20 Of The Most Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Video Games.

1/20. The release of Halo 2 was delayed because one of the developers hid a picture of his butt within the game.

2/20. Action-gamers are better learners. They excel at predicting the sequence of upcoming events and become better learners by playing fast-paced games.

3/20. A man was so infuriated about losing a knife fight in Counter Strike, that he spent 6 months tracking down his opponent, and stabbed him in real life.

4/20. A video game developer snuck a proposal into a game he worked on, but his girlfriend refused to play it for years, delaying their eventual marriage.

5/20. The mobile game "Send Me to Heaven" involves throwing your phone as high in the air as you can. The creator said he made it with the hope of destroying as many iPhones as possible, but Apple banned it from the App Store.

6/20. If you see a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb, you're supposed to stick your arm out and hold your thumb over the cloud. If the cloud is bigger than your thumb, you're in the radiation zone and should evacuate. This is what Vault Boy is doing in the Fallout series.

7/20. After 4 years of planning and 2 months of working every night from 10pm to 5am, a team of hackers at MIT turned their building into a giant, multi-colored playable tetris game.

8/20. Henry Cavill almost missed the call for the role of Superman because he was playing "World of Warcraft."

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9/20. Google Chrome's dinosaur error message is also a game. When you're angry at your internet for breaking, just press the space bar for some temporary entertainment.

10/20. A claw machine that costs 50 cents to play with prizes worth $7 each is only programmed to give the claw full strength every 20 tries.

11/20. A 10-year-old saved his great-grandmother in a speeding vehicle after she fell unconscious while driving. The boy grabbed the wheel and guided it away from traffic and into a mud-filled ditch. He credits his skills to playing Mario Kart.

12/20. The average person can accurately track 3-4 moving objects at a time. The average avid gamer can track 6-7.

13/20. In a study following the lives of 19,000 kids for 10 years, video games showed no negative effects on the children.

14/20. Despite being one of the most successful fighting games of all time, "Mortal Kombet" only had a development team of four people.

15/20. In early 2013, A father hired gamers to kill his son in video games, so that his son would get a life.

16/20. A Taiwanese man collapsed and died from playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight.

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17/20. The Playstation 2 is the best selling gaming console of all time.

18/20. EA hired people to portray Christians who accused EA of being the Anti-Christ for the video game Dante's Inferno, as a marketing scheme.

19/20. Shigeru Miyamato - maker of Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong - is not allowed to bike to work. His safety is too important to Nintendo.

20. The "Tetris Effect" is a phenomenon where a person has devoted such a large amount of time to a particular pattern-based activity (such as Tetris), that they start unconsciously thinking and dreaming about it.

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