25 Divers And Water Lovers Share The Creepiest Thing That Happened To Them While Underwater.

Being in the open water can be calming and refreshing, but it can also make for some pretty terrifying experiences. Here, 25 divers and water lovers share the creepiest thing that happened to them while underwater.

1/25. I was diving with some friends and found a fisherman's glove with a human hand still inside of it... We brought the glove to the local police and they told us that they hadn't received any kind of report of a guy with a missing hand.


2/25. I went snorkelling in Coron, Philippines on the shallow waters just enjoying the reefs. When I went back on the boat I felt something heavy inside my shorts. I thought it was just water caught up in there and shaked my shorts and a coral reef snake came out.


3/25. While water skiing in the lake one time (Louisiana) when I flew off I landed like pretty much on top of an alligator. I kinda felt my leg hit him and we were like eye to eye when I gasped for air. Then he went under. The moments after that were the most terrifying moments of my life because I was so certain Id feel him bite my foot any second and drag me under. I started screaming and couldn't stop until the boat was back to me.

You don't realize how long 2-3 minutes is until you're alone in the open water.

Never again for me.


4/25. I was like 8-9 and snorkelling in Hawaii. I turned around in only a couple feet of water and a turtle rammed me full speed in the face. Scared the hell out of me and broke my goggles. Dunno what the heck it was doing.


5/25. During my high school years, I had just taken a deep breath and gone down to a reef about thirty or so below. My friend was still on the boat above and we were the only ones on the reef. I got down to the bottom and noticed a thin upright pole. Upon closer inspection it was indeed a normal fishing pole, but old and rotten under the water for so long.

Right as I was going to grab the pole, it was pulled from my hands, just shooting up and away, as if being reeled in by the other side. (continued)

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It was gone within a matter of seconds, so I started my resurface expecting to see another boat responsible. No boats, nothing in sight, but of course just my friend and his boat. I never bothered telling him, because he would have never believed me anyway. The only explanation I might have is that the pole was still attached to a fish or something, although I doubt it. Still gives me goose bumps thinking about it.


6/25. I was diving a spear fishing spot about 30 miles off shore. I was 60 feet under water. There I was swimming along when I noticed them a school of Mahi Mahi. There were about 30 maybe 40 of them. These fish where all between 2 and 5 feet long. They were so beautiful with their sides flashing all different colors.

That's when I felt the tug on my leg. I looked down at my legs to see a 12 tiger shark pulling on my dive fin and taking me along for the ride. In a second he had ripped the fin off my foot. The shark then swam away but kept circling just at visual range. I think he was still curious about how I tasted. I kept an eye on him the whole time I was swimming back to the boat. Scariest moment I have ever had in the water.


7/25. I was knee boarding one time in a lake not too far outside of my home town. The water is very murky and dark. Well the front end of the board dipped downward into the water but I kept holding onto the rope. I shot probably a good twenty feet deep in a matter of a couple of seconds, and when I let go I completely lost my place in space. It was pitch black and I couldn't tell if I was right side up or upside down. Being that lost in space is truly terrifying. Started buying more buoyant life jackets from that point forward.


8/25. I was surfing off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Sitting there waiting for waves when this big dark shape slithered underneath me and my board. I quickly went to a kneeling position on my board.

Moments later, the friendliest face poked up out of the water in front of me. A big curious Seal. Curse you, seal....you scared the bejeezus out of me that day.


9/25. Waded up to my neck in a man-made lake, stepped on something that really didn't feel right. Went back to shore, told my teacher that something squishy and hard was under the water. She dismissed me. I went to a lifeguard and said the same thing. He sprinted out into the water, pulled up a body.


10/25. I was snorkelling in the Caribbean and I got separated from the rest of the group. We had be sticking close to the shore to look at the small fish and things. Touristy stuff. I stayed behind to look at a small school of fish and when I looked up they were all way ahead of me.

To catch up, I took a shortcut across deep water. I was swimming along for a while, not seeing any fish or anything, when I just saw a murky outline in the distance. (continued)

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You know, when you're looking at something underwater from a distance and its just a shape? Like that. But it was huge. Easily bigger than me. Just slowly swimming parallel with me.

I didn't take the time to investigate it closer and just swam to shore as fast as I could. Still gives me chills when I think about it.


11/25. Was down by the beach, was around thirteen. My brothers and I went down there to play a lot around then. There's a seagull, they're pretty common around there, flies down to the water to grab a tasty fish. Well, it must have misjudged the size, because whatever it was, it grabbed the seagull and dragged it underwater.


12/25. I swam out into the middle of a lake in northern Wisconsin on a warm summer day. I was floating on my back, just relaxing. After a bit, I started thinking about how deep the water was, and then about a horror movie I had recently seen that featured a giant monster bursting up through the water in a lake not unlike the one that i was floating in.

I started to feel kind of nervous.

Suddenly, I heard the most god-awful roar as if the lake was exploding beneath me. Terrified, I bolted up to tread water only to see the trailing smoke from a SAC fighter jet that was practicing flying under radar.


13/25. Scuba diver here: Once I was going along a common route between 2 underwater way points when I found a small shiny object on the sand. I recognized it as part of the assembly which fits on top of the air tank and connects to the breathing regulator. Now this is something you can't breathe without, so it creeped the heck out of me to think about the story of how such a crucial item ended up there.


14/25. On one of my night dives at the Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary in either 2005 or 2006, had my first encounter with a Beaded Sea Cucumber. I thought I stepped out of the real world and into a science fiction/fantasy world seeing this long worm with tentacles surrounding it's mouth like a cross between a snake and an octopus. Very scary initially, now I look for them because they are pretty cool.


15/25. Grew up diving, as my family owned a dive shop. I've dived all over the globe, but the thing that creeped me out most happened on my local lake. I was about ten, and had taken our ski boat from the dock to a secluded cove to look for an abandoned cemetery (the lake was created by TVA in the 30's and displaced an entire town, leaving several places like this lost in the trees with no access).

When I got onto the shore, I found a blanket with all the edges tied together to make a bundle. (continued)

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I didn't open it, but did some exploratory poking. There was obviously a cinder block in there, and the rest was just squishy. After a particularly vigorous poke, blood started seeping through the blanket. I hauled my little ass back to the boat and never looked back. Decades later, I still think about that and wonder what was in there.


16/25. I was diving in Bermuda, 85 feet down, coming out of the wheelhouse of an old fishing boat. I felt something start tapping my hand, turn my head with thoughts of all kinds of horrible terrifying sea creatures reaching out to grab my hand and see a tiny little fish flinging itself into my hand and waving it's fins at me as if to say, "Get out of my house! Go on, scram!"

That was when I discovered you could laugh through a regulator.


17/25. One summer at my cousin's lake house, my cousins and I were out swimming and at one point my sister started screaming bloody murder. All the adults jumped into the lake to drag her out.

Turns out she had just had seaweed wrap around her leg. What our parents hadn't told us was that a man had drowned in the lake and his body hadn't been recovered yet. He washed up on our shore the next day.


18/25. I also remember exercising lobsters and I looked under a shelf and there were about 5 sharks hanging out under there. Granted, they were nurse sharks, but it was startling.


19/25. When I was younger, I used to dive and snorkel a lot in the Florida Keys. On one trip, I think I was snorkelling, I was swimming and everything was great, until I spotted a group of big barracudas.

So, I've run into small sharks and eels while diving, and I'm generally fearless, but I stopped in terror when I saw the barracudas. One in particular was closest to me, while the rest of the group was a little further. He turned a bit and made eye contact with me. They have been known to attack divers, so I swam away slowly. Luckily, they didn't come towards me. I don't think there was a real chance that they would have attacked me, but it was the most worried for my safety that I'd ever been while diving. I think what was the scariest to me was that the sharks and eels had basically ignored me, but the barracuda looked at me, seemed to think about me, and then decided, "Nah, you can go." Whew.


20/25. I was diving off the coast of Fiji and we went through a natural tunnel (like a 10 meter cave/passage through a rock formation). So we start swimming through the cave and suddenly the light was weird, like the blue tint from the water has been replaced by a red one. Now all divers will know that this isn't only weird because the color changed but also because red is the first color to disappear after a certain depth (usually between 30ft -10m- and 40ft -13m-), and we were over 70ft (23m) deep. Also bare in mind this was late morning on a sunny day.

So imagine this scene: me and my dive buddy are going through an underwater cave and suddenly everything, for no apparent reason, is tinted red, a color that you are literally supposed to be unable to see while diving at that depth during the day.

Upon exiting the cave, everything was back to blue. I thought it was just me so I didn't signal to go back up. After the dive my buddy asked me if I'd seen the water tint red too. We can't explain it and the folks from the local dive shop had no idea what we were talking about.


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21/25. Down in La Jolla California, they have caves along the coast that you can swim through, if the tides are right. This particular day the water level was high enough that you could swim through this one cave that was pretty narrow. Well, it's my turn to swim and when I'm half way through a set wave comes in and clears the cave while I'm still in it. I was smashed against the side of the cave, bloodied up the back of my shoulder pretty good.

But we're thinking, well shoot, we just got in the water. We were planning on swimming out to a buoy and then back to shore. So I just say screw it, let's do it, exposed wound in an area known for Great White sightings, no big deal, gotta get a work out in!

Well we get to the buoy and I just have the biggest sense of dread. We're probably a good 15 minute swim from shore and I start thinking about this wound on my arm just leaking shark bait into this giant vast ocean full of stuff that probably wants to eat me. Sure enough, I'm looking down and I see something swimming towards me, it's dark. I'm like what the heck and I started swimming away from it, and I turn around to and I see two more of the same things coming at me from different directions. My face goes completely white, I'm expected to get grabbed and pulled under and never seen again. Nothing happens.

My friends can see the look on my face and they're asking me what happened. We all decide to swim in together. My friends were all better swimmers than me, but on that day I beat them all back to the shore easily. I'm practically kissing the sand when I finally made it to the shore and this old man comes up to me and says:

"You shouldn't be swimming with that cut on your arm, you're attracting sharks!"


22/25. Scuba diving down a ledge - dim, a bit murky. All of the sudden, a doll's head lodged on the ledge face made me scream into my regulator.


23/25. I was snorkelling in the Andaman Ocean off the reefs around Ko Surin when I came within a few meters of an adult shark.

I'll be honest with you - I about crapped myself. I know shark attacks are rare logically, but all that went out the window the moment I saw that thing come check me out. I could hear my heart beat in my ears it was beating so fast, and then I was scared to death the shark could hear that, and that I was just making myself dead meat. And then my husband reacted by trying to take a picture of it, and laughing at me freaking out. I swam as fast as I could back to the boat. Never has two minutes seemed so long.

I looked up the species of shark I saw later - it was a Blacktip Reef Shark. These sharks are responsible for 0% of the attacks on human beings worldwide, and are essentially the puppies of the sea.

Yay me.


24/25. I was snorkelling on a blue hole in the Bahamas and this one didn't go straight down but kind of at an angle. It was 6 ft high by 20 feet wide so more like a crack.

I am an avid water dog and can free dive 60 feet if I have flippers on, but this cave being sideways got dark FAST. Thing was, there were a ton of angel fish about 25 feet in, so I kept going back down further and further. The last time I went in, I was down far enough I couldn't see more than 10 feet to the sides, so the edges were in complete darkness.

All of a sudden I see a huge mass wiggle out and barely come into view. This was longer than me and probably 4 times as massive. I felt my heart seize up in terror and I got the heck out of there.

On reaching the surface and recalling what I saw, I determined it to be a Goliath Grouper, which, despite its size is a mostly harmless fish. Or maybe I am lying to myself and I saw a sea monster. Either way, I've never been more scared in my life.


25/25. I learned to scuba dive in False Bay while on vacation in Cape Town a few years ago. Not even a week later, a man was eaten (not just bit!) by a "dinosaur sized" great white in the same area we were diving. I'm sure this sounds dramatic but I haven't dived since and probably never will. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.



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