20 MORE Ways To Subtly Mess With People.

Last month, we published 20 Ways To Subtly Mess With People That Everyone Should Try.

Rejoice, Knowable readers! We're back with 20 more ways you can have the people in your lives scratching their heads in confusion.

A big thanks goes out to all the Reddit users who contributed their answers.

1. When I'm eating out with someone and they get up to get another drink or answer the phone, etc, I turn their plate 180 degrees.

2. I teach a college composition course and am relatively young for a college instructor. On the first day, I sit in one of the student chairs, reading a book and smiling at students as they arrive.

About five minutes into class, when students start getting restless about the lack of instructor, I just walk to the front and start teaching.

3. My Freshman year of College, one of my roomates and I would get super "drunk", meaning I'd let him get way more drunk than me until he passed out. Then I glued pennies on the ceiling and when he woke up in the morning he freaked out. I would tell him "yeah man you got like super drunk and decided it was a good idea to glue pennies to the ceiling..."

I did this for the rest of the year (fall and spring semester). By the end of the semester he had like 3 dollars in pennies on the ceiling, and he was so proud of it, he almost considered it to be a point of pride, like a 'party story'. Three weeks before school ended I told him I've been doing it all along and he was so upset. He told me his entire first year of college was a total lie.

He was really attached to his penny-gluing story.


4. When I'm walking in front of a stranger and turn a corner, I sprint for the couple of seconds when they can't see me. By the time they turn the corner, I'm 15-20 metres in front of where I should be.

5. When my neighbors leave notes in the common areas, I add exclamation marks. Always.

Just to make every note look a bit more passive-aggressive.

6. When I reply to a coworker's email, I edit the copy of their message to add misspellings, punctuation mistakes, and things like that. If it turns into a long email conversation, their original message ends up looking like it was written by a monkey.

7. Start random sentences with "Not being racist but..."even though what I say has nothing to do with race at all.
Alternatively, end random sentences with "no pun intended", even when there is no pun.

8. When people are talking to me, I very slowly open my mouth until they just start to notice, then I close it.

9. I like to play a little game called "How much shit can I hand you before you really notice." Whatever is around while we're talking, I hand it to you, you hold it for a second, we're still talking, I hand you something else, you set the first thing down. I hand you yet another thing. Pretty soon you're surrounded with salt shakers and staplers and cups and pens and eventually you stop and notice and you're all like "Whaaaat?"

10. When it's raining out I say "tickle my ass with a feather" really fast of course everyone says "what" immediately and then I slowly say "particularly nasty weather".

11. I have a lazy eye, but I can control it when I have my glasses on. Sometimes I just let it drift away in the middle of talking to people but act all casual like.

12. Use siri to plan a 3AM meeting without unlocking their phone.

13. I work in a very old building, and the basement is super creepy. Every time I'm down there (several times a day, it's where we keep our laundry) I move something just a few feet from where it was. I've only worked here since December, and people are just now starting to mention it.

14. Sometimes I wave at everyone I pass while driving. So that they spend the entire day thinking "who the hell was that??"

15. Whenever I see someone by the printer at work I open a blank document in Word and print one copy. Printer spits out one blank sheet of paper.

16. I occasionally don't move forward in line when the person in front of me moves ahead a few feet. Usually the person behind me will move forward anyway and then they feel uncomfortably close but I hold my ground. The person behind them usually moves forward too, so now they're stuck in an uncomfortably small space.

17. I tell people Ice Cube dies in films so they spend the duration of the film waiting for Ice Cube to appear.

18. Every time a website asks me to sign up for some newsletter or something, I put in my friend's email instead of my own.

19. I put my pennies randomly around the office. The older generation around me loves finding those worthless things. They haven't caught the "penny guy" yet.

20. My wife is a heavy sleeper. Every Saturday we go out for an adventure, like a trip to the beach or something like that, and we got into the habit of "no phones, no clocks" to make the day even more enjoyable. I wake up early, but she refuses to stir before 9 or 10.

So I bought a duplicate alarm clock from Walmart. On friday nights, I swap the two. I've been setting the time back by an hour. She wakes up and the time reads 9am, but it's actually like 8 or 7:30. We'll have a really enjoyable morning adventure, then come back 4 hours later for lunch, and she'll check her phone and get the correct time then. It's a lot earlier than expected, but it's like she gets an extra hour, which is a nice thing, so she hasn't questioned it.

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