19 Straight And LGB People Ask Each Other The Questions They’ve Always Been Too Afraid To Ask.

There are certain taboo subjects that you just don't really bring up with people sometimes. But this is the internet... so anything goes. When Reddit user Ladyinbleu posed the question, "Straight people of Reddit, what is something you've always wanted to ask gay people but was too afraid to ask? And vice versa" on Reddit, people from all ends of the sexual orientation spectrum stepped up to the podium to ask the one question that they've never had the guts to come out and say. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

1/19. lamickay asked:

Is it annoying hitting on someone only to find out that they're straight?

GingerScruff answered:

For me I make sure they're gay before hitting on anyone. I'd rather be turned down then punched in the face.

2/19. mc2157 asked:

Lesbians who have never been with a man: What sexual act did you do that you define as "losing your virginity?"

HumblerMumbler answered:

Giving/receiving oral. It's like the sixteen-year-old pinnacle of sex, the way PIV sex is the pinnacle for straight kids, even if that's not really the pinnacle of sex later in life.

3/19. animesekaielric asked:

Gay guys, how do you find your gay partners? I find it extremely hard to pick up a girl throughout an ocean of women, but how do you manage to do it?!

ranium answered:

Beyond the random encounters that straight people also have (though, mind you, ours are much less likely to happen in the general population), we have the wonderful apps Grindr, Scruff, and Hornet. Pair this off with gay bars, typical dating sites, and the classic college LGBT clubs, and it's not too hard to find somebody to love.

4/19. Dr-Sommer asked:

My girlfriend lives with a gay couple.

Whenever something happens that lets the dudes see an above-average amount of my skin, I always wonder if I make them feel uncomfortable. Like, in a straight-guys-only scenario, I could walk to the bathroom in just my boxers, but when I'm at their place I always wonder whether it is inappropriate. Because I know how I would feel if my roommates girlfriend would walk through our flat with nothing but her panties on while my girlfriend is with me: I would really like to look, because I really like boobs, but I shouldn't because she's my roommates partner and my girlfriend could get jealous, and then I'd end up feeling rather uncomfortable.

oli-wan_kenobi answered:

These kind of situations do make me a little uncomfortable, but only because I'm worried that the straight guy is uncomfortable, thinking I'm trying to steal a peek, etc.

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5/19. demaney asked:

Bisexual person here. How can someone be attracted to only one gender? Every category of person can be amazingly beautiful and attractive! Is it a conscious "nope, that's a dude, not attracted" or does the part of your mind that says "attractive!" just not activate when looking at the gender you don't like?

bluntcity1 answered:

I'm a straight guy, sometimes I'll see just a perfect male specimen walking down the street and say to myself, "Damn. That dude is attractive as fuck." But it's not a sexual attraction, it's more of an admiration.

6/19. swampdonk4649 asked:

I've always wanted to know whether the size of a mans penis came into play outside the bedroom in a gay relationship.

I personally imagine a longterm relationship spat between two gay men going like this:

"Goddamn it Gary, this is the third time i've asked you to take the garbage out!"

"In a second babe, I just need to finish this level."

"Gary, I just want to live like two adults, and I can't do that if one of us won't take out the trash once in a while."

"Jesus! i'm just trying to relax after work! is that so hard to ask for?"

"I'm sick of cleaning up the kitchen while you sit on the couch and play video games like a lazy slob!"

Gary grabs trash

"Yeah? Well at least I got the big dick"

slams door

Bosola answered:

Gary is a jerk. I'd never make my boyfriend self-conscious about his body, and doing so would basically kill our sex life. Imagine if you lashed out at your gf by complaining her breasts weren't equally sized.

So no. Just, no.

7/19. Anonymous asked:

Realtalk: I often hear that gay men find the vagina "icky", but is it really so, compared to an anus? I'm not knocking it or anything, I'm just saying, humans have a lot of weird orifices that, once you think about it, really aren't all that dissimilar. Is the anus appealing in and of itself, or is it just a means to an end?

ranium and Nyrb answered:

For me, vaginas are like a work of fine art. I can understand why someone would find them pleasing, but they ain't my cup of lgbtea.

In regards to the anus, meh. I like dicks, though.

This is the thing, straight men don't like vaginas, they like women. Gay guys don't just like buttholes, they like the men who own them.

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8/19. PaladinSato asked:

Question for bisexual people:

If you were to enter a monogamous relationship, would you miss having sex with the other gender to the point that it might lead to the end of your relationship?

JoeRuinsEverything answered:

Bisexual male here, who had serious relationships with both genders.

Fantasies about the other gender are there when I masturbate (and watch porn), but never to the point of wanting to cheat. In a relationship the gender really doesn't matter to me, because it's more about the emotional connection to the person.

9/19. Anonymous asked:

Why do a lot of gay males "sound gay"? Like when a gay guy talks you can hear a gay accent. What's up with that?

Scrotorium answered:

It depends on the person. I sounded like that before I even thought of myself as gay. I certainly didn't link myself mentally with anyone gay - I didn't know anyone obviously gay or watch them on TV etc., so I don't know where I got it from. There are theories that some people get it subconsciously copying women, some get it from socialization (ie pick it up subconsciously from other gay people), and some deliberately put it on.

A note from the writer: If you want to read up on the study of this, instead of someone's opinion, you can out some info here, and here. Despite research on this and everyone's best guesses, results remain largely inconclusive.

10/19. Brozymandius asked:

Seriously, does poop getting in/on your dick happen often and how annoying is it?

SILKWOOD_SCRUBDOWN and fr33b33r answered:

It's definitely a mood killer, but if it happens I just go wash up real quick and then we could do something else. I don't make it a big deal because it's an occupational hazard and no one should feel bad that anal is just not going to happen tonight.

That said, it's all about knowing your body. If you're in the mood to get plowed like a fresh spring field, don't do it the day after taco night. Ask yourself, "Am I regular? What was my last BM like?"

I don't like to douche because it can really cause some damage and dry things out up in there. I prefer the finger check. It's like baking a cake: if the toothpick comes out clean, you're ready.

Gay people are not the only ones who go backdoor.

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11/19. BigReebs asked:

Lesbians... If you like women, why do you go for manly looking or dressing women?

GrassCornUniHopper answered:

They're not dressing that way to appear manly, that's just how they're the most comfortable. For instance, if a gay dude enjoys wearing pink (which is usually considered appropriate for females), he isn't necessarily trying to be feminine. Maybe he just looks good in pink. "Butch" lesbians aren't emulating men or masculinity, they're just doin' them.

We're attracted to butch women because they're still women. Regardless of hair style, clothing style, mannerisms, etc. they still identify as female and therefore a lesbian may find them attractive based on their personality and whatever other factors go into attraction. There are butches who like butches, butches who like femmes, femmes who like femmes, and femmes who like butches. Then there are all the lesbians in between those black and white labels that can be attracted to anyone else on the spectrum. That's just the lesbian spectrum, it doesn't even begin to touch on bisexual women, trans men and women (who may be straight, gay, bi, pan, etc.), bisexual men, or any other label that likes women (and then comes the issue of what makes someone a woman which is a whole other thing). Basically, at the end of the day, it's just a different strokes for different folks type thing. Some women like feminine women, and some women don't. Just like some straight men like feminine women, and some straight men don't.

12/19. FramesTowers asked:

Straight guys: when you meet a gay guy, do you think "I wonder if he's bottom or top"?

n3rd_rage answered:

That was a thought that never even occurred to me before. I assumed people just switch off.

13/19. BaronTheBear asked:

Is there a specific way you can tell a person is gay by just looking? Is the 'gaydar' a real thing?

Anonymous answered:

Not always, but yes. The thing is, living in a world in which LGBTQ people are not always accepted, a lot of people have to kind of skirt around the direct "are you ____?" question. As a gay girl, I can't just start hitting on a girl the same way a straight guy might, because who knows how she might react. It's kind of dangerous. So, you begin to pick up on these little things about people. Like, maybe gay girls are more likely to have short nails, or talk a certain way, or sit a certain way. Not always, but sometimes. Gaydar is more an act of survival than anything.

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14/19. jigjiggles asked:

Straight women: Do men have any clue what they're doing with your junk? How steep is the learning curve?

frolics_with_llamas and littlecampbell answered:

No. No they do not. Luckily for me, though, mine is good at taking instruction. Other than that, they're hopeless.

No one is born knowing how to play a piano, but people can pick up the skill pretty well.

15/19. GoodSmackUp asked:

Same sex parents: what do your kids call you, Dad/mum 1 and Dad/Mum 2 or what?

tehShane answered:

"Dad" and "daddy", or "dad" and "papa", etc.

16/19. CrazyWhirlygig asked:

Gay men: does it really annoy you when a girl meets you and gets excited, saying your her new gay BFF?

Because I feel like that's really annoying.

Fake_Alex_Trebek answered:

It's extremely annoying. Most people don't realize I am gay unless I mention something about my husband. Often when women find out I am gay, they go on and on about having a gay best friend. They talk about going shopping, getting manicures and pedicures, etc. I'm not into any of that. If they want to come over and watch football with their friend who happens to be gay, then I am cool with that.

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17/19. girl_kisser asked:

Straight/bisexual women: Do you really get off thinking about men/male bodies? Are men legitimately appealing in a purely sexual sense to you? Or are your attractions to men largely romantic/personality based?

As a gay chick I've (obviously) never been able to conceptualize men's bodies in a sexual way. But when I was younger I thought that was normal for women, and never really saw much evidence for the contrary. It still makes me doubt myself sometimes, honestly.

Anonymous answered:

Bisexual woman here. The answer is a little of both.

Personally, I -like- the long, straight lines of men's bodies. BUT, I especially love it on my boyfriend, who I am crazy about. The more I fall for him, the more attractive I find him. My love for him literally makes him--and he's already attractive as hell from the start--that much more beautiful to me. On a purely physical level, it's a complimentary shape and smell and feel to mine. I love that he feels so different from me.

What you and I feel towards women's bodies is equally true to men. It's merely a different aesthetic, I guess.

18/19. huntertony56 asked:

What does it actually feel like to suck a dick... I honestly want to try it.

OrigamiOtter answered:

It is not easily explainable, but it is definitely an amazing experience, IMO. You feel in total control, and you want nothing more than to make your partner cum. Though the gagging is not as fun, I'll tell you that.

Also for the taste: it's very specific and hard to explain. The most important thing for me is if he smokes. In my opinion, it makes cum taste horrible.

19/19. joker_number_11 asked:

LGB people: what are the stereotypes associated with you that you absolutely hate?

BigOldQueer, Tsunoba, Ant010 and GingerScruff answered:

- That we're a danger to children. This one refuses to go away. Even in my own family.

- I found out recently that apparently bisexual people are seen as unfaithful by both straight and gay people. If a bisexual person cheats on you, they did it because they are an asshole, not because they're bi.

- That I'm just doing this for attention.

- Flamboyancy. Most gay guys in my experience aren't feminine or flamboyant at all. People only notice the ones that are.

BONUS. ChuckFinley97 asked:

[All Sexualities]: Have you ever wished you had or at least could experience a different sexual orientation?

ranium answered:

OH HELL YES. Do you know how much it sucks sometimes to be gay? Biologically, straight people have 45% or so of the population to mate up with. Narrow that down based on sexual niches and actual physical and emotional attraction, and it'll go to a manageable 2% or so. It's easy to find hookups, but so much harder to find love.

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