20 People Share The Strangest Or Toughest Question They've Been Asked In An Interview.

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"What is the most bizarre/toughest/oddest question you have been asked in a job interview?"

1/20. "If I do not offer you this job, will you go out on a date with me?"

As with corporate rules at many firms, this girl who was going to be my manager could not date me if I was hired. So she made me a different proposal.
Nitin Gupta

2/20. When I was in business school, I had a first round interview with a well-known consulting company. They rented a large suite in a hotel to conduct the interviews, and my interviewer, who had a strong smell of alcohol on her breath, asked me several typical behavioral questions.

After about 15 minutes of this, she looked at my resume, noticed that I listed 'dancing' as one of my favorite activities and raised both her arms up as if in partner dancing pose. Staring straight at me with a glazed expression, she started gyrating and asked me, "Do you dance the lambada?". I was so taken aback by this that I initially couldn't respond. After a few seconds of confusion, during which she continued her solo dancing, I responded, "Errr.... no, I've never done it before". I didn't make it to the next round of interviews.

Brandon Hoe

3/20. 'How many ninja penguins live in Antarctica, assuming all antarctic penguins are ninjas?"

This was from a partner at a top consulting firm. Honestly I have no idea why the "ninja" spin was in there since it makes no difference. It definitely took the edge and anxiety out of the interview and made it seem more like a conversation.

You had to get to the answer by estimating the size of habitable regions of Antarctica, how much penguins need to eat in a year, how many fish lived in the coastal waters, what % of fish the penguins could be assumed to eat/catch, and how long the fish took to reach maturity.
Bruno Valle

4/20. I like to ask, "What are your three best qualities and your three worst qualities in one word, no explanation." (6 words in total)

They always fly through their three best but always try to add an explanation to their three worst and that's not following directions.

You try. It's a lot harder then it sounds.
Dennis Stephan

5/20. This was posed to a friend and i thought its a great question

"On a scale of 1-10, how lucky do you think your life has been thus far? At work And personally?"

He said 7 and talked about how meeting his wife had sorted of boosted the average. I don't know It was this answer that did it but he got an offer.

Prameet Kamat

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6/20. Bloomberg L.P. - three friends with different salaries need to find out their average salary without revealing individual salaries to each other. how?
Tarik Tristan Chardon

7/20. "Will you wait for another 15 minutes?"

I said no, I had been waiting for the interviewer for almost an hour and I had a plane to catch. It was his secretary who asked and she was shocked when she saw me leave. Her boss was well known for his bad temper and people didn't usually confront him. I guess he liked the idea of hiring someone who was not scared of him because he called me back and I landed the job.

Fernando Gutierrez

8/20. When I was an advertising writer, interviewing junior copywriters, I hung a prominent picture of Adolf Hitler just behind my desk, above my head, so the interviewee couldn't help but see it. We hired the one woman who had guts enough to ask why the hell was that picture there.

Philip Rosmarin

9/20. This was actually asked to one of my seniors in the college.

"We've told you we're looking for a Rock Star; if you're so good why do you need us"?

On the spot, I left and started my own company.

Christopher Telles

10/20. Interviewer: Take a very good look at the room. I will ask you to leave. Then I will call you back inside. There might or might not be a change in this room. If there is, you have to point what that change is. If there isn't, you have to say so.

Candidate: Okay sir. (Looks around intently at every single object in the room.)

Candidate goes outside. Comes back in 15 minutes later.

Interviewer: So now tell me. Has anything changed? If yes, what?

Candidate moves around the room carefully looking at every chair and table and the windows and potted plants and everything else.

Interviewer: So..?

Candidate(hesitantly): No sir.

Interviewer: Have you looked?

Candidate: Yes sir.

Interviewer: I must say you are not very observant.

Candidate(surprised): What has changed sir?

Interviewer: The time.

Tushar Agrawal

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11/20. In an interview for a summer clerk position at a massive law firm a senior partner asked me: If you could be any vegetable in the world, what would you be?
Keith Boesky

12/20. "How would you sort a terabyte of small strings . . . on a thousand-node cluster?"
Jeff Darcy

13/20. "If a star is one hour west of the meridian, how soon will it cross the meridian?"

Yes, it was intended to be a trick question. No, it didn't trick me. Yes, I got the job.
Dan Birchall

14/20. If you wanted to know if the light of a fridge actually turns off when you close the fridge, what would you do?

After about 30 seconds of a constant "uhhhhhhhh," I said I would put a light-sensitive sensor. He clearly wasn't impressed by that answer (with good reason!). Immediately after, I said I would put a camera inside and look at a real-time video feed on a screen outside the fridge. He nodded, said a couple more things, and told me the interview was finally done. We were shaking hands when it dawned on me, and I just spit it out: "Drill a hole in the top!"
Santi Arrangoiz

15/20. "If you are hired as the San Francisco Bay Area Hoyt Laboratories Sales Representative, will you never again wear a "Pant Suit" to a corporate event, or while working in your territory?"
Denise Daley

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16/20. Long, long ago, the interviewer for my first job out of college asked what kind of birth control I used. He explained that the company didn't want to waste time and money training someone if she was just going to turn around and get pregnant. I was mortified. Can you imagine someone asking that today?
Dianne Felder

17/20. One that sticks out for me was the question:

"What questions would you ask if I told you 'the popularity of baseball has declined in the last several years.'?"

We talked for about 20 minutes about politics, weather, economics, trends, local vs. national vs. global, etc ... I came up with around 75 questions.

When the interview was over he said "You already know you have the development job. I just wanted to see if you'd make a good PM. A good PM would have thought of over 150 questions."

Robert Horvick

18/20. First, I have to attribute this to the great comedian Steven Wright. In the middle of the job interview, Steven interrupts the interviewer and says:

"Let me ask you a question. If you were in a car driving at the speed of light and turned your lights on, would they do anything?"

The interviewer shrugs and says, "I don't know."

"Forget it, then. I don't want to work for you."
Patrick Driscoll

19/20. "You've made a few moves. Are you running away from something or toward something?"
Kirk Michie

20/20. I was asked 'How would you hide a dead body?', 'How would you build a spice rack for a blind person?', and 'what is your favorite episode of South Park?' all in the same interview.

Adam Newman

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