21 Amazing Things Most People Don’t Know About The Les Misérables Movie.

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2/21 Anne Hathaway purposefully remained quiet about her weight loss process of 25lbs for the role of Fantine in order to not glamorize the transformation. She later admitted that her methods were life threatening and that she once resorted to only eating oatmeal paste.

3/21 Director Tom Hooper encouraged the actors to improvise their movement and blocking. Valjean's first solo was filmed using a Steadicam that allowed Hugh Jackman to move as he saw fit in order to convey the heavy emotion of the scene.

4/21 Eddie Redmayne said that Tom Hooper shot the "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" number about fifteen times in a row.

5/21 Though the fourth take of "I Dreamed A Dream" was used in the final cut, Anne Hathaway insisted on filming the song for eight hours to push herself to go deeper and become more emotional with each take.

6/21 Helena Bonham Carter is a first cousin five-times-removed from French politician Achille Fould, one of Les Misrables author Victor Hugo's major rivals. Fould supported Emperor Napoleon III whom Hugo opposed.

7/21 While filming Valjean's death, Hathaway had to duck under a camera to stand beside Hugh Jackman so she came up with the idea of sliding underneath to reduce the rustling of her dress. In one particular take her foot caught and smacked into the ground, and she couldn't help but laugh her way through her lines. Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne, who were unaware of what happened, were so confused by her laughing that Seyfried whispered "What the f*ck" to Redmayne as they hugged.

8/21 When Anne Hathaway accepted her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress she began her speech with "It came true!" This a reference to her character's main song "I Dreamed A Dream".

9/21 Usually the soundtrack for a movie musical is recorded months in advance, and then the actors mime to the playback during filming. Almost every song in Les Misrables was recorded live on set to capture the spontaneity of the performance and allow nuanced emotion in each take. The actors were thrilled with the opportunity to concentrate on their acting, rather than focusing on lip-syncing properly. They were fed the sound of a live piano being played on set through ear pieces to keep their singing in key, which also meant that they could set their own tempo and pace. Orchestral musical to match each actor's chosen tempo and rhythm were added later. Unfortunately, due to the amount of water, commotion, and noise in the song "Look Down", it had to be pre-recorded.

10/21 Les Misrables is the first musical in ten years to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, after Chicago in 2002.

11/21 For a stunt involving Fantine's corpse being thrown from a window in a waiting cart, Hathaway insisted on performing the stunt herself. Director Tom Hooper had already hired a stunt woman and was hesitant about Hathaway performing the stunt alone. Hathaway convinced him and studio executives in the end by saying, "Don't make me say it... guys, I'm Catwoman".

12/21 Amanda Seyfried had previously played the role of Cosette before, but the younger version. She played Young Cosette when she was 7-years-old for a concert production

13/21 The first and only time director Tom Hooper saw the cast singing together was for the 85th Academy Award ceremony.

14/21 It was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won three: Best Sound Mixing, Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway, and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. This was the second adaptation of Les Misrables to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Pictures after the 1935 drama film. Les Misrables was also deemed to be on the Top 10 Films of 2012 by the American Film Institute.

15/21 Anne Hathaway and her mother, actress Kate McCauley, both played Fantine in Les Misrables: Anne in the film version, Kate in the first U.S. stage tour.

16/21 During the song "Master of the House" the Thenardiers steal someone's bag and replace it with a basket with a baby inside. The baby is actually Gavroche, the Thenardiers' abandoned child. This is usually not made as explicit in the stage version as it is in the book so Tom Hooper included the exchange to see if any audience members picked up on who the baby actually was.

17/21 Due to the physical demands of the shot none of the cast were allowed to consume alcohol. Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried both admitted it was a hard challenge to remain sober so Crowe bought Seyfried a bottle of whiskey as a present after filming wrapped.

18/21 Eddie Redmayne auditioned for the movie using a self-tape shot on his iPhone. He recorded himself singing in his trailer during a break from filming Hick.

19/21 Fantine's haircut happened live on set. Anne Hathaway's hairdresser was put in a dress to make him look like a woman and cut her hair as she sang for one of the takes.

20/21 After months of auditioning Samanda Barks was cast as Eponine, a role she had previously played in the West End and the 25th anniversary concert. While performing in Oliver! producer Cameron Mackintosh came onstage and announced during bows that she had landed the role. She later described the announcement as the "Most incredible moment of [her] life!!!!".

21/21 Hugh Jackman lost considerable weight, went 36 hours without water, and grew a scraggly beard to give himself the gaunt appearance of the prisoner. These were the first scenes shot in the production so Jackman would have time to shave and regain weight before shooting his scenes of Valjean as a wealthy, healthy man.


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