25 Shocking Reasons Why Actors Were Written Off TV Shows. Wow.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's a reason an actor or actress has been written out of a tv show that I probably did not know about?" These are some of the best reasons.

2/25 Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher left That 70's Show because they were tired of the long running show and wanted to move on to other projects. That's why Eric went to college and Kelso got a job in Chicago. Topher got a role in Spider-Man 3.


3/25 They told us Steve left to go to college. He really left because the actor was going bald. (He also had some musical interests he wanted to explore, but the actor said, "Mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid's TV show, and it was happening fast.") I missed Steve so much. Blue's Clues wasn't the same after that.


4/25 Tommy Chong left That 70's Show because he went to jail for 9 months for selling bongs. In jail he was cell mates with Jordan Belfort (as portrayed by Leo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street), and Chong was one of the major influences convincing Jordan to write his book.

Tommy Chong would later reprise his role as Leo on That 70's Show after getting out of jail.


5/25 The Office: He wasn't killed off, but when Ryan went to "Thailand" he actually was taking time off to film Inglorious Basterds.


6/25 Cuddy was written out of the last season of House because her salary couldn't be agreed upon.


7/25 William Hartnell left Doctor Who because he had arteriosclerosis and his health was declining to the point where he couldn't keep up with a TV acting schedule. The producers came up with the idea that the Doctor could regenerate into a new body, because the show was doing well and they wanted to keep it going. Hartnell was apparently the one who suggested Patrick Troughton should take over the role. So ultimately Hartnell's illness inspired the premise gimmick that would make the show (and its hero) effectively immortal.


8/25 On Seinfeld... Elaine's gruff father only appeared once because he made Jerry nervous in real life.


9/25 Remember when Maude Flanders died via a volley from a t-shirt cannon brigade? Maggie Roswell, the voice actress for Maude, got into a payment dispute with the show -- she lived out of state and had to pay for her own flight to LA and wanted a raise to compensate those expenses. The show found it cheaper to just kill her off.


10/25 Here's one that I'm a bit weirded out that I know. Kyra from the show Reba (Scarlett Pomers) left the show, with the full support of the cast, mid-season in 2005 to get treatment for anorexia. She was 5'2" and weighs only 73 pounds.

After completing treatment and getting her weight back up and life back together she returned to the show. She walks into the house and someone asks, "Hey, where have you been?" To which she replied, "I went to get something to eat!"


11/25 The original owner of the store on Sesame Street was a wonderful, kind old man named Mr. Hooper. The actor who played him died, and rather than quietly write him out, Sesame Street had a whole show explaining he died. I cried. Saddest TV moment of my young life.


12/25 On Cheers, Carla's husband Eddy was written off because of some rude comments that the actor made. He had a national radio show at the time and made some jokes about Rhea Perlman's looks and getting "combat pay" for kissing her. Perlman wanted him off the show, the show runners agreed and had him killed off by a zamboni.


13/25 Kal Penn was written out of House to go work for the White House. From one house to another...


14/25 In the fourth season of House M.D., where House started with 30 trainee doctors and fired a few people every day in the show, even the actors didn't know who was going to be around on the next week's episode. The writers were making up decisions about which character would get fired in-show at the last minute, so the actors didn't know if they'd remain on the show or not until the end of a week of filming.


15/25 Michael O'Hare, who played Jeffrey Sinclair in Babylon 5, left the show due to suffering from psychological issues (paranoia, hallucinations, etc). They wanted to put the show on hiatus while he sought treatment, but he insisted be written out so the show could go on without him while he got help. The shows creator agreed to keep his condition a secret till after O'Hare's death (at his request).


16/25 In the UK show Misfits the character Kelly was written off because the actor in real life had to do community service.


17/25 One of the many reasons that Punky Brewster was cancelled is because the star of the show, Soleil Moon Frye suffered from a condition called gigantomastia, literally giant breasts, and had a breast reduction surgery prior to her 16th birthday to reduce her 38DD to a more manageable size. The actress developed so quickly and so large that the producers felt there was no way they could reasonably portray her character age-appropriately.


18/25 Dominic Monaghan asked to be written out of Lost because he was seeing Evangeline Lily, but she dumped him and broke his tiny Hobbit heart and he couldn't stand to work with her anymore.


19/25 Janet Hubert - The original Aunt Viv in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was fired from the show after violating her contract by getting pregnant. She wasn't written off but she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reed in the last 3 seasons.


20/25 Here's a sad one. In the 1970s Sesame Street added their first new "human" character (as in not a puppet). Northern Calloway played the character David. David was supposed to be the hip older brother type. At a time when a lot of inner city kids were turning to drugs here was Sesame Street providing a more positive role model. He worked at Mr. Hooper's Store and was going to college to get a law degree. Later he took over Mr. Hooper's Store. Popular character who got less and less air time until he just disappeared one day. Why?

Well, he was secretly bipolar. He took lithium for it, which helped, but also took cocaine which did not. His mental health continued to deteriorate until one day he went on a rampage in Nashville wearing only a Superman t-shirt. He beat a woman with an iron rod and smashed windows. When he was arrested he screamed he was David from Sesame Street and they were trying to kill him.

He bounced in and out of institutions for the rest of his life. He actually died in a mental hospital in 1990 after a prolonged psychotic episode.


21/25 In case you were wondering why Shirley was not in the sixth season of Community, Yvette Nicole asked to be written off so she could be with her ill father :(


22/25 Dean Forester (Jared Padalecki) from Gilmore Girls, left to be Dean's brother, Sam Winchester for Supernatural.


23/25 Lisa Bonet was written off of The Cosby Show for 'creative differences', but in reality it was because she was in Angel Heart and had done a topless spread in a magazine. It didn't fit with Cosby's vision so she was fired.


24/25 Dale from The Walking Dead, played by Jeffrey DeMunn. Jeffrey DeMunn was loyal to Frank Darabont in TWD fiasco in Season 2. So when Frank Darabont got fired, he didn't want to act on TWD anymore. So they killed his character.

Its pretty apparent too, since his death is completely ridiculous. He's walking in an open field. And he comes across a cow thats been torn open by a walker. He turns around and theres a walker RIGHT THERE!! How did the walker get there so fast? They don't run, they only shuffle around. There weren't any bushes, trees or tall grass for the walker to hide behind. He just sort of apparates behind dale. Its one of the stupider deaths on the show.


25/25 Billy the Blue Ranger (David Yost) wasn't fired from The Power Rangers, but he randomly walked off the set during his lunch break one day and never came back.

Turns out, the crew had been harassing him for years about his sexual orientation and he'd been contemplating suicide. After he left the show, he put himself in conversion therapy for two years, then finally accepted his sexual orientation after a psychological breakdown.




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