20 People Share Their Most Hilarious Blind Date Nightmares.

Blind dates require a leap of faith. Sometimes they're a resounding YES! Sometimes, that leap of faith turns out to be a plunge off a cliff. These are definitely the latter.

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1/20 We met at a Burger King. He walked in with Velcro shoes, then kept smiling over at an older woman who came in before me. Found out the woman was his mother, and she was "supervising" our date.

2/20 She introduced me to the waiter as her fiance, then was trying to plan our life.

3/20 We watched "War Horse" in theaters and cuddled. It was all very cute, until he leaned close to my neck and "neighed" like a horse.

4/20 The dude was running late and he came in his work outfit. He was a pizza mascot.

5/20 He had to take a business call in the middle of dinner. He was on for 25 minutes before I left cash at the table, upped and left.

6/10 He bragged about how huge he was, so we went to his place to have sex. He was the smallest I had ever been with. I had to stop myself from cracking up.

7/10 He said to me, "Oh, you're beautiful. You look just like my mommy." He was 28.

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8/10 She started crying about how she missed her ex. Then she got extremely drunk and disappeared into the bathroom. Turns out she was with another guy in there.

9/10 He asked me if I could take my shoes off at the restaurant table so he could see me feet.

10/20. He told me he wanted to impregnate me so we could "be a family."

11/20 He got drunk at dinner, hit on the waitress, lost his keys somewhere between the car and the restaurant (we met there), and I had to drive him to the bus stop.

12/20 We ended up crying to each other about our exes. We were still in love with them.

13/20 My date was arrested on an outstanding warrant. I was questioned by the police for an hour then went home. Total flop.

14/20 She showed up in a Halloween costume, dressed as a cowboy. It wasn't Halloween.

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15/20 He didn't have any money to pay for his dinner, then asked if he could watch me pee on a towel at his house. Great guy

16/20 She came in, saw me, asked me if I am the person she was set up with, and left after she said, "sorry I have a boyfriend."

17/20 One of my pupils dilated so much that my vision went funny. Never happened before. It started to freak her out.

18/20 He brought his ex's kid with him, but the kid wasn't his.

19/20 She spent the whole time complaining about the patriarchy and still expected me to pay. Then she went home and bragged to her friend about "tricking" me.

20. He went to the bathroom and never came back. When I went to go check on him, he was sleeping on the bench outside the restaurant.

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