20 Men Were Asked: 'What Have You Always Wanted To Know About Women But Were Too Afraid To Ask?'

You may think that the most difficult question for a man to ask is "Will you marry me?" You may be surprised to find that there's a realm of questions that are far, far more difficult.

Men of Reddit were asked: "Is there anything you have wanted to ask women but have been too scared/awkward to ask?" Here are some of the best answers.

1. I just watched Magic Mike and feel very inadequate. Is this how girls feel all the time about how women are portrayed in media?


2. Do your menstrual cycles really attract bears??


3. Should I tell a girl I know that there are naked pictures of her on the internet?


4. What's with all the rage over leaving the toilet seat up? Would you rather we pee on it?


5. Why do you go to the bathroom in groups?


6. Is there the female equivalent of "smelling hands after scratching balls"?


7. What do you store in your handbags? Seriously, there seems to be an item for every occasion.


8. Which common household appliance is the best sex toy?


9. Are you seriously expecting an honest reply to 'does this make me look fat?'


10. If your SO gets soft or is unable to perform sometimes, do you think about it? Does it affect you and your wish to stay/leave said person?


11. Is there ever a good time to send a dick pic or are they all as reviled as the internet makes them out to be?


12. Do you want us to fight a guy if he's getting up in your face or do we just leave it because you can take care of yourself?


13. Does size really matter?


14. Do you really find attractive guys "cute and romantic" when an ugly one doing the same thing is "creepy" or is this just a running joke ?


15. Why are a lot of women offended by the word c*nt, but others throw it out there all willy nilly?


16. How can you tell if your period is coming? Like is it just a surprise, or do you know?


17. When guys get soap in their pee hole, it burns like crazy. Just a really surprising amount of pee hole fire. Does that happen to women?


18. After thousands of years, why haven't you realized that we don't pick up on subtle hints?


19. Were you all born with perfect penmanship?


20. As an uber driver who drives late at night, when I drop off female passengers, do I wait for them to enter their home/apt building safely, or is that creepy and I should drive off immediately?


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