24 People Share The Most F*cked Up Games Of Truth Or Dare They've Ever Played.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the most f*cked up game of truth or dare you've ever had?" These are some of the best answers.

1/24 We were young, semi-naked, and gathered in a shed. Brianna was dared to remove her underwear. She insisted that she couldn't do it if her brother watched. He turned around, she dropped her drawers, and everyone was happy... until he turned back around before her turn was up. She freaked out, started screaming at him, and then began choking. A bee had flown into her mouth, and as we watched in ignorant horror, it stung her in the back of the throat.

Yes, she was allergic. She even had an emergency locket that held pills she was supposed to take if she was stung. Unfortunately, she couldn't swallow them at that point. Her brother ran to get help, dick wildly flapping in the breeze. Adults appeared. Explanations were vague. Punishment was equally vague, but harsh.

Thus ended truth or dare for about a year.


2/24 This girl was dared to kiss me or lick the toilet. She licked the toilet.


3/24 It was truth or dare at a girl friends house back in HS. And she has a reeeeaally nice house...

Me, two guy friends, and two girl friends. It eventually led to daring the girls to go into the shower naked, which could fit quite a few people for a shower actually. One girl dared the one guy to get naked, the other girl dares the other guy to get naked, and I'm sitting there with my boxers on, no one bothered to dare me anything after that, they were having a foursome in the shower. I was sitting in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom in my boxers.

That hurt.


4/24 Truth or Dare? Truth! Who was your first f*ck?

. . . it was her dad and that's how we all learned why he was in prison.


5/24 Disclaimer: This was pre-internet. Learning about and seeing the female form was elusive for some us.

Me and my friend were dared to strip and jerk each other off in exchange for seeing a girls boobs. We were 13. She was 15. I regret nothing


6/24 Some guy chose dare and was told to 'go f*ck himself'

He dropped trou and sucked his own dick. Props on flexibility man, but I'm still kinda grossed out to this day...


7/24 I was dared to kiss my best friend (we're both males). He slobbered all over my face and tried to slip me the tongue. I pulled back and cried out, asking him what the hell he's doing while wiping his saliva off my face. He claimed that's how he thought you were supposed to kiss.

He was a kissless virgin. This was in high school. I was his first kiss.


8/24 Getting a bit buzzed I asked one of the standard questions. "Have you ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex?" After some doubting he answered with "When I was 4 my cousin raped me." And that was the end of that night.


9/24 Somewhere around 13 or so, I dare a friend (girl) to fart on my other friend (guy). She actually seemed excited. He seemed nervous, and closed his eyes as he laid down onto the bed. So she squats over his face and let's go of one I didn't think she'd have in her. I see his eyes go wide and he knocks her off of him and runs towards the bathroom - by this point I'm laughing hysterically and she's slightly embarrassed.

My dad walks out of the kitchen with his friends, asks what the hell happened as he's puking in the toilet. I told him; now she's incredibly embarrassed. From the bathroom we hear "oh god I can still smell poo corn.... BRELAAAA" (he had an odd vomitting sound). She left shortly after.


10/24 I was first up, and they dared me to leave and go home.


11/24 Was at a friend's house for another friend's birthday. Drinks were had by all, and we were all in the jacuzzi, next to the heated pool. Slightly more guys than girls, but it didn't really matter. Made it a rule that women had to be topless, and if you wanted to be naked, it was optional.

Truth or Dare was the game of the night. It eventually went from that, to "Who haven't you made out with yet?", and back to Truth or Dare. My turn came up and I chose dare. I heard these exact words... "I dare you to jump into the pool...naked"

It's the middle of January, and you want me to jump into this heated pool? Challenge Accepted! Didn't really help that I had an erection from the previous girl getting dared to give me a lap dance, but I took my shorts off, went over to the edge, and did a textbook belly flop into the water...

Someone forgot to tell me that it takes a while for the heated pool to actually heat up. In fact, they didn't even bother with it. Never have I experienced a boner go flaccid so quick in my lifetime. There were laughs and a few hi-fives when I emerged.


12/24 This one isn't so crazy as others, just stupid teenager shit. Kid was dared to go into the bedroom where the parents were sleeping, and start doing push-ups. If asked what he was doing he would simply state, "I'm doing this because I love my green nipples."


13/24 Ok I never wanted to tell anyone this but I guess I will.

Played truth or dare one time, and it was my turn so I choose dare. They dared me to knock on my neighbors door and run, but my neighbor saw me running away. My neighbor told my mom and I cried....


14/24 We (3 guys and 3 girls) were all in the hot tub at this chick's house playing 'Truth or Dare', and I get dared to go mash my dick/balls up against her parents' bedroom window. Granted, it's like 1am, and the whole house is completely dark, so I thought it would be no big deal.

Get out of the hot tub, run over to the window, drop my suit, and smash my junk up against the window for a few moments. Then, in the reflective light of the pool, I catch a glimpse of her parents sitting right inside the window, watching us from inside. They didn't even blink, just just watched me. It was f*cking terrifying. TERRIFYING. Like, I saw them for a split f*cking second as the light passed over the glass, just inches away from my mashed up dick on the other side of the window. Something from a horror movie. I gasped and ran back to the hot tub, got back in, and just sat there in complete silence.

A couple minutes later, her dad comes outside laughing, hands me a beer, and then reminisces with all of us for a minute about the crazy shit he did when he was a kid. I've never felt a shock like I did when I saw their faces. It still haunts me sometimes, but it all turned out better than expected.

...I was 25.


15/24 Played truth or dare with some friends at a party. I got dared to kiss all of the girls there and none wanted to. F*ck me.


16/24 My friend and her boyfriend were chilling with me in my jacuzzi. My friend and I were really stoned I must add. It ended up with him daring us to go skinny dipping. If that wasn't bad enough, we ended up going butt naked onto the trampoline and jumping around in all our glory as he sat and watched in the jacuzzi. Definitely have a weird relationship with those two.


17/24 For senior ditch day, my friends and I got 40-50 friends to party in a cabin. Someone was dared to run around the house naked, and he declined. I said "I'm willing" and the whole room chants my name and I instantly remove all my clothes and sprint through the cabin. Everyone's cheering, laughing, or yelling as this happens. 10/10 would do again


18/24 A childhood friend of mine and I used to play truth or dare all the time when we would hang out. Usually under a blanket in his basement. I was always to shy to say truth (truth be told, we were around 12 and I thought masturbating was super weird and that no one could find out I had done it). So anytits, I always chose dare, and there was a huge phase where his dares were always to make out with him (FYI I'm also a guy). So after several games, truth or dare basically meant it was time for us to make out under a blanket in his basement. Turns out he came out as gay later into high school.


19/24 What started as a game of truth or dare turned into an orgy that then turned into a naked fistfight.


20/24 I was in 7th grade and this was one of those weird middle school parties. In order to spare some details, I ran around my friends house shirtless with a tampon up my nose singing the national anthem.

Adolescence was weird.


21/24 I was dared to close my eyes while someone kissed me. It turned out to be my best friends little brother.

The worst part is that his friend tried to lie and say it was him who kissed me. The problem was that his friend had facial hair. That's how I knew it wasn't him.


22/24 The most f*cked up of all truth or dares happened at a sleepover at a friends house when we were 12 or 13. There were 4 of us, all guys, two I later found out were gay, and after a number of alcoholic beverages, suddenly it's suggested we play truth or dare. I went with it. It started out innocently enough, but soon we were sprinting naked down the street, jumping fences, and taking challenge dips in the neighbor's pool, because their daughter was hot, and she might see us nude!

That's nothing. Next, the fan. Dude got dared to put his dick in a moving fan blade with the guard removed. Yeah. That made the most horrible noise ever, like a skin flapping version of a table saw.

Next is the nightmare fuel. My friend who was hosting the sleepover, had his stuffed childhood dog on a shelf nearby, and someone pointed out the stuffed dog had rips all over it, including one in the precious childhood toy's butt. They dared him to f*ck it. I remember how quickly the mood shifted. My friend looked sick, and angry, but he felt he had to do it, as we taunted him and called him a pussy. Next thing you know, he puts his dick in his childhood stuffed friend, and starts f*cking it, and suddenly, this frozen scream of a realization comes over his face, and he starts projectile vomiting all over himself, his cock, the stuffed dog, and all over us. It was straight out of the f*cking exorcist.


23/24 Truth or dare? Dare. I dare you to sprint around the block naked. Ok. comes speeding around the corner trips up Entire front of his body has road rash.


24/24 Buddy's having a party and invites me. Drinks were had and were all sufficiently buzzed. Buddy's turn passes and he spins the bottle. Lands on a girl who's pretty and chesty. He dares her to let me have a shot from her cleavage. She agrees and pours a shot and then buries it in her cleavage. So I'm face deep in her tits, literally struggling to grab this shot glass. I finally get it and try to get it out, it catches her shirt and spills all over her chest. I pull back and I'm apologizing. She looks at me and says "Nuh uh, you gotta finish the shot." I clean her up and look over at my buddy who nods to me.

He is literally the best wingman ever




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