25 People Were Asked: 'What's Something Your Parents Refuse To Admit They’re Wrong About?'

We grow up believing that everything our parents say is true, but then somewhere along the way we may learn that something that turns that parental knowledge upside down. Who are you supposed to believe?

People on Reddit were asked: "What's something your parents always believed in that was completely false?" These are some of the best answers.

1/25 My father always laments the invention of gas engines, saying how much better life would be if we had stuck with steam engines since "we would just have to fill our cars up with water!" Sorry, Dad. I know you mean well, but steam engines don't work like that.


2/25 My mother believes that women who enjoy sex have baby girls and women who don't enjoy the sex have boys.


3/25 That with determination and persistence, you can walk into a hospital or law firm and get a job as a professional in those practises without any prior related education or experience.


4/25 Sleeping with a fan on will kill me.


5/25 My dad insists it's pronounced "Steinfeld", despite the obvious lack of the letter 't'absolutely f*cking anywhere in Jerry's name.

That's obviously not correct.


6/25 That people open bags of chips in the store, poison them, and then reseal them. No one does that, mother.


7/25 My mom was convinced that Tiger Woods was Oprah's son.


8/25 In the 80's my mother and father heard of a game for the Atari 2600 called "Dungeons & Dragons" and it was possessing children who played it.

They heard that you would become locked in a trance, staring at the screen and you would have a death grip on the controller and no one else could separate your hand from it.

And the power plug for the Atari would be magically bound to the plug in on the wall and no one could unplug it.

My parents are so stupid.


9/25 My mom legitimately thought that Albert Einstein invented math.


10/25 My mom thought every house we lived in was f*cking haunted. One day, I realized, "Oh, she's just an insane person."

When I was seven, I experienced sleep paralysis, and it was the most terrifying event of my life at the point. I was comforted by my mother with this explanation. "That's just the ghost of your step-father's uncle visiting you at night. He killed himself in your room."


11/25 Tampons are not to be used by "girls" because they will make you a "woman". Subsequently, no man will ever marry a non-virgin.


12/25 That you can pause your online game.


13/25 Anyone who does anything that involves putting something in their mouth (smoking, chewing gum), do so because they were not breastfed as a child and need to make up for a childhood of not having something in your mouth. Every cigarette smoker and gum chewer in the world was never breastfed. She was absolutely perplexed the day I came home chewing gum. "Spit that out. You were breastfed!"


14/25 My mother wouldn't let us drink water right after we took any liquid medicines - she thought it would dilute them.


15/25 My parents believe that maggots are spontaneously generated. They refuse to believe that they're just fly babies. They think that with enough scum and icky-ness, a load of maggots will spontaneously appear.


16/25 "This smelly horrible tasting soup is good for you although I don't have any credible information to back this up" My fellow Asians will understand.


17/25 My dad would and still does use a "light year" as a measure of time. For example, "We've been waiting on you for a light year. Hurry up!"


18/25 That the average stranger is not only going to steal my stuff, but kidnap and murder me. I understand being protective, but I can't even go biking through my own neighborhood.


19/25 My mother freaks OUT when we pass a truck. She thinks the car can be sucked under the 18 wheelers trailer. My father is awesome and always acts like it's pulling the car in, then he saves the day. My mom still thinks that it is possible.


20/25 My dad thought you would get AIDS from your poop splash back.


21/25 They had a bet going since I was young that I would come out as gay. I'm straight.


22/25 That blood is blue until it contacts air.


23/25 My mom made a paste out of baking soda and a little bit of water and thought it would cure my sore throat. She would put it on her finger and rub my tonsils with it until I sometimes puked. She also thought that minced onion in your stuffy nose will clear it all up... You just have to endure the intense burning for a few moments.


24/25 My dad wouldn't let me play the NES after a shower for fear of electrocution.


25/25 That the computer is broken again because I used it one time last year.



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