20 Of The Weirdest Things Babysitters Have Been Caught Doing On The Job. What Am I Paying You For?!?

Hopefully, if you've chosen a babysitter, you know them to be a trustworthy person. But sometimes there's only so much you can do, and, despite your best efforts, you end up hiring a lemon.

Here are twenty of the weirdest things babysitters have been caught doing.


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1/20. She had brought her laptop and had been doing a striptease on cam.


2/20. Not my kids, but my roommates have two toddlers, one and two years old. Their friend was watching them after a night out and he passed out drunk on the couch. When they came home, the kids had let themselves out of the house and were playing in the street until a neighbor picked them up. And now, there's a childproof lock on the front door.


3/20. My ex husband.


4/20. Well when I was young I had a babysitter who was awesome at pretending and seemed really into the stories I would make up for my toys.

A few years later my father received a phone call at 3 AM. It was my babysitter claiming that "The men on CNN are trying to kill me. They are trying to kill me with the anthrax."

My dad called the cops. Apparently they found her on the ground in her house...in an adult diaper... topless... holding a phone book and crying for her "mommy". Yeah it turns out the reason she was so awesome at pretending was because she was not pretending.


5/20. I came home to find the babysitter had left. One kid was 2 and the other was 6 months old. Fortunately they were asleep, but i still couldn't believe it.


6/20. Kinda the opposite. The parents came home to me taking a picture of their refrigerator. The husband has written "I luv good horny beaver 4 fun" in magnetic letters and forgot about it...until they saw me taking a picture.


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7/20. We had a friend's daughter looking after the kids for the first time and when we got home, she had reorganized almost everything in the house. Not just a shelf or two... like everything.

After she left, my wife and I spent quite a bit of time walking around, finding other things she had been into. The kitchen was completely reordered, closets had different things in them, all of my CDs, DVDs, etc. (I was very anal about how that stuff was organized back then. What she did drove me nuts.) There wasn't a particular, obvious pattern to what she'd done either. No clear "system" that made sense to us; just random, unintuitive changes.

It was super creepy. We never called her again.


8/20. Long-time babysitter here. Once a kid's parents walked in on him licking carpet because I dared him to.

They had a good laugh and still refer to it when they see me.


9/20. When my sister and I were younger we had an absolute favorite babysitter. We would play goofy games like we'd run around the house and she would grab us and put us in like... "prison" on the kitchen table.

My mom came home one day to see my sister screaming and running around the house and me laughing my a** off standing on the kitchen table.

It was bizarre, but we had so much fun.


10/20. When I was 8 years old, my parents went out to dinner. They left me and my sister (5) with a babysitter who happened to be my friend's sister.

We were always pretty self-contained kids, so we were quietly playing with our toys and having a good time. The babysitter was only really there to make sure we didn't hurt ourselves, but apparently she wanted to be more involved. At about 9 PM, she screams for us to come into the living room.

She then tells us that she saw a man outside wearing a mask and looking through the windows and tells us to get down and be very quiet. I want to reiterate that I was 8 years old and had a 5 year old sister and we were told a criminal was outside by an authority figure. So we get down on the floor, insanely scared.

We're there for about ten minutes when we hear the handle of the door turning. My sister is silently sobbing. Our parents then walk in, asked what was going on, and then never hired that girl again.


11/20. A friend's dad lost his virginity to his babysitter after convincing her to play strip poker with him.


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12/20. She was stark naked doing her laundry because she didn't want to be rude by borrowing a robe or towel, but using our washing machine and dryer was okay, sitting butt naked all over our furniture was okay, but NO borrowing a robe or towel. TOO IMPOLITE!


13/20. I once came home to my twin sister, gleefully tying up Pat the Awesome BabySitter Dude. He was on the phone with his girlfriend and figured it would keep my sister occupied, so what was the harm?

The harm being that when there's one twin, the other one is eventually going to come back from the circus... and that twin knows where the rest of the clothesline rope is. And the yarn.

We had him eventually so wrapped up that he could hardly move. Then he got off the phone and asked us to untie him. Now why would we do that? He got a little mad, and finally gave us the ultimatum- Untie him now, or he would call my parents from the phone we foolishly tied to his hand in our 8 year old glee. He would give us to the count of three, and then they were getting a call. After about 5 minutes of haggling with us, he finally started the countdown. ...1... ...2....

And that's when my parents walked in at that very minute.


14/20. My dad came home to my older sister crying and the babysitter on the porch smoking crack. Thankfully he forgot something so he turned around on his way to work or who knows what would've happened.

Another babysitter peed on my parents carpet while she was watching a movie with my sister.


15/20. Giving the baby whiskey, definitely.


16/20. I am a 30 year-old male, but when I was in middle/high school I did a lot of baby sitting and had a few regulars. This is the last time I babysat for one of them...

I was very very very sick, but they called and asked me to babysit, I advised them I was sick but would do it if they really needed me to. They said they did, so I went over. They had three daughters, and the middle one was also sick. So I went through the normal routines, and got them to bed, but the middle one just wouldn't stay down, so I said she could watch a movie with me, as I wasn't up for anything else.

Well I flicked through the cable channels and found a kid-friendly movie, and laid down on the couch. Well, due to my illness, I promptly fell asleep. I guess in my sleep the 5 year old crawled up on me and fell asleep on top of me, and there we were until the parents came home. In the mean time the movie changed from a kid friendly one to a very adult one, and the parents came home to me on the couch, with their 5 year old on top of me, with a sex scene in a movie playing on their big screen... They didn't really listen to my explanations.

They drove me home (this was before I could drive) and never called me again...

I felt terrible, and they were a great family to babysit for. Their daughters liked me, and were easy to handle, and their house was a nice place to chill after the kids went to sleep.


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17/20. Not a parent but one time while we were in France (I was probably 9ish, my sisters were like 6 and 3) my parents went out to dinner and left us with a babysitter they had found through a local agency. I was old enough to handle myself, but they figured being in a foreign country and having such a young child they should have someone there anyways.

I don't remember anything from that experience, but from what my parents tell me they came home to find the babysitter upstairs in one of the bedrooms on her phone, my youngest sister on the floor bleeding because she had waddled into a table and fallen and hit/cut her head, and the other two of us hiding in the bathroom


18/20. My mom hired a babysitter for my sister once. I thought she was nice. One day she wasn't there anymore. My mother told me she'd been fired. I said "Aww, that's not fair! She was awesome!"

My mother explained she had been taking my sister to her house during the day, then bringing her back in the afternoon before my parents got home. I was still too young to really understand what was wrong with that picture, so I questioned why that was so bad. My mom said, "let's take a drive".

We drove about 10 minutes and ended up in a trailer park with people smoking blunts on their front steps, pregnant women everywhere and no two-consecutive teeth to be found in a single person's mouth.

"This is where she lives."



19/20. Once when I was like 13 and babysitting at my aunt's house, I preheated the oven to make the kids dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the oven was full of tupperware, a bunch of plastic bowls. Needless to say, that was a bad move on my part.


20/20. I recently watched Lord of the Rings with my seven month old niece. The argument me and her father had on him not being there for the occasion was humorous.



I've been babysitting two little boys for about five years. The worst their parents have ever come home to has been me asleep on the couch.

When you have wonderful kids, pay your babysitter well, cook your babysitter dinner, leave her chocolate in the fridge and have two computers so the kids don't have to fight over them, you're pretty much the best parents a babysitter could hope for.



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