rammed pencils in her ears when she gave his friends a hard time when they were raping her. She had nightly night terrors. She was sure her father was coming to get her and was on guard every minute of every day. (this was at the group home) No amount of talk about her father being in prison on the other side of the state helped. She found out we were not allowed to lock the cottage doors and was inconsolable the night I worked the overnight shift. I locked the damn doors and told the higher ups, we needed to do it. She was sure her father would find her and kill her and if I tried to save her he'd kill me too--and "it would be all my fault that you died"


8/19 A 16 year old was gang raped by her boyfriend's friends (gang). She said about 10 of them. She ended up with the clap, and crabs, as well as cervical, vaginal and anal scar tissue from trauma. She ran away from foster care. Guess where she ran? Yep, to her boyfriend. When she was found she told me it was okay now because she had "already been done". No one was ever charged or even arrested.


9/19 My agency 30 years ago had a boy that was beaten and forced into child pornography. When he was rescued at 8, he had burn marks all over him, and his arms, back, and face had been sliced with a knife. His back had chain whip scars and his arm was broken so badly that it never healed right, and the nerve damage resulted in the need for it to be amputated. The boy spoke with a stutter and was paranoid. He was put in a group home, and then a foster home. He was close with his foster family's neighbors and ran away with them when they moved away. He wasn't found until he was 21, so he was legally allowed to stay with them.

We didn't work with him since he ran away, but two years ago I saw him being interviewed on TV. He was shockingly healthy looking, no stutter. I hope he found the peace and love he deserved with the family he ran away with.


10/19 The worst I've experienced was CPS taking a couple's child away because the mother smoked marijuana for her depression, never around the kids. I mean, if you keep vodka on the counter, that's fine, but smoke some weed by yourself at night, and you get your kids taken away.


11/19 One thing that broke my heart was a kid who frequently defecated on himself while at school. His parent wouldn't take him to the doctor to make sure there was no physical issue, and wouldn't be bothered to send him with extra clothes or bring him extra clothes, so he would have to spend all day in school with poop in his pants. His teachers would sit a chair outside the classroom near the door so he could still hear the lessons. He wasn't even one of my clients, because his parent wouldn't agree.


12/19 One of the worst stories we ever had was a girl who witnessed her mother's murder. Mom had fallen out of favor with a gang so they locked her in a dog house and set it on fire. She burned to death. The girl was 10 at the time.


13/19 My most interesting case involved a 12 year old girl who was a registered sex offender. She had molested her siblings and the parents called CPS to ask for help because they weren't sure how to handle it. The girl ended up being charged. I'm not sure why she wasn't given some sort of inpatient treatment program instead (this happened in another state), but she was put on the registry. Her PO called CPS in my state when she and her family moved out here. Poor kid, she wasn't allowed to swim with her siblings, couldn't go to school, couldn't go to the park, her siblings couldn't have friends over, etc.


14/19 I was working as a social worker and got called for an emergency case. I had to drive 3.5 hours south to pick up a 3 year old girl. The only information I got was be prepared for a bad case. When I got to the hospital where the child was at, I was lead to the room where the child's aunt and the child were.

The aunt had no emotions towards me. The child however, was a bit nervous but was ready to be held. I was in a bit of shock. I was not warned that the child had open oozing burns over her face, head, stomach, and legs. I was prepped by the nurses then told I would be transporting the child and aunt back up north. The entire ride I talked with the baby and sang to her. I had to make several stops to hold her and soothe her. The aunt said nothing. Right before dropping the aunt off, she asked me if she could take the baby, I told her no, she had to go to the caregivers. No other discussion, aunt walked off without saying by to baby.

I drove baby to the caregiver. Introduced them. The baby did not want to leave me. I tried to get the caregivers to give her a gift, feed her, nothing worked. Finally, I just had to leave. I left out the back door. When I looked back I heard the baby screaming and I could see her staring through the window crying. I drove away, half way home I vomited because the thought of leaving her made me ill. I felt as though I too abandoned her. Most cases don't get to me, this little girl did. I found later, the burns were from her mother "accidentally dropping a pot of boiling water on her head" for the second time.


15/19 3-year old burned when mom set his bedroom on fire and tried to kill him. [He] survived and had to have multiple surgeries for years. He also ended up with mental retardation due to oxygen deprivation during the accident.


16/19 Had to drive kids to and from visitations and such - the worst was a kid whose parent I never met because I gave the case away. A dad who had beaten a small child (around the age of 6) so severely the child had a blown pupil, fractures to the face and other such things. I did meet the child once - and she was adorable. So nice and sweet - seemingly innocent. The family where she was seemed nice as well.

Then it came time for me to arrange a visitation with the father. I gave the case to my co-worker and told him that if I saw him in person I would probably flip out and destroy him on sight.


17/19 Kid's mom had a sex dungeon in the basement. Whips/chains/handcuffs/otherwise pretty intense stuff. It was clear that guys would come into the house and pay to be humiliated.

Kid was like 12 or something. We investigated the house but since there was food in the fridge and the house wasn't a mess there was nothing we could do. It was pretty weird but at least the kid wasn't being hurt (physically).


18/19 3 day old sodomized by her father. The mother called father to warn him that the police wanted to talk to him. She said she did it because she loved him. They both went to prison. The baby died a couple days after surgery to repair a ruptured bowel and bladder. I don't usually like to discuss this stuff (I want to spare people), but sometimes you just have to tell someone.


19/19 One case (affectionately dubbed the Sh*ttingtons by me) had a family of four living in a trailer. They had no running water in the house, so they literally sh*t in the toilet until it formed a mountain. When that was filled up, they started sh*tting in the tub. Then when they filled that, they punched a hole into the bathroom floor and sh*t into that until it reached the hole. The kids would "bathe" by getting buckets of water dumped over their head from a neighbor's hose. The kids described not liking the showers because "they could feel 'it' (the sh*t) squishing between their toes."



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