20 School Dance Chaperones Reveal The Most Shocking Thing They Witnessed At A Dance.

Chaperones of middle school dances were asked: "What's the most shocking thing you've witnessed?" These are some of the best answers.

1/20 The DJ was having 8th grade girls climb up on the stage to dance with him and by dance I mean grind. I was screaming at them to get off the stage and at him for being a perv.


2/20 Once witnessed a kid trying to put his hand down a girls pants while slow dancing. I'm sorry for cock blocking you little dude, but you gotta do that behind closed doors!


3/20 Middle school teacher here. My personal favorite is always the group of boys in the corner sitting on the ground playing Yu-Gi-Oh.


4/20 Drunken mother of an 8th grade boy deciding that she needed to dance.


5/20 My little cousin had a dance party in her parents game room. Had a disco ball, pizza, drinks, a real DJ, all that jazz. I was one of the chaperones and we kept a great eye on everything. We were paying attention to who went to the bathroom, and how long. nobody was allowed out of the game room without supervision. We did not leave them unmatched not even for 1 minute.

2 months later my cousin (the little cousins mom) calls me to say that she has some parents very angry at her because their daughter is pregnant and says it happened at our party. The little boy told his mom, and also said it happened at our party. All the other kids at the party are contacted and sure enough, they all claim these kids had sex at the party.

How!?!? When!?! These are questions that will haunt me till I die. How can little kids have sex like ninjas? How!?


6/20 I looked after a year 8 dance. It was at my school (all girls school) and we invited their brother school. The girls were all flattered that the boys were asking for their numbers. Turns out the boys were told by a teacher that they would get a lollipop for every number they got. Classic 12 year olds want candy more than girls.


7/20 Orgy in the choir room.


8/20 Two kids who looked like toddlers pouring alcohol into the punch.


9/20 I just started teaching at a local middle school. One of my students had her parents volunteer to chaperone the school dance. When they got there I could tell they were a little uncomfortable, maybe because they were really dressed up, so I went over to say hi. The dad kept making eyes at me and I heard the wife make a comment about it while I ran off to yell at some kids for having their hands where I could see them.

Everyone was having a good time, with the exception of the some kid licking another kid's eyeball, when I heard a slap and turned around to see the mom run off crying while the dad just stood in the middle of the dance floor, looking overwhelmed.

A few of my students said the mom was crying to them in the girls bathroom, but the next time I saw them they were jamming on the dance floor alongside all the middle school students. It was clear they had a little something to drink in the meantime - they were getting pretty handsy and making a scene, to the point where I had to go up to them and ask them to tone it down a little.

The dad promptly grabbed the mom's ass. I tried to tell them they were being Inappropriate but no one was listening to me, as they were slurring their words and falling over the place. Then, the mom throws up all over the dad, who starts panicking and trying to take his shirt off, screaming that he's going to get sick. None of the other chaperones wanted to go near that, so I ended up having two of my students escort them out. The students said they were picked up by a pink hummer limo outside the school.

Craziest part is my student - their DAUGHTER - wasn't even there, she had been invited to a different school dance that same night.


10/20 Kid had his girlfriend in the corner, skirt hiked up, two fingers deep into her. All of his friends were acting the lookout/barriers and strategically standing in the way of all of the chaperones. I don't know if they got caught because young me was mortified at what I was seeing.


11/20 I don't care what you all say happened, you put Cupid Shuffle and that everybody clap your hands shit on and everything stopped. Everyone and their mother was sliding to the left, slide to the right, chacha real smooth.


12/20 I saw a strapless bra go flying a few weeks ago. :(


13/20 The school refused to let a student gay couple dance, and they were escorted out -- embarrassed in front of everyone. It was really bad.

Thankfully, school officials were later reprimanded by parents of both straight and gay students, and the policy was changed for good.


14/20 Grade eight student barfing up a bottle of rum on the principal's office carpet. She was less than amused.


15/20 As a teenage couple was making out, I watched the guy lean over, vomit, then go right back to macking. Fuuck that.


16/20 Girl in incredibly revealing skirt pooped on the floor.


17/20 I sub at a school near my house where they just had a middle school homecoming dance where NOT ONE boy showed up.


18/20 A little girl who looked maybe 10 years old was wearing a very small tight black skirt, and she dropped her purse. She bent over at the waist, the skirt slid more than half over her butt, she wasn't wearing any underwear, and flashed about half of the dance floor. There wasn't gasps or anything, but a lot of people noticed and some boys were pointing and laughing. At first I felt really sorry for her, and then I thought, "Well, there's nothing I can really do or say here." Then I looked around the room and realized most of these girls aren't wearing bras, and probably were not wearing much else. Later, that girl who flashed everyone was making out a boy.


19/20 An 8th grader asking a 7th grade teacher to dance because he mistook her for a student. To be fair, many of the parents visiting for conferences would mistake her for a student, too.


20/20 When I chaperoned for the first time and realized that there were three groups of 5-6 boys or girls just standing on the dance floor talking. Like, just standing there with music blaring from speakers right next to their head. I was so confused.

Then the lone dancing boy with no shame who dances horribly.




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