19 Little Known Facts About Royal Duchess Kate Middleton.

It's the story that has graced the pages of many-a-fairytale across the world. Meeting a Prince, falling in love BAM! You're duchess of an entire country and giving birth to the 3rd and 4th in line for the crown.

Here's 19 cool facts about Kate Middleton. Enjoy!

1/19. The mother of two was reportedly bullied in school. According to British OK! she left Downe House School in Berkshire and transferred to Marlborough College because people used to pick on her for being "too perfect."

2/19. A palace spokesman for Kensington Palace once confirmed that Middleton has a three-inch scar on her scalp and said it was from a very serious operation she had as a child. It wasn't revealed what the operation was for.

3/19. When she was younger, her nickname in school was "Squeak."

4/19. She once played Prince Charming in her school play "Cinderella." Middleton was also cast as Eliza Doolittle in the play "My Fair Lady."

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5/19. Kate Middleton is quite the athlete. Besides playing a number of sports in school, like tennis and swimming, Middleton set a high-jump record for 1.50 meters when she was at St. Andrews School in Berkshire. According to Yahoo!, no one has beat her record yet.

6/19. Before becoming a Princess, Middleton had a job as an assistant accessories buyer for the fashion brand Jigsaw.

7/19. Middleton's nickname for her husband is "Big Willie." He likes to call her "Babykins."

8/19. According to AOL, the Duchess and her sister Pippa Middleton used to have camping parties in the backyard of their family home.

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9/19. Long before she dated Prince William, the Duchess had a crush on a guy named Woody Webster. The pair used to sneak kisses behind Merlins Mound, a landmark on campus at Marlborough College.

10/19. Middleton's celebrity crush used to be Tom Cruise, AOL reports. She was supposedly so fond of the actor that her favorite movie was his 1988 film "Cocktail."

11/19. She studied art history in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, where she met William in 2001.

12/19. Kate came from a decidedly working-class stock of coal miners and builders on her mother's side. Her maternal grandmother, Dorothy Goldsmith, pushed her children to aim high and, as a result, Kate's mother became an airline hostessat the time, a considerably glamorous job. It was on this job that Carole met dispatcher Michael Middleton. The couple married soon after.

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13/19. Both the Duchess and her husband have asked that, when off-duty, their privacy should be respected, yet the media has not always gone along with the couple's wishes.

14/19. Her perceived impact on British and American fashion has been called the "Kate Middleton effect" in the media.

15/19. In 2001, Middleton became a student at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. She moved into St. Salvator's Hallthe same dormitory as Prince William of Wales. Middleton and Prince William shared several classes in their course schedule as well, and soon became friends. But while they often shared breakfast and walked to classes together, the two were not interested in each other romantically at first.

16/19. In 2002, Middleton appeared in an exclusive fashion-show fundraiser wearing a revealing dress. William was also present at the charity event, and became intrigued and interested in Kate in a new way. He attempted to engage her romantically that evening but, still in a relationship with Finch, Middleton spurned the future king's advances.

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17/19. During an interview after their engagement, Prince William joked that Kate had a poster of him on her bedroom wall when she was younger, however the future Duchess was quick to correct the guy on her wall was in fact the "Levi's guy".

18/19. When she was a young child in the mid 1980s, Kate lived in Amman, Jordan, while her parents worked in the Middle East.

19/19. One of the Duchess biggest fans is queen of pop Madonna. "She is a lovely girl with a great sense of style," the singer said in 2011.


Since becoming a royal, Kate has dedicated her time to charities close to her heart including East Anglias Childrens Hospices and Action on Addiction.

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