19 Honeymoon Hotspot Workers Share Their Worst Encounter With Newlyweds.

Honeymoon hotspot workers were asked: "What are your best and worst stories regarding newlyweds?" These are some of the best answers.

1/19 In high school I lived in a tourist town and worked at a video store. One night a Mennonite couple came in and mentioned they were on their honeymoon. They rented Anne of Green Gables.


2/19 I went to a room to deliver chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. The guy whispers to me, "Hey, you wanna have sex with us tonight?" While the wife was just looking at me and nodding.

That was probably one of the weirdest things that's happened to me in room service and I really had no idea how to respond. Got a $5 tip though.


3/19 I live in Las Vegas, and I used to work in one of the major casinos on the strip. One night in one of our clubs during a wedding reception one of my employees let me know that he had heard multiple people in a bathroom stall. The stalls had full doors so you couldn't see feet, but you could definitely hear some debauchery going on. I called security and they ask the people to open the door. Soooo...out comes a groomsman, followed by the bride....followed by the best man....followed by the groom....all half naked. They proceed to go right back to the reception like nothing ever happened.


4/19 I'm the evening maintenance at a resort and we get a call that a room has a lightbulb out, cool something to do. So I hop on my one speed golf cart and make way to the room with lightbulb in hand. I arrive to said room and I knock on the door and announce "Maintenance!" I hear a man say "Come in!" So I grab my key card, swipe myself in, lo-and-behold the hairiest Russian dude and his smoking hot wife jump from the bed buttoning up their drawers wide eyed as deer in the headlights.

I 180, tractor beamed my eyeballs to the floor, apologized and waited outside of the door. Hairy the Russian opens the door and instead of going in to change the bulb I said "Here you go" Just handed it to him and high tailed it out of there. After long thought I came to the conclusion he had said "coming" but I misheard behind all of his chest hair. And his accent.


5/19 A couple came into my camera shop during the old days of film, and explained that they were honeymooning, and were concerned that their roll of pictures of the honeymoon just kept going for some reason. Like way past the 36 frames. When I told them there was no film in the camera, the honeymoon ended right there for the poor bastard husband whose job it was to load the camera. If looks could kill.


6/19 I worked at a goddamned Dairy Queen. Hotspot? I think not. Anyway, this couple comes up to the counter, gushing and talking about how they just got married X days ago. They were clearly looking for someone to comp their "first shared Blizzard."

What they did not realize was that I KNEW the girl involved, from a church-related thing, no less. The relationship was just distant enough so that she didn't recognize me without context. Clearly, they were dating or friends or something who decided to try to get free ice cream -- if she'd truly been engaged, I would've known. Anyway, I said in my sweetest voice, "Sure, [name of girl], and congrats!"

Her face was priceless both at the time, and later when I saw her among church people. Totally worth the money I had to eat for the Blizzard.


7/19 The honeymoon suites were always the worst. There was never a real best.

I guess the best of the worst was the room with the chocolate. The shower and jacuzzi were covered in it. Cleaning it was awful, but the chocolate butt print impossibly high up on the shower wall was pretty impressive.


8/19 I work in a high end hotel chain, and during the reception, I delivered cake, presents, champagne and robes to the bridal suite. Having my own key and not expecting anyone in the room, I let myself in to find the mother of the groom and a Groomsman having a little bit of...fun...on their own. Fair to say I walked out quite quickly.


9/19 Yea! I worked in an all inclusive resort in Jamaica a few summers. Some couple (who I later found out were on their honeymoon from the front desk guy) had bloody period sex all over the bed in their room. I mean you're married, there's no rush to do it, jeez. So me and another guy had to come in and replace bloody f*cking sheets. We even left a bunch of towels to persuade them to be a little more conscious of their dirty bloody sinful sexing! Next day? Guess what. Yep, murder scene all over again. FML. This time we blanketed the whole place in towels, I wanted to lay down plastic but they said I couldn't do that. Not even a small tarp, ugh. Anyway, long story short I got a shitty tip out of it and plenty of [complaining] from the laundry jockeys.


10/19 Ok so I work at a high end all inclusive hotel in SoCal. Honeymooners often come here and for some reason shit always seems to get really really weird (possibly because I know one of my coworkers sells mollie). So one night at like 3am we get a request for room service and they want mustard, ketchup and a bun. So to get this straight, they did not ask for a hotdog... being that we are all about customer service I go into the kitchen and get all of the items and bring it up to the room. I knock once, no answer, twice, no answer, then finally after the third knock I get an answer. I give them their mustard ketchup and bun on the platter and the f*cking dude rips off the top of it grabs the bun whips out his dick and sticks it right in it. The new wife grabs the ketchup and mustard and dumps it all over it. They both start hysterically laughing and close the door. I was at a loss of words for hours so I guess they got me pretty good...?


11/19 I worked at a resort on Vancouver Island, we also rented houses to families, this one couple on their honeymoon rented a 3 story house in the summer. They looked like a normal pair of people but shit I was wrong.

Checking the house a week later to make sure they left, the woman had stuck used tampons in the drains and smeared blood on the walls, there were holes in every door and most walls, tv was smashed. Everything went wrong.


12/19 A while back in the long long ago I work at a 4 star hotel, a couple came in for their honeymoon but they forgot to bring in protection and they didn't have any in their rooms and the public toilet on the first floor was out, so the guy asked me in an horny voice where he could procure himself some contraception, I told him I would get him some. I went to the staff bathroom got 4 for 2$ (yes we get them cheaper) and brought them to him he was so glad he gave me 100$ for tip.


13/19 I used to work at a Hilton Hotel near Disney and there was a newlywed couple that had come down from their room and said they had just gotten married and they were looking for the nearest 'topless bar'. I'm confused as to how forward they were and why they would want to spend their wedding night at a topless bar.

So I directed them down a sleazy part of town and told them there were plenty down a specific road. Later, I was so shocked I told my co-worker what had just happened and what they were looking for. He then called me an idiot and said, they probably asked for a Tapas Bar. Well, shit. That was the first time I had heard of said place and never knew they existed or were called that.


14/19 I work at a hotel restaurant. One day we hosted a wedding reception for a young couple who paid for an open bar. The party was a blast. People got wasted and had tons of fun. Around 2am the bride and groom and their closest friends finally left the restaurant to go to back to their room. Apparently they decided to all hang out in a room for while and continue the party. From what I heard, at some point the maid of honor called the bride a lesbian, and the groom socked said maid in the face! She ran, screaming to the front desk and called the police. The groom was arrested and taken to jail on his wedding night for assaulting the maid of honor!

1 year later the couple returned to the restaurant for their anniversary. They were super cool and seemed really happy.


15/19 I worked on a ship that would take people to a city with a romantic reputation in Canada. We started in the U.S. so people had to go through customs when they arrived. You aren't allowed into Canada if you have a felony (or what is a felony in Canada) on your record.

So this middle-aged newlywed couple arrives in this romantic city for their honeymoon, and apparently the wife has a minor felony from a long time ago (think 10-20 years ago) that wasn't even a felony in the U.S. I guess she thought they wouldn't care. Well they did... so she's not allowed into Canada. The husband goes on the honeymoon without her...


16/19 Throughout college I worked at hotels in a popular beach town as a valet driver/bell hop. The things I have seen and heard are hysterical/disturbing, and some even involve some celebs. I've gotten the "join us" thing countless of times but always felt weird and just politely and playfully declined.

My favorite story involves an innocent old couple. I bring up a young hot couple to their room (guy was wealthy, 30/40s, chick couldn't of been older than 25). They ask me to bring them a bucket of ice for the champagne, and I leave the door slightly open so I can return. (This was at a Relais and chateaux Inn which is very elegant and Victorian aged). As I'm going back up the stairs about 10 minutes later, I notice an old couple headed in the same direction I'm going towards but without their bellhop, who was still parking their car. (Unoccupied rooms are left with the door open so the bellhops don't have to stop and search for the key, put down the bags, open the door, ect.) And the old couple opened the door to the wrong room while the other young hot couple were having very f*cking loud sex!

I knew I was too late, the old lady had her hands up to her chest like she was about to have a heart attack. I directed them across the hall but the damage was already done. Meanwhile this other couple is butt naked. The dude is laughing hysterically and the girl is extremely embarrassed. They complete forgot I had gone to get ice and the door wasn't closed. I felt so bad for that old couple, and that was an awkward weekend having to see them repeatedly.


17/19 I had just finished teaching newlyweds how to ballroom dance. I saw the gent had a hickie on his neck so made a joke about it. Bad move. They had a fight and he stormed off leaving her crumpled in a heap on the dance floor. I tried to console her the best I could but it was f*cked. She was waaaay out of his league anyway.


18/19 I worked as a guest service agent/bellman at a nice hotel chain. One weekend during a wedding in one of our banquet rooms I was befriended by a groomsman. Chubby little guy, very nice none the less. Participated in a few staged wedding shots around the hotel and what not. After getting to know them a little bit I found the entire group of bridesmaids and groomsman were very close. The chubby little guy was particularly close to the bride. I thought nothing of it.

As their reception began later in the evening I'm paged by the front desk to visit a room that had a call for distress(these pages are normal on a wild Saturday night). I grab security and go up to the said room. The groomsman that I had befriended earlier had tried to commit suicide. He had ingested many pills and was laying in the tub half filled with water. The call for distress actually came from his mother who was living in the same city and she was the first person he called informing he was going to end it. He had apparently back out half way.

Long story short, we wheel him out to the ambulance and the bride and groom are there waiting for us in the lobby. As he is leaving with the crew he tells the bride he is sorry and didn't want to suicide on the same day they were getting married but he loved her too much to go on. They had a short exchange and then he was whisked away. The bride was FURIOUS. Apparently he handed her a letter of reasons why they were suppose to be together as well. All the mean while the groom was just completely dumbfounded. He had no clue. One of the most ridiculous and awkward things I've seen at a wedding. Oh the groomsman was fine! Made a full recovery. Not sure if they're still hanging out though.


19/19 I worked for a timeshare company as a supervisor over the phone (so I got all the escalated calls for those upset owners for whatever reason). And there was this couple that were spending their honeymoon in Aruba. They had it all planned out: they were going to take a nice walk along the beach under the moonlight and go back and just get freaky. Well, the time of year that they got married in, happened to be a very humid time, so there's a lot of bugs out. I get the call from the bride. She's irate, goes straight to the supervisor.

She called in and blamed the timeshare company for the fact that she wasn't able to get naked in front of her new husband and have sex with him so that they could convenience their first child together. All because she happened to get some mosquito bites and she was embarrassed to get naked in front of him because of those bites. And since the beach was on the resort's property, it was the hotel's fault that she couldn't get naked and get pregnant.



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